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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 43

Fern Propagation from Spores

Kenneth O'Dell

pp: 462-463

I was born in Western Canada and moved to the states and established a nursery in western Tennessee, about 40 miles northeast of Memphis. My facilities include 155 polyhouses, all 20 ft × 96 ft Most polyhouses have 5 ft side walls. Six houses are gutter-connected greenhouses with Ambirad radiant heat, fertilizer injectors, raised benches, cool cell pads, and cooling fans. This is where we start the ferns from spores. We also have 40 propagation houses without heat—we move the ferns into this area after being potted into 2–¼-in. rose pots.

Ferns are easy to grow and they are profitable. This year the theme for the I.P.P.S. is back to basics. There is not much more basic than growing ferns from spores. There are many good fern books available which list more taxa than you will care to grow. Edgar T. Wherry, Ph.D , Professor of Botany, Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania put together a very fine book on ferns which I often use Most books have a couple of paragraphs telling how to

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