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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 42

Safety Programs to Satisfy the Right-to-Know Laws

Agnes Hubbard

pp: 388-390

The title of this paper may be misleading, as it implies that you just need to complete some sort of check list to comply with regulation. Unfortunately it is not that easy; safety awareness must first be introduced to your nursery. It starts at the top of your organization and is followed through by your supervisors and foremen. Without this approach, whatever programs you write on paper will be frustratingly difficult to enforce.

The Hazardous Communications Laws or Right-to-Know laws were written to reduce the possibility of chemically caused illnesses and injuries and to give physicians the information they need to diagnose and treat pesticide poisonings. By committing to follow the guidelines of the Hazcom Laws, your nursery is making a commitment to your employee health and welfare through education and continued safety awareness.

Where you live will dictate whether or not you are required to follow additional regulations in your state Hazcom Law, if it has one. All nurseries must

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