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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 42                 (published in 1992)

Bougainvillea Propagation
Russ Higginbotham
pp: 37-38 — See abstract

Stimulation of Seed Production in Eucalyptus by Paclobutrazol Application
Sandra Hetherington and Keith M. Jones
pp: 39-42 — See abstract

The Effects of Shoot Age on Root Formation of Cuttings of Eucalyptus grandis W. Hill ex Maiden
A.S. Carter and M.U. Slee
pp: 43-47 — See abstract

Propagation of Rainforest Plants
Nan Nicholson
pp: 48-50 — See abstract

Grafting Techniques
Gregory R. McPhee
pp: 51-53 — See abstract

Collection and Evaluation of Australian Plants
David Hockings
pp: 54-57 — See abstract

Phosphorus and the Proteaceae
Ian Vimpany and Tim Trochoulias
pp: 58-60 — See abstract

Fruit Tree Propagation
Peter J. Young
pp: 61-64 — See abstract

Treatment of Plants with Hypochlorite Solutions
R.A. de Fossard
pp: 65-67 — See abstract

Grevillea Propagation
Jean G. duMoulin
pp: 68-69 — See abstract

Hydroponic Propagation of Aglaonema
Neville Raward
pp: 70-72 — See abstract

Assessment of Wetting Agents for Use in Nurseries
Kevin A. Handreck
pp: 73-80 — See abstract

Water Quality in Propagation
Edward Bunker
pp: 81-84 — See abstract

A Review of Materials for Propagation Media
Ian Gordon
pp: 85-90 — See abstract

Coal Ash as a Propagation Medium
Michael B. Gleeson
pp: 91-94 — See abstract

Commercial Application and Mass Rearing of Beneficial Insects for Integrated Pest Management
Dan Papacek
pp: 95-98 — See abstract

Plant Protection—Management of Pest Control Techniques
John Harden
pp: 99-102 — See abstract

Prospects for IPM in Greenhouse Ornamentals in Australia
N. Gough
pp: 103-107 — See abstract

Control of Two-Spotted Mite by Predatory Mites
Richard Llewellyn
pp: 108-113 — See abstract

Deflasking Micropropagated Plantlets
Anne Delaney
pp: 114-118 — See abstract

New Fire Blight and Scab Resistant Pyracanthas
Alain Cadic
pp: 119-122 — See abstract

Cotoneaster dammeri: Fire Blight (Erwinia amylovora) Resistant Cultivars in Germany
Heinrich Lösing
pp: 123-124 — See abstract

The Assortment of Ornamental Tree and Shrub Nurseries in Poland
Jacek Marcinkowski
pp: 125-127 — See abstract

New Cultivars of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs from Poland
Szczepan Marczynski
pp: 128-130 — See abstract

Predicting Graft Incompatibility in Woody Plants
Frank S. Santamour Jr.
pp: 131-134 — See abstract

Careroot Cell-Grown Liners and Understocks From Seed
Joost Van Iersel
pp: 135-136 — See abstract

Progress in Controlling Disease in Hardy Nursery Stock
Stephen J. Holmes
pp: 137-139 — See abstract

New Plants from Hungary Tolerating Urban Conditions
Gábor Schmidt
pp: 140-141 — See abstract

Introducing and Promoting British Columbia's Native Plants for the Urban Landscape
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 142-144 — See abstract

Breeding Woody Ornamentals in Sweden
Rune Bengtsson, Eva Jansson and Kenneth Lorentzon
pp: 145-148 — See abstract

A New Rockwool Based Growing Medium for Container Plant Production
Maurice Barletta
pp: 149-151 — See abstract

Breeding and Selection of Hardy Woody Plants in Bavaria
Donnchadh Mac Cárthaigh
pp: 152-153 — See abstract

Successes and Failures of Marketing—The Blooms Experience
Adrian Bloom
pp: 154-156 — See abstract

The Commercial Exploitation of New Plants
David Clark
pp: 157-160 — See abstract

Launching New Plants—A Liner Producer's Job?
André Briant
pp: 161-162 — See abstract

Ways Municipalities Use New Plants: How We Work in Nantes
Marc Mansuis
pp: 163 — See abstract

New Plants for Amateur Gardeners— a Retailers View
Mr. Wuhrlin
pp: 164-165 — See abstract

New Plant Introductions—The European Scene
Harry J. van de Laar
pp: 166-168 — See abstract

Production and Marketing of Roses in the U.S.A.
Robert Sinclair
pp: 169-174 — See abstract

The Influence of Juvenility on Plant Propagation
Lars Sommer
pp: 175-176 — See abstract

Why We Are Using Micropropagated Plants
Finn Helge
pp: 177 — See abstract

Possibilities and Disadvantages of Genetic Variation
Kirsten Brandt
pp: 178-179 — See abstract

Micropropagation and Plant Health
Arne Thomsen
pp: 180-181 — See abstract

Artificial Seeds in Micropropagation
Jens Viktor Nørgaard
pp: 182-186 — See abstract

Challenges and Opportunities for Plant Propagation in a Changing World
Charles E. Hess
pp: 187-193 — See abstract

Propagation by Root Cuttings
Nicholas D. Dunn
pp: 194-195 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Chamelaucium Cultivars
Ian Gordon
pp: 196-199 — See abstract

Towards 2000—Development and Propagation of New Plant Material
Richard Ware
pp: 200-201 — See abstract

Site of Action of Auxin in Adventitious Root Initiation
Charles W. Heuser Jr and Francis H. Witham
pp: 202-205 — See abstract

Plant Variety Protection
Vincent G. Gioia
pp: 206-209 — See abstract

Propagating Some Native California Perennials
M. Nevin Smith
pp: 210-213 — See abstract

New and Interesting Native Cultivars and Their Propagation
Bart O'Brien
pp: 214-220 — See abstract

Treeshelter Use in Producing Container-Grown and Landscape-Grown Trees
David W. Burger, Pavel Šrihra and Richard W. Harris
pp: 221-224 — See abstract

Physiological Testing of Plants as a Management Tool
Richard W. Tinus
pp: 225-230 — See abstract

Two Practices to Help Ensure Nursery Tree Quality
Richard W. Harris
pp: 231-234 — See abstract

Critical Wind Blowdown Studies for Container Crops Using Cal Tech Wind Tunnel Facilities
Conrad A. Skimina
pp: 235-237 — See abstract

Effect of Slow-Release Fertilizers on Propagation Medium and on Rooting and Growth of Cuttings
Mukhtar Ahmad, P.B. Lombard and R.L. Ticknor
pp: 238-241 — See abstract

An Overview of Integrated Pest Management for Plant Propagation
Michael P. Parrella
pp: 242-245 — See abstract

Making the Change to Integrated Pest Management
Ellen McEnroe Zagory and Robin Rosetta
pp: 246-250 — See abstract

Resources for Establishing an IPM Program for Ornamental Plants
Mary Louise Flint
pp: 251-255 — See abstract

Recycling Green Nursery Waste
Conrad A. Skimina
pp: 256-259 — See abstract

Water Conserving Irrigation Systems
David W. Burger
pp: 260-268 — See abstract

Plant Variety Rights and Plant Production—Help or Hindrance?
Chris J. Barnaby
pp: 269-272 — See abstract

Indexing for Dasheen Mosaic Virus in Zantedeschia Species
Daniel Cohen
pp: 273-277 — See abstract

A Critical Analysis of the Status of Rose Wilt Virus
Phil Gardner
pp: 278-282 — See abstract

The New Zealand Citrus Budwood Scheme
Pauline Mooney, Andrew Harty and Carolyn Jagiello
pp: 283-287 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Nerium oleander
Jennifer L. Oliphant
pp: 288-289 — See abstract

Propagation of cherimoya (Annona cherimola)
Annette C. Richardson and Peter A. Anderson
pp: 290-294 — See abstract

The Development of Cutting Propagation of Camellia reticulata Hybrids
Jim Rumbal
pp: 295-296 — See abstract

The Influence of Watering, Shading, and Nitrogen Levels on the Growth of Container-Grown Schlumbergera × buckleyi
Mervyn I. Spurway and Michael B. Thomas
pp: 297-303 — See abstract

Mass Propagation of Smilax oldhami Miq. by Tissue Culture
T. Yamamoto and H. Oda
pp: 304-308 — See abstract

Development of a Prototype Automated Cutting and Placing System for Tissue Culture Multiplication
P.A. Cooper, J.E. Grant, L. Kerr and G. English
pp: 309-313 — See abstract

The Role of the Plant Propagator in the Conservation of New Zealand Plants
C. Bruce Christie
pp: 314-317 — See abstract

Is Horticulture in New Zealand Environmentally Friendly?
Donald McPherson
pp: 318-320 — See abstract

Agathis australis: A New Era for Kauri Propagation
Jenny Aitken-Christie and Graeme C. Platt
pp: 321-326 — See abstract

Cryopreservation of Pinus radiata Embryogenic Tissue
Cathy Hargreaves and Dale R. Smith
pp: 327-336 — See abstract

Is Green Good Enough?
Carl E. Whitcomb
pp: 337-339 — See abstract

Container Tree Production at Trail Ridge Nursery
Bob Byrnes
pp: 340-342 — See abstract

The "Benlate Syndrome" and What To Look For
Hugh M. Gramling
pp: 343-344 — See abstract

Container Nursery Nitrate Nitrogen Runoff: A Six-State Summary
Tom Yeager, Robert Wright, Donna Fare, Charles Gilliam, Jim Johnson, Ted Bilderback and Randy Zondag
pp: 345-347 — See abstract

Hiring and Keeping Good Employees
James B. Berry
pp: 348-351 — See abstract

"New" Plants/"Old" Plants
Michael A. Dirr
pp: 352-353 — See abstract

Budding and Grafting of Fruit and Nut Trees at Stark Bro's
Bob Patrick
pp: 354-356 — See abstract

Propagation of Southern Perennials
Michael H. Bridges
pp: 357-359 — See abstract

An Inexpensive Propagation Structure
Thomas R. Loder III
pp: 360 — See abstract

Update On Root-Promoting Chemicals and Formulations
Michael A. Dirr
pp: 361-365 — See abstract

Fog Propagation of Rhododendron Using Bottom Heat
Douglas I. Torn
pp: 366-368 — See abstract

Dwarf Yaupon, Weeping Yaupon, and Azalea Propagation at Flowerwood Nursery, Inc.
Tim Gwaltney
pp: 369-372 — See abstract

Propagation of Japanese Maples by Softwood Cutting and Grafting
Stanley Foster
pp: 373-374 — See abstract

Propagation of Nandina domestica Cultivars at Tawakoni Plant Farm
Dirk Clinesmith
pp: 375 — See abstract

Use of Composts in Nursery Potting Substrates
T.E. Bilderback
pp: 376-380 — See abstract

New Herbicides for Ornamentals
Charles H. Gilliam
pp: 381-383 — See abstract

Chemicals Used During Propagation at Cottage Hill Nursery
Grady A. Holt
pp: 384 — See abstract

Use of Insecticidal Oils and Soaps for Pest Control
Russell F. Mizell III
pp: 385-387 — See abstract

Safety Programs to Satisfy the Right-to-Know Laws
Agnes Hubbard
pp: 388-390 — See abstract

The Texas Rose Industry
H. Brent Pemberton
pp: 391-393 — See abstract

Planting a Positive Future—An Overview of Three National Tree Planting Programs
Joel D. Albizo
pp: 394-397 — See abstract

In Vitro Propagation of Modern Roses
Hao-Ching Wang and Nancy A. Reichert
pp: 398-402 — See abstract

Container Size During Propagation and Transplant Date Influence Growth of Two Ilex Species
Patricia R. Knight, D. Joseph Eakes, Kenneth M. Tilt and Charles H. Gilliam
pp: 403-411 — See abstract

In Vitro Culture and Micrografting of White Pine Meristems
Barry Goldfarb, Gail E. McGill, Wesley P. Hackett and Olivier Monteuuis
pp: 412-414 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Select Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
Gayle R.L. Suttle
pp: 415-416 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis L.)
Robert L. Geneve, Sharon T. Kester and S. Yusnita
pp: 417-420 — See abstract

Effects of Lighting and CO2 Enrichment on Acclimatization of Micropropagated Woody Plants
Kenneth W. Mudge, Joseph P. Lardner and Katherine L. Eckenrode
pp: 421-426 — See abstract

A Survey of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories in North America
Mark P. Bridgen
pp: 427-430 — See abstract

Evaluation and Propagation of Lacebark Elm Selections by Hardwood and Softwood Cuttings
John C. Pair
pp: 431-435 — See abstract

Grafting Viburnums: New Ideas and Techniques
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 436-438 — See abstract

Grafting of Junipers
Dave Bakker
pp: 439-441 — See abstract

Propagation of the Temperate Woody Flora of Mexico
Rob Nicholson, John Fairey, Carl Schoenfeld, Melvin Shemluck and Eduardo Estrada
pp: 442-446 — See abstract

Composting Leaves for Potting Mix
Thomas L. McCloud
pp: 447-448 — See abstract

The Use of Composted Rice Hulls in Rooting and Potting Media
Wayne Lovelace and Dan Kuczmarski
pp: 449-450 — See abstract

Is Eastern Europe a Useful Source of New Landscape Plants for the Midwest?
Mark P. Widrlechner
pp: 451-455 — See abstract

Market Driven Plant Selection and Production—From Sales Representative or Customer Input
Anne McKinstry
pp: 456-458 — See abstract

Eight Witches'-Brooms of Acer palmatum and Their Propagation
Richard P. Wolff
pp: 459-461 — See abstract

Propagation of Ligustrum vulgare L. by Forced Softwood Cuttings
Guochen Yang and Paul E. Read
pp: 462-464 — See abstract

Drought Stress on Scion Wood
Albert Bremer
pp: 465 — See abstract

Propagation of Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’
Michael Byers
pp: 465 — See abstract

Propagation Methods at Berthold Nursery
Nancy Gillian
pp: 466-467 — See abstract

Freeze Damage on Taxus Cutting Wood
Edward R. Fox and Bill Molter
pp: 468 — See abstract

Overwintering Rooted Cuttings of Viburnum carlesii
Jon D. Pickerill
pp: 468 — See abstract

Feeding Cuttings to a Slow Death
Mark L. Richey
pp: 469-470 — See abstract

Mist Nozzles that Work for Us
Fred G. Bauer
pp: 471 — See abstract

In vitro Root Suckering of Aspen (Populus tremuloides)
Kathryn Louis, Chris V. Hanson, Wesley P. Hackett and Carl A. Mohn
pp: 472-475 — See abstract

Seedlings Versus Tissue-Cultured Kalmia latifolia: The Case of the Missing Burl
Peter Del Tredici
pp: 476-482 — See abstract

Clonal Propagation of Biofuel Trees with Emphasis on Silver Maple
John E. Preece, Carl A. Huetteman, W.C. Ashby and P.L. Roth
pp: 483-487 — See abstract

Production of Recommended Species of Ornamental Grasses
Bill Hendricks
pp: 488 — See abstract

Advances Using Indole-3-butyric Acid (IBA) Dissolved in Water for—Rooting Cuttings, Transplanting, and Grafting
Joel Kroin
pp: 489-492 — See abstract

Cell Pack Production of Perennials by Tip Cutting: The Green Leaf Method
Ronald Strasko
pp: 493-494 — See abstract

Propagation of Daylilies, Hostas, and Astilbes
Duncan McDougall
pp: 495-496 — See abstract

Successful Cutting Propagation of Hamamelis × intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ and Hamamelis mollis ‘Brevipetala’
W. Stephen Effner
pp: 497-498 — See abstract

Propagation of Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ from Root Suckers
James E. Monroe Jr
pp: 499 — See abstract

Video as a Training/Educational Tool in Plant Propagation Laboratory Exercises
Martin M. Meyer Jr
pp: 500-502 — See abstract

Integrated Disease Management—Research and Development Using New Techniques and Bioremediation at Vans Pines
Mic Armstrong
pp: 503-506 — See abstract

Reduction of Nitrates in Nursery Surface and Ground Water
Ronald R. Amos
pp: 507-512 — See abstract

Sex Identification in Dioecious Woody Landscape Plants
Denise E. Costich and Thomas R. Meagher
pp: 513-516 — See abstract

Certificate of Appreciation
Steven Still
pp: 517 — See abstract

International Award of Honor
John Machen Sr
pp: 517 — See abstract

Fellow Recipients—Eastern Region
Tom McCloud
pp: 517 — See abstract

Richard Bosley
pp: 518 — See abstract

Taxol—Update 1992
Ralph Shugert
pp: 519-521 — See abstract

Rob Nicholson, Kris Bachtell, John Larsen, John Pair, Jack Alexander, Kathleen Freeland, Steve McCulloch, Bruce Briggs and Elwin R. Orton Jr
pp: 522-525 — See abstract

Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 526-529 — See abstract

Abnormal Growths on Micropropagated Elepidote Rhododendrons
Mark Brand and Richard Kiyomoto
pp: 530-534 — See abstract

Excellence in our Educational Environments
Sam Stehling
pp: 535 — See abstract

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