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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 42

Stimulation of Seed Production in Eucalyptus by Paclobutrazol Application

Sandra Hetherington and Keith M. Jones

pp: 39-42


In Tasmania more than six million eucalypts are established in plantations each year. The seed requirement for such a planting is quite large. Many eucalypts tend to be biennial in flowering but often flowering at much longer intervals. This causes seed production to be erratic and supply nonuniform.

The growth regulator paclobutrazol has been shown to enhance flowering and seed set in Eucalyptus (Hetherington et al., 1991). Application of paclobutrazol in late February to March can promote flower bud production (a reproductive effect) within the first year of application; whereas November application does not produce a reproductive effect until the second year after application. The aim of the current work was to examine timing effects and to broaden our knowledge of the reproductive effects of paclobutrazol application.

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