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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 42

Indexing for Dasheen Mosaic Virus in Zantedeschia Species

Daniel Cohen

pp: 273-277


Over the past few years we have become increasingly aware of virus infection in summer flowering Zantedeschia hybrids in New Zealand. The only virus that has been positively identified in commercial crops is dasheen mosaic virus (DMV), a potyvirus that is widespread in aroids around the world. Although it has been possible to eliminate this virus from selected clonal material using meristem-tip culture (Cohen, unpublished data), indexing for the presence of DMV has been difficult because of low virus titre and uneven distribution in the plant.

This paper will describe some of the characters used to classify and name plant viruses, outline some of the methods used to detect (index) and identify viruses, review the literature on viruses reported to infect Zantedeschia species, and conclude with some comments on the production and maintenance of Zantedeschia cultivars free of DMV.

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