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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 43

Propagation and Growth of the Tree Dahlia—Some Observations

Allen Gilbert

pp: 105-106

The giant tree dahlia (Dahlia imperialis) has been grown by horticulturists, nursery propagators, and gardeners for about 100 years. A survey of books and literature on propagation shows that very little information is given specifically to tree dahlias apart from the fact that unlike the garden dahlia, they can be propagated by cuttings taken from the cane-like growths after flowering has finished in late autumn.

This paper discusses the propagation of tree dahlia from leaf-bud cuttings, softwood tip cuttings, canes, and single-bud-cuttings Also discussed is the summer pruning of tree dahlia plants to achieve dwarfed forms that will encourage new landscape usage of this plant and may promote pot culture of tree dahlia plants within the nursery trade.

The tree dahlia belongs to the same group of plants as the common garden dahlia Some botanists consider that modern hybrid garden dahlias and the tree dahlia originated through a common source—a cross between D. pinnata and D. coccinea.

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