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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 43                 (published in 1993)

The Adventitious Rooting of Vegetative Cuttings Using Hydropropagation
R.I. Wilkinson
pp: 41-47 — See abstract

Protea Stock Plant Nutrition
Andrew Mathews
pp: 48-54 — See abstract

Inspecting a Plant for Problems: What to Look For
Rosemary E. Madden
pp: 55-59 — See abstract

The Propagation of Australian Native Plants from Cuttings at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG)
Paul Carmen
pp: 60-63 — See abstract

Introduction to Growing Perennials from Seed
William L. Ashburner
pp: 64-66 — See abstract

The Future—Computer Applications
Brian Collins
pp: 67-70 — See abstract

New Alpine Plants to Propagate
Jill Dawson
pp: 71-72 — See abstract

Propagation of Mint (Mentha)
Fred E. Bienvenu
pp: 73-76 — See abstract

Hop Propagation in Australia
Peter J. Hamilton
pp: 77-80 — See abstract

Timber Species Propagation
Hans Porada
pp: 81-85 — See abstract

Crop Scheduling: A Business Practice or a Customer Service?
Clive R. Larkman
pp: 86-88 — See abstract

The Use of Composted Tree Chippings as a Potting Medium
John Rayner and Colin Arnold
pp: 89-94 — See abstract

Using Artificial Light in Plant Propagation
Gordon Biddle
pp: 95-96 — See abstract

Effects of Reduced Humidity and Paclobutrazol on Acclimatisation of Tissue-Cultured Plants
Kerrin P. Henderson, Acram M. Taji and Richard R. Williams
pp: 97-102 — See abstract

Hostas in Australia
Max Moore
pp: 103-104 — See abstract

Propagation and Growth of the Tree Dahlia—Some Observations
Allen Gilbert
pp: 105-106 — See abstract

I.P.P.S. and the Creation of a New Australian Botanic Gardens
Peter Smith
pp: 107-108 — See abstract

Is IBA an Effective Promoter of Root Formation on Cuttings of Eucalyptus grandis?
A.S. Carter and M.U. Slee
pp: 109-113 — See abstract

The Production of Evergreen Azaleas in a Sub-Tropical Climate
Chris Bunker
pp: 114-116 — See abstract

Government Regulations and Nursery Accreditation
Ian Smith
pp: 117-124 — See abstract

Dormancy Release of Tree and Shrub Seeds Using a Compost Activator Pretreatment
F.J. Cullum and A.G. Gordon
pp: 125-130 — See abstract

Cost of Production in Commercial Micropropagation and Research Strategies
R.A. de Fossard
pp: 131-140 — See abstract

Learning from Changes in the Marketing of Plants
Michael L. Dunnett
pp: 141-143 — See abstract

Plug Production for Seedlings
Andrew Eames
pp: 144-145 — See abstract

Some Recent Advances in Vegetable and Flower Seed Technology
David Gray
pp: 146-149 — See abstract

Digging into Composts
Margaret Scott, Neil Bragg and Spence Gunn
pp: 150-156 — See abstract

Understanding Vegetative Propagation
Brian Howard
pp: 157-162 — See abstract

Magnolia Propagation
Christopher G. Lane
pp: 163-166 — See abstract

Fuchsia Options
Deborah Law
pp: 167-169 — See abstract

Developing Crop Protection Strategies for the Nursery
Audrey M. Litterick
pp: 170-172 — See abstract

The Botanical Gardens of Russia and Her Neighbours
Igor A. Smirnov
pp: 173-177 — See abstract

Rhododendron Propagation—Methods and Techniques Carried out in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A.
Christopher George
pp: 178-182 — See abstract

Plant Improvement and Nursery Production Techniques in New Zealand
James Newell
pp: 183-184 — See abstract

Determination of the Cotoneaster Collections in three European Botanical Gardens
Jeanette Fryer
pp: 185-188 — See abstract

Fungus and Relative Humidity
Bent Løchenkohl
pp: 189 — See abstract

Photosynthesis in Cuttings During Rooting
Bjarke Veierskov
pp: 189 — See abstract

Production of Seedlings
Bent Petersen
pp: 190 — See abstract

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Knud Jepsen
pp: 190 — See abstract

H.E. Kresten Jensen
pp: 191-193 — See abstract

Shading of Plants
Niels Erik Andersson
pp: 194-195 — See abstract

Biological Process Control in Greenhouses: A Physiological Approach
Carl-Otto Ottosen and Eva Rosenqvist
pp: 196-200 — See abstract

Effect of Nitrogen on Blueberry and Juniper Grown in a Fish Waste Compost:Fir Bark Medium
Rita L. Hummel, Shiou Kuo, Diane W. Privett and E.J. Jellum
pp: 201-204 — See abstract

Disease Control in the Propagating House
Ralph S. Byther
pp: 205-207 — See abstract

The Potential for Chemical Root Pruning in Container Nurseries
Richard P. Regan, Thomas D. Landis and James L. Green
pp: 208-212 — See abstract

Using "Limiting Factors" to Design and Manage Propagation Environments
Thomas D. Landis
pp: 213-218 — See abstract

Intensive Cultivation of Taxus Species for the Production of Taxol®
Nicholas C. Wheeler and Richard F. Piesch
pp: 222-227 — See abstract

New and Outstanding Plants
Wilbur L. Bluhm, Tamara Buchanan, J. Michael Evans, Roger Gossier, Judith Jones, James F. McConnell, Fred D. Rauch, Warren G. Roberts, Chris Santana, Barbara Selemon and Arthur Lee Jacobson
pp: 228-239 — See abstract

Intermittent Sprinkler Irrigation Reduces Water Loss from Container-Grown Plants
Nabila S. Karam, Alex X. Niemiera and Robert Wright
pp: 240-243 — See abstract

Reduction of Nitrates in Nursery Surface and Ground Water
Ronald R. Amos
pp: 244-248 — See abstract

Effects of Biocontrol Agents on Plant Growth
Robert G. Linderman
pp: 249-252 — See abstract

A Protected Diffusion Zone (PDZ) to Conserve Soluble Production Chemicals
James L. Green, Shaun Kelly, Bryan Blackburn, James Robbins, Bruce Briggs and Doris Briggs
pp: 253-257 — See abstract

Using Manmade Snow to Protect Outdoor Perennials
Michael Poynter
pp: 258 — See abstract

The Commercial Propagation and Production of Fuchsias at Tamborine Mountain
Deborah Law
pp: 259-260 — See abstract

Strategies in Commercial Micropropagation
R.A. de Fossard
pp: 261-266 — See abstract

Exciting New Peony, Hosta and Hemerocallis Introductions
Roy G. Klehm
pp: 267 — See abstract

Perennial Production at Valleybrook Gardens Ltd.
John Schroeder
pp: 268-271 — See abstract

The History of the Flower Bulb Industry in Washington State
Charles J. Gould and Gary A. Chastagner
pp: 275-279 — See abstract

Flower Bulb Growing and Forcing
John Roozen and Richard Roozen
pp: 280-281 — See abstract

Vegetable Seed Production in Washington State
Kenneth G. Christianson
pp: 282-283 — See abstract

Production of Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco, Rooted Cuttings for Reforestation by Weyerhaeuser Company
Gary A. Ritchie
pp: 284-288 — See abstract

Field Propagation of Light Sensitive Species by Seed
Robert J. Buzzo
pp: 289-291 — See abstract

It's Good Business to Buy Recycled
Eric Nelson
pp: 292 — See abstract

Direct Stick Rhododendron Production
Chris Santana
pp: 293 — See abstract

Plastic Lumber
Kathy Van Veen
pp: 294 — See abstract

Trying Hard to Stay Small
Ray Swanson
pp: 295 — See abstract

The Use of Velcro Strips for Rooting
Barbara Selemon
pp: 296 — See abstract

High Density Actinidia × deliciosa Production in a Climatically Controlled Environment
Darrin W. Kuypers
pp: 297-298 — See abstract

Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants from Seed
Linda Date
pp: 299-300 — See abstract

Propagation of Red Raspberries
Patricia N. Miller
pp: 301 — See abstract

Plant Pot Recycling in the Greater Seattle Area
Susanne Foster
pp: 302-303 — See abstract

Wisteria Propagation by Root Cuttings
James F. McConnell
pp: 304 — See abstract

Ouestion Box
Bruce Briggs
pp: 305-310 — See abstract

Native Woody Shrub Propagation Three Key Steps
Terry L. Finnerty
pp: 311-314 — See abstract

History of Ardmore Nurseries Ltd
Alen Beaumont
pp: 315-316 — See abstract

Propagation of Acacias and Eucalypts
Steve D. Blakemore
pp: 317-319 — See abstract

Restoring a Lowland Forest Remnant
Martin Conway
pp: 320-324 — See abstract

The Design and Development of Seaview's Propagation Facility
Ashley Craig
pp: 325-326 — See abstract

The Flora of the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
Alice M. de Nys
pp: 327-329 — See abstract

A Personal View on Staff Relations and Training
James L. Dean
pp: 330-332 — See abstract

Production and Propagation of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in North America—a New Zealand Perspective
John M. Follett
pp: 333-339 — See abstract

Propagation, Industry, and Education
Grant Hayman
pp: 340-342 — See abstract

Capillary Beds—My Experience
Len Lokum
pp: 343-344 — See abstract

Propagation of Rootstocks by Trench Layering
Richard McKenzie
pp: 345-347 — See abstract

New Zealand Plant Collection Register: An Update
Mike Oates
pp: 348-349 — See abstract

A Review of Kauri (Agathis australis) Nutrition and Assessment of Current Nursery Container Mixes
Michael B. Thomas and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 350-356 — See abstract

The Production of Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’
Paul D. Ward
pp: 357 — See abstract

Grafting Ilex dipyrena—How to Repeat Beginners Luck!
Steuart Welch
pp: 358 — See abstract

Populus wilsonii and Populus lasiocarpa—Root Grafting Trials
Steuart Welch
pp: 359-360 — See abstract

Regeneration of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) from Axillary Bud Induction in Vitro
T. Yamamoto
pp: 361-368 — See abstract

Summary of Evaluation of New Containers For Nursery Production
Ken Tilt, David West, Bill Goff and John Olive
pp: 369-371 — See abstract

Minimizing Loss in Rhododendron and Pieris Production
Richard C. Beeson Sr
pp: 372 — See abstract

Update on Fungicides
Bryson L. James
pp: 373-375 — See abstract

Using Copper Compounds to Modify Roots on Container-grown Trees
Bonnie Lee Appleton
pp: 376-379 — See abstract

Making Profit from the Swamps
Robert Papetti
pp: 380-381 — See abstract

What's New In The Biology Of Adventitious Root Formation
Fred T. Davies Jr
pp: 382-384 — See abstract

Meshing Perennial Plant Production with Woody Plant Production
John L. Machen Jr
pp: 385-388 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Three Plants with Commercial Potential, Averrhoa carambola L., Gevuina avellana Mol., and Hillia valerii Standl.
Brent McKenzie
pp: 389-392 — See abstract

Propagation of ×Cupressocyparis leylandii and Magnolia grandiflora
Joe C. Powell
pp: 393-394 — See abstract

Variation in Sensitivity of Azaleas to Herbicides
W.A. Skroch and C.J. Catanzaro
pp: 395-396 — See abstract

Storage and Production of Selected Conifers from Hardwood Cuttings
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 397-399 — See abstract

Cultivar Introductions of Ilex, Pyracantha, and Rhus from Rutgers University
Elwin R. Orton Jr
pp: 400-403 — See abstract

Effects of Growth Stage, Branch Order, and IBA Treatment on Rooting Stem Cuttings of ‘Yoshino’ Cryptomeria
Laura G. Jull, Stuart L. Warren, Frank A. Blazich and J.C. Raulston
pp: 404-407 — See abstract

Movement, Dissipation, and Impacts of Isoxaben (Snapshot TG) in Nursery Runoff Water
Chris Wilson, Raj Bandary, Ted Whitwell and Melissa Riley
pp: 408-412 — See abstract

Propagation in School and Out—Myth and Reality
Fred W. Garrett
pp: 413-417 — See abstract

Growth of Three Species Produced in a Pot-in-Pot Production System
John M. Ruter
pp: 418-420 — See abstract

Wetting Agents And Gels—Where They Have A Purpose
Ted Bilderback
pp: 421-423 — See abstract

Propagation Medium Moisture Level and Rooting of Woody Stem Cuttings
Robert D. Wright, William H. Rein and John R. Seiler
pp: 424-428 — See abstract

Plant Product Trends
Richard VanLandingham
pp: 429-430 — See abstract

Trends in Plant Product Mix: A Retailer's Perspective
Larry Newlin
pp: 431-433 — See abstract

Plant Product Trends from the Salesman's Viewpoint
Jack Lowry
pp: 434-440 — See abstract

Basics of Propagation by Cuttings—Temperature
John E. Preece
pp: 441-444 — See abstract

Basics of Propagation by Cuttings: Light
Brian K. Maynard
pp: 445-449 — See abstract

Basics of Propagation by Cuttings—Timing: Age-Related Effects on Adventitious Root Formation
Robeirt L. Geneve
pp: 450-454 — See abstract

Using Compost on Liner Beds
Bill Hendricks
pp: 455-456 — See abstract

Important Considerations for an Arboretum Propagator
Kris R. Bachtell
pp: 457-461 — See abstract

Fern Propagation from Spores
Kenneth O'Dell
pp: 462-463 — See abstract

Side Shearing to Increase Shade Tree Quality
James Peckosh and E.B. Gee III
pp: 464 — See abstract

How We Root Taxus baccata ‘Repandens’
William S. Yoe Jr
pp: 465-466 — See abstract

Sexual Propagation of Taxus cuspidata ‘Capitata’
Tony Vrablic and Ralph Shugert
pp: 467-468 — See abstract

Rooting Second-Generation Syringa vulgaris Cultivar Microcutting
John Larsen
pp: 469 — See abstract

Fog and Air Circulation Techniques to propagate Aesculus parviflora and Trifoliate Maples
Phillip C. King
pp: 470-473 — See abstract

Reducing Plant Stress with Shading
Robert Kuszmaul
pp: 474 — See abstract

Fertilizers: Interactions and Overwintering—A Review
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 475-479 — See abstract

New Father Fiala Crabapple Introductions: Field Production of Own Root Crabapples from Liners to Finished Stock
Roy G. Klehm
pp: 480 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander, Vern Black, Bruce Briggs, Steve McCulloch, Ruth Dix, Gary Koller, Rob Nicholson, David Schmidt and Sidney Waxman
pp: 481-486 — See abstract

New Large-Bracted Dogwoods from Rutgers University
Elwin R. Orton Jr
pp: 487-490 — See abstract

Container Nursery Plant Culture in Waxed Corrugated Cardboard Media
Calvin Chong
pp: 491-494 — See abstract

Establishing and Maintaining a Seed Orchard
Rob Lovelace
pp: 495-496 — See abstract

Evaluation of a Chlorophyll Meter to indicate Relative Growth Rates of Similar Plant Material
James R. Johnson
pp: 497-502 — See abstract

Question Box
Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 503-506 — See abstract

Propagation of Astilbe
David J. Beattie
pp: 509-510 — See abstract

The Propagator and the Computer: The Perfect Partnership
Mike Kolaczewski
pp: 511-512 — See abstract

Differentiating Plant Clones in Culture and Maintaining "Virus Tested" Blueberry Clones
Michael V. DeGrandchamp
pp: 513-516 — See abstract

Breeding Hardy Woody Landscape Plants
Harold Pellett
pp: 517-520 — See abstract

Adventitious Root Initiation—Future Research on the Site of Auxin Action
Charles W. Heuser Jr and Francis H. Witham
pp: 521-525 — See abstract

Alternative Methods for Sterilization and Cutting Disinfestation
M.T. McClelland and M.A.L. Smith
pp: 526 — See abstract

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