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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 44                 (published in 1994)

Waste Management in Horticulture—The Global Perspective
Anthony (Tony) G. Biggs
pp: 41-44 — See abstract

Efficient Water and Fertiliser Use
Ian Gordon
pp: 45-47 — See abstract

Nursery Management—The Production of a Textbook for Australian Conditions
John Mason
pp: 48-51 — See abstract

The Potential for the Use of VA Mycorrhizae in Nursery Crop Production
Victor J. Galea and Richard C.D. Poli
pp: 52-58 — See abstract

Junipers in the Subtropics
Victor Levey
pp: 59 — See abstract

Bromine and Chlorine Disinfestation of Nursery Water Supplies
R. De Hayr, K. Bodman and L. Forsberg
pp: 60-66 — See abstract

How Much Potassium do Flowering Plants Growing in Soilless Media Really Need?
Kevin A. Handreck
pp: 67-71 — See abstract

Propagation of Persoonia Species by Seeds and Cuttings
Lynda M. Ketelhohn, Margaret E. Johnston and Jim Gage
pp: 72-76 — See abstract

Formulation of a Production Program for Container-Grown Plants—A Nursery Manager's Approach
Peter Lewis
pp: 77 — See abstract

Propagation of Xerophytic Plants
Joe McAuliffe
pp: 78-80 — See abstract

Overcoming Poor Germination in Australian Daisies
Kerry V. Bunker
pp: 81-85 — See abstract

Commercial Marcotting of Fruit Trees
Peter J. Young
pp: 86-89 — See abstract

The Development of a Program of Commercial Production of Staghorns from Plant Tissue Culture
Ross A. Bourne
pp: 90-93 — See abstract

New and Novel Temperate Legumes for Ornamental and Landscape Horticulture
Robert Reid
pp: 94-96 — See abstract

The Propagation of Metrosideros thomasii in Queensland
Beth Cooling
pp: 97 — See abstract

The Availability of Minerals in Plant Tissue Culture Media
Mohammad E. Amiri and Richard R. Williams
pp: 98-103 — See abstract

PIDAV—A New Plant Introduction Scheme for Victoria
Ross Hall
pp: 104-106 — See abstract

Pest and Disease Management in Plant Propagation
Deo Singh
pp: 107 — See abstract

Propagation of Quandongs
Peter Smith
pp: 108-109 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Boronia
Acram Taji, Warren Sheather and Richard Williams
pp: 110-112 — See abstract

The Germination of Bursaria spinosa var. spinosa
John Rayner
pp: 113-115 — See abstract

Propagation of Threatened Australian Plants with Horticultural Potential
Paul Carmen
pp: 116-118 — See abstract

Cyclamen Species
Max Moore
pp: 119-120 — See abstract

The Importance of Selection and Root Pruning in Container-Grown Seedling Production of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
Ian G. McCure
pp: 121-124 — See abstract

Design Trends in the Use of Amenity Planting in the U.K.
Rodney D. Beaumont
pp: 125-129 — See abstract

Applications of Grodan in Hardy Ornamental Nursery Stock
Ian Bedford
pp: 130-132 — See abstract

Cleaning of Recirculating and Surplus Water in Container Plant Production
Volker Behrens
pp: 133-137 — See abstract

The Latest Environmental Restrictions on Nursery Production in Germany: Is Nursery Production Still Possible?
Jan-Dieter Bruns
pp: 138-141 — See abstract

Green Issues and Growing Media—Progression or Digression?
Catherine S. Dawson
pp: 142-145 — See abstract

Integrated Production of Nursery Stock
Nico G.M. Dolmans
pp: 146-149 — See abstract

The Development of Lignocell Coir as a Propagating Medium
Michael J. Dyke
pp: 150-153 — See abstract

Christmas Tree (Abies fraseri) Production
David Hide
pp: 154-155 — See abstract

Can Disease Control Ever Be Environment Friendly?
Stephen Holmes and Audrey Litterick
pp: 156-160 — See abstract

Monrovia Nursery's Response to New Environmental Restrictions
Steven A. Hottovy
pp: 161-164 — See abstract

Environmental Policy for Nursery Stock Production
Brian Humphrey
pp: 165-167 — See abstract

The Desirability of Rare Alpines in the Trade
Jim Jermyn
pp: 168-169 — See abstract

Some Environmental Aspects of Chemical Weed Control in Nursery Stock
J.C. Kelly and D.W. Robinson
pp: 170-173 — See abstract

Water Recycling Trials in Hardy Nursery Stock Production
Paul J. Labous and Stephen J. Willis
pp: 174-181 — See abstract

Environmental Aspects of Fertilizing Container Plants
Donnchadh Mac Carthaigh
pp: 182-186 — See abstract

A Manufacturer's View of the Problems and Opportunities for the Crop Protection Industry Caused by the Green Movement
Peter C. Moring
pp: 187-193 — See abstract

Pests and Diseases at Garden Centres
Rosemary Ward
pp: 194-198 — See abstract

Benefits of Water Recycling in Nursery Stock Production
Patrick W. Fairweather
pp: 199-204 — See abstract

Water Quality
Finn Knoblauch
pp: 205-207 — See abstract

Water and Plant Growth
Bjarke Veierskov
pp: 208-210 — See abstract

Recycling of Water in a Container Nursery
Peter Orum
pp: 211-213 — See abstract

The Super Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System
Bent Vestergard
pp: 214-217 — See abstract

Laser-Based Measuring Equipment for the Analysis of Size and Velocity Distribution of Liquid Drops
Ivar Lund
pp: 218-220 — See abstract

Irrigation Systems
Marianne Truelsen
pp: 221-222 — See abstract

Production of Specimen Ilex Species in Virginia, U.S.A.
John Machen Sr
pp: 223-228 — See abstract

Opening Address of the Inaugural Meeting of IPPS - Japan, Potential Region—Scope of I.P.P.S. Japan
Satoshi Yamaguchi
pp: 229 — See abstract

Expanding Flower Colour Variation in Gladiolus Through Mutation Breeding and Tissue Culture
M. Kasumi, H. Tomotsune, Y. Takatsu, F. Sakuma and S. Iida
pp: 230 — See abstract

New Cultivars of Cyclamen, Kage-Yellow and Golden Boy
T. Kage and S. Kage
pp: 231 — See abstract

Application of Plug-cell Stock Plant Production System for Orchidaceae Plants
K. Yoshino
pp: 231 — See abstract

Application of Tissue Culture Technique in Nursery Stock Production of Fruit Trees
H. Hara
pp: 231 — See abstract

Large-Scale Production of Yama-udo (Aralia cordata) Using Adventitious Embryo Culture
S. Nishimiya and M. Kubota
pp: 232 — See abstract

Changes in the Rooting Response of Two Miniature Roses During Micropropagation.
H. Sugiyama, H. Fukui, M. Nakamura and T. Ohnishi
pp: 233-234 — See abstract

Biological Control of Fusarium Wilt of Carnation by Application of Nonpathogenic Fusarium oxysporum
H. Mizuno, T. Komatsu, Y. Fukano and Y. Asakura
pp: 235-238 — See abstract

Propagation of Gladiolus by Somatic Embryogenesis
Hidehiko Tomotsune, Masakazu Kasumi and Yasumasa Takatsu
pp: 239-244 — See abstract

Low Temperature Storage of In Vitro Shoots of Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros khaki)
Hirokazu Fukui, Hironori Ohba and Mitsuo Nakamura
pp: 245-248 — See abstract

Selection and Germination of Tomato Seeds
Hiroshi Endo, Tetuo Hara and Hirokazu Fukui
pp: 249-253 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica L.)
T. Yamamoto, T. Uhara, K. Takemasa, Y. Shimizu and A. Matsumoto
pp: 254-260 — See abstract

Water and Resource Efficient Plant Propagation
John Kabashima
pp: 261-262 — See abstract

Welcoming Remarks to Latin American I.P.P.S. Members Invited to Attend the Western Region Annual Meeting
James L. Booman
pp: 263 — See abstract

Production of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Tropicals in Argentina—An Overview
Graciela Myriam Barreiro
pp: 264-265 — See abstract

Germinant Sowing in South Africa
David B. South and Chris Young
pp: 266-270 — See abstract

Machine Vision Development: Its Use at a Forest Seedling Nursery
John R. Scholtes
pp: 271-274 — See abstract

I.P.P.S.—Ready for the 21st Century
O.A. "Jolly" Batcheller
pp: 277-280 — See abstract

Clematis for the Western States—One Approach
Tom Hawkins
pp: 281-284 — See abstract

Jewels of the Plains: Selection, Propagation of Native Perennials
Kelly D. Grummons
pp: 285-286 — See abstract

Plugs and Automation—"The Future is Here!"
Richard Wilson
pp: 287-288 — See abstract

New Varieties For Today's Market
Jamie Kitz
pp: 289-291 — See abstract

Unusual Perennials
Ed Wood
pp: 292 — See abstract

Tissue Culture of Roses: Past, Present, and Future
David W. Burger
pp: 293-296 — See abstract

Tissue Culture Propagation of Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)
Ana Lucrecia de Bolanos
pp: 297-299 — See abstract

Propagation of Ornamental Varieties of Spruce (Picea spp.) through Somatic Embryogenesis
Robert Cervelli and Fiona Webster
pp: 300-302 — See abstract

Palm Seed Germination
Fred D. Rauch
pp: 304-307 — See abstract

Pothos: Identification, Selection, and Propagation
Chuck Ades
pp: 308-309 — See abstract

Variation in Water Use of Container-Grown Plants
Richard P. Regan
pp: 310-312 — See abstract

Using Computer Technology to Improve Irrigation Uniformity
Roger Lah
pp: 313-318 — See abstract

Water Filtration for Propagation Systems
Michael R. Davidson
pp: 319-322 — See abstract

Treasures of The Sierra Madre Oriental
Daniel Zambrano
pp: 323-326 — See abstract

Forest Nursery Production in the United States and Mexico
John G. Mexal, Richard Phillips and Rosalia Adela Cuevas Rangel
pp: 327-331 — See abstract

Hawaiian Native Plants in the Landscape
Paul R. Weissich
pp: 332-334 — See abstract

Analyze Now or Pay Later: A Role for Testing in the Business of Plant Propagation
Nat B. Dellavalle
pp: 336-341 — See abstract

The Process of Plant Disease Diagnosis
Randolph Keim
pp: 342-343 — See abstract

Propagation of Mycorrhizal Plants for Restoration
Ted St. John
pp: 344-346 — See abstract

Understanding Fog Technology
Thomas R. Mee
pp: 350-353 — See abstract

Some Plant Propagation Methods Used in China
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 354-355 — See abstract

Mediterranean Plants Under Glass at Longwood Gardens
James R. Ault
pp: 356-359 — See abstract

Innovations in Growing using Retractable Roof Greenhouses, Cold Protection, and Shade Houses
Richard Vollebregt
pp: 360-362 — See abstract

Motivating Plant Growth With Your Heating System
Jim Rearden
pp: 364-366 — See abstract

Information Available on Native Hawaiian Plants
Fred D. Rauch
pp: 367 — See abstract

The Eugenia Psyllid
John Kabashima and Linda Farrar
pp: 367 — See abstract

Eucalyptus Long-Horned Borer (Phoracantha semipunctata)
John Kabashima and Linda Farrar
pp: 368 — See abstract

State-of-the-Art Research and Demonstration Greenhouse
John Kabashirna, Linda Farrar and Suzy Sakaske
pp: 369 — See abstract

The Center for Urban Horticulture: An Overview of its Academic and Affiliated Programs
Barbara Selemon
pp: 369-372 — See abstract

Myoga Ginger Production in New Zealand
J.M. Follett
pp: 373-375 — See abstract

Closed, Plant-Production System—Update
Bruce Briggs and James L. Green
pp: 376-379 — See abstract

Selection and Evaluation of Native Plants
Cam Simpson and Mary Duncan
pp: 380-381 — See abstract

Propagation of Radiata Pine Plants for Plantation Forestry
M.I. Menzies
pp: 382-388 — See abstract

Fire and Its Use in Propagation—Inferno Combustion
Terry C. Hatch
pp: 389 — See abstract

Record Keeping, An Aid To Quality
Ann Fair
pp: 390-393 — See abstract

Breeding of New Zealand Native Plants at the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens—Commercial Potential of our Native Flora
Jack Hobbs
pp: 394-395 — See abstract

The Influence of Nutrition on Foliage Growth and Tip Necrosis on Container-grown Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Ellwood's Gold’
Michael B. Thomas, Brent A.J. Richards and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 396-403 — See abstract

Root Control Systems
Joanne Boyd
pp: 404 — See abstract

The Role of Botanical Gardens in the Green Decade
Chris Graham
pp: 405-408 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’
Gene Blythe
pp: 409-412 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Gevuina avellana Mol.
Brent McKenzie
pp: 413-415 — See abstract

Control of Woody Root Systems using Copper Compounds
Ian Gordon and Robert Hayes
pp: 416-424 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Ilex species in the Southeastern United States
James Berry
pp: 425-429 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Luculia Species
Jennifer L. Oliphant
pp: 430 — See abstract

Propagation of Corynocarpus laevigatus and Cultivars
Jim Rumbal
pp: 431-433 — See abstract

Perennials with Potential
Ian Duncalf
pp: 434-437 — See abstract

Increased Rooting in Difficult-To-Root Hibiscus Cuttings by Heat Shock
Bjarke Veierskov
pp: 438-441 — See abstract

Growing Heaths and Heathers in Europe
David Hutchinson
pp: 442-446 — See abstract

Incentive Pay In Propagation
Buddy Motley
pp: 449-453 — See abstract

Propagation of Camellias by Cuttings
Bill Barr
pp: 454-456 — See abstract

Perennial Propagation And Production On The Texas Gulf Coast
Scott G. Reeves
pp: 457-460 — See abstract

Enhanced Propagation of Viviparous Water Lilies
Michael E. Kane
pp: 461-465 — See abstract

The World of Hosta Breeding
Tony Avent
pp: 466-467 — See abstract

Propagation of Wetland Species
Cliff Street
pp: 468-473 — See abstract

Plant Growth Regulators: Potential Uses in the Nursery Industry
Gary J. Keever
pp: 474-477 — See abstract

Handling Bareroot Tree Whips at Greenleaf Nursery
Stanley Foster
pp: 478-479 — See abstract

Quality Control Through Liner Improvement
Ben F. Davis II and Brian Chojnacki
pp: 480-482 — See abstract

Pushing Plants for Maximum Versus Optimum Growth: Beware of Imbalances
Bryson L. James
pp: 483-484 — See abstract

Water Analysis: Test Kits for Nurseries
Steven E. Newman
pp: 485-488 — See abstract

Herbicide-Coated Fertilizers and Weed Control in Container-grown Ornamentals
Cynthia K. Crossan, Charles H. Gilliam, Gary J. Keever and D. Joseph Eakes
pp: 489-493 — See abstract

Field Evaluation of Two Cultivars of Red Maple From Tissue-Culture and Budded Origins
J.L. Sibley, D.J. Eakes, C.H. Gilliam and W.A. Dozier Jr
pp: 494-498 — See abstract

Stem Cutting Propagation of Bottlebrush Buckeye
Richard E. Bir and H.W. Barnes
pp: 499-502 — See abstract

Micropropagation: The Ultimate Power Tool
Gayle R.L. Suttle
pp: 503-505 — See abstract

Evaluating New Cultivars and Getting Them Into Production
Jim Berry
pp: 506-511 — See abstract

Propagating from the Keyboard
Charles H. Parkerson
pp: 512-516 — See abstract

Plant Exploration in Hubei
Paul W. Meyer
pp: 519-521 — See abstract

Why Some Native Plants Aren't Mainstream … Yet
Richard E. Bir
pp: 522-525 — See abstract

New European Perennials—How Do They Get Here?
Steven Still
pp: 526-529 — See abstract

Seed Germination
Norman C. Deno
pp: 530-532 — See abstract

Patenting and Trademarking—Do's and Don'ts
Steven B. Hutton
pp: 533-537 — See abstract

Something There
Denny Blew
pp: 538-541 — See abstract

Cleaning Cercis Seed with a Lawn Boy Mower
Thomas L. McCloud and Lance W. Hammond
pp: 542 — See abstract

Grasses from Cuttings
H. William Barnes
pp: 543 — See abstract

Seed Propagation Techniques That Work for Me
Shelley Dillard
pp: 544 — See abstract

Gibberellic Acid to Extend Shoots and Bud Break on Heuchera and Scabiosa
Rod Ackerman and Harlan Hamernik
pp: 545-546 — See abstract

Production and Marketing of Unusual Dwarf Conifers
W. David Thompson
pp: 547-548 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander, Susan E. Bentz, Ruth Dix, Vern Black, Bruce Briggs, Susan Milliken, David Schmidt, Kim E. Tripp, Matthew J. Vehr, Nancy Vermeulen, Tom Ward and Michael Yanny
pp: 549-556 — See abstract

Field Grafting of Conifers for Christmas Tree Seed Orchards
Greg Williams
pp: 557-558 — See abstract

Responding to the Increased Demand for Native Plants
Donald R. Knezick
pp: 559-561 — See abstract

The Marketing of New Dwarf Conifers
Jim Smith
pp: 562-564 — See abstract

Piedmont Flora Yields Outstanding Ornamentals
Richard Lighty
pp: 565-567 — See abstract

Chicagoland Grows: A Marketing System for New Plants
Kris R. Bachtell
pp: 568-572 — See abstract

Data Collection System for Landscape Daylilies
Darrel Apps and Angelo Cerchione
pp: 573-579 — See abstract

Question Box
Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 580-583 — See abstract

National Plant Collections: Source of New and Unusual Plant
Barry Glick
pp: 584-585 — See abstract

Overwintering Perennials
Marc Laviana
pp: 586-587 — See abstract

Cultivar Mixes
Dale G. Deppe
pp: 588-591 — See abstract

How Greenbrier Nurseries Develops and Promotes New Plants
Jim Monroe
pp: 592-594 — See abstract

Tissue Culture's Potential for Introducing New Plants
Mark P. Bridgen
pp: 595-601 — See abstract

The Gold Medal Award of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Philip M. Normandy
pp: 602 — See abstract

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