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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 42

Production and Marketing of Roses in the U.S.A.

Robert Sinclair

pp: 169-174


In California, roses are field-grown on a massive scale in the central San Joaquin Valley, an area renowned for fruit production, viticulture, and nuts. The valley floor is a vast, level area of fertile soil, with a system of pipes and canals bringing water from the surrounding mountains. It is virtually frost free, and summer temperatures are consistently high. Mexican immigrant labour is freely available. Jackson and Perkins, at Wasco, currently has an annual production of 14 million roses. Other large growers such as J and M Roses and Weeks also produce several million roses per year. Possibly 70% of America's roses are produced in California and shipped bareroot to wholesalers and processors in the populated areas of the South and the Northeast.

There is an "accepted" Californian way of producing roses, which is used with only slight modifications by all the major growers. It is very different from the European system, but has been developed for an area where

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