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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 42

The Role of the Plant Propagator in the Conservation of New Zealand Plants

C. Bruce Christie

pp: 314-317

In many countries nurseries have developed from small businesses run by plantsmen into organisations where the primary interest is in the production of a healthy bottom line on the bank statement. The need for plants has to a greater or lesser extent become a secondary consideration in a production-driven operation directed by people with relatively little plant knowledge.

The importance of plants and productivity has long been recognized. However, the nursery industry is in danger of being market-led to the extent that people neglect to conserve plants for use by future generations. This is evident from the trade lists that now have fewer of the more difficult to propagate and grow on plants than has been available in the past.

Throughout the world plants once considered common place are now becoming endangered. If we as propagators do not make a concerted effort to propagate and protect these plants, they will become increasingly threatened by extinction and be lost forever as a

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