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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 41                 (published in 1991)

Propagation Media and Rooting Cuttings of Eucalyptis grandis
Andrew Carter and Mike Slee
pp: 36-39 — See abstract

Aboriginal Food Plants, Their Propagation and Interest for Today's Nursery Trade
Barrie Hadlow
pp: 40-43 — See abstract

Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouses
C.J. Nazer
pp: 44-49 — See abstract

Twin Scale Propagation of Amaryllis Bulbs
Andrew Guerin
pp: 50-52 — See abstract

The Rooting of Daphne odora Thunb. Cuttings in a Hydroponic Propagation System
P.G. Boland and B.C. Hanger
pp: 53-56 — See abstract

How to Commercially Graft Grevilleas for Profit or Preservation
Des Boorman
pp: 57-58 — See abstract

Phase Change Materials for Solar Heating of Greenhouses
Keith V. Garzoli
pp: 59-63 — See abstract

Walnut Propagation Using Bench Grafting
Thomas D. Deering
pp: 64-67 — See abstract

Optimizing Root Initiation by Controlling Exposure to Auxin
Roderick A. Drew
pp: 68-73 — See abstract

In Vitro Factors Affecting Plant-Out Performance of Micropropagated Plants
Frank Benson
pp: 74-79 — See abstract

Mechanisation of the Tubing Operation in a Commercial Propagation Nursery
Denis Scott
pp: 80-82 — See abstract

Simple Methods of Micropropagation
V.J. Hartney and J.G.P. Svensson
pp: 83-91 — See abstract

Mechanization of Open Ground Seedling Production
Robert J. Appleton
pp: 92-94 — See abstract

Towards Improved Quality in Cut Boronia
Chris J. Barnaby and John Clemens
pp: 95-97 — See abstract

Watering Container Plants Five Different Ways
John Clemens, C. Bruce Christie and Chris J. Barnaby
pp: 98-102 — See abstract

Propagation of Pittosporums by Cuttings
Martin Cornall
pp: 103 — See abstract

Propagation Notes for Some New and Novel Crops Introduced Into New Zealand
John M. Follett
pp: 104-109 — See abstract

Worsleya rayneri
Terry C. Hatch
pp: 110 — See abstract

Effect of Container Size and Media Volume on the Growth of Plantlets in vitro
D. John James and C. Bruce Christie
pp: 111-115 — See abstract

Field Trial Results of Acacia melanoxylon from Tissue Culture
Cathy Jones, Dale Smith, Ham Gifford and Ian Nicholas
pp: 116-119 — See abstract

Polyanthus, Primula × polyantha, Breeding
R.N. McMillan
pp: 120-123 — See abstract

Quality is the Key
Neil Huxtable
pp: 124-126 — See abstract

Stockplant Manipulation for Better Rooting and Growth From Cuttings
Brian Howard
pp: 127-130 — See abstract

First Quality Plants - Can the Societies Play a Role?
W. Anthony Lord
pp: 131-133 — See abstract

The Development of a Market-led Propagation System
Graham Vallis
pp: 134-141 — See abstract

Compost and Nutrition in Nursery Stock Production
Neil C. Bragg
pp: 142-145 — See abstract

Developments in the Nursery Stock Industry of Eastern Europe
Donnchadh Mac Carthaigh
pp: 146-149 — See abstract

The Nursery Stock Industry in Greece
Athanassios C. Rubos
pp: 150-152 — See abstract

Quality and Environmental Issues of Nutrition, Pest and Disease Control.
John Adlam
pp: 153-156 — See abstract

Plant Health and the Single European Market
James W. Goodford
pp: 157-158 — See abstract

Training—A Key to Quality
B.E. Humphrey
pp: 159-162 — See abstract

The Next Generation—Stimulating an Interest
Dermot E.M. Crummy
pp: 163-165 — See abstract

Quality Management—The Impact on Production
Douglas K. Reade
pp: 166-168 — See abstract

Specialization—Is This the Future?
Peter Catt
pp: 169-170 — See abstract

Plant Promotion—What is its Value and Role?
Michael L. Dunnett
pp: 171-172 — See abstract

Propagation at Monrovia Nursery
Sean Sweeney
pp: 173-175 — See abstract

Eucalyptus Trees in India
Angella Evans
pp: 176-178 — See abstract

G.B&I. Region Seminar Series Propagation
Maurice Barletta
pp: 179 — See abstract

G.B&I. Region Seminar Series Training
Spence Gunn
pp: 180-181 — See abstract

Understanding the Market
Edward Back
pp: 182-185 — See abstract

Marketing—Planning for Profit
D.P. Elliott
pp: 186-189 — See abstract

How to be Market-Driven
Jheri Ketcham
pp: 191-195 — See abstract

The Target Seedling Concept: Potential Marketing Tool
Robin Rose
pp: 196-199 — See abstract

Unique Methods for Marketing New Plants
Robert L. Fincham
pp: 200-203 — See abstract

Using the Computer for Customer Service
Michael Poynter
pp: 204-207 — See abstract

Grass Seed Production in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
Gale A. Gingrich
pp: 208-210 — See abstract

Producing Virus-Indexed Liner Plants for Small Fruit Production
John W. Weeks
pp: 211-213 — See abstract

Propagation of Filberts by Stem Cuttings
William M. Proebsting and Michael A. Reihs
pp: 214-218 — See abstract

Mechanization in Bareroot Shade and Fruit Tree Production
F. Allan Elliott
pp: 219-220 — See abstract

Propagation: Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Terri L. Bell
pp: 221-223 — See abstract

Ideas for Efficient Production of Container-Grown Plants
Mark Buchholz
pp: 224-228 — See abstract

Crop Water Requirements of Container-Grown Plants
Richard P. Regan
pp: 229-231 — See abstract

Sharon Leopold
pp: 232-234 — See abstract

Wheel Line Irrigation Systems
F. Allan Elliott
pp: 235 — See abstract

Drip Irrigation In Containers
Mike Scott
pp: 235 — See abstract

Rainguns as an Irrigation Option
Lowen Pankey
pp: 236-237 — See abstract

Drip Irrigation on Slopes
Lucile Whitman
pp: 238 — See abstract

Bob Schilpzand
pp: 239 — See abstract

Integrated Pest Management in Forest Nurseries of the USDA Forest Service
Sally J. Campbell
pp: 240-244 — See abstract

IPM Monitoring Systems for Nursery Production
James G. Todd
pp: 245-248 — See abstract

Entomopathogenic Nematode use in Nurseries and Greenhouses
Kirk A. Smith
pp: 249-250 — See abstract

Diagnosis of Phytophthora Using ELISA Test Kits
Jay W. Pscheidt
pp: 251-254 — See abstract

Use of Pheromones in Pest Management1
Helmut Riedl
pp: 255-260 — See abstract

Propagation of Oregon's Rare and Endangered Plants
Linda C. McMahan
pp: 261-265 — See abstract

Implications of Propagation Techniques on Landscape Performance
Keith Warren
pp: 266-269 — See abstract

Comparison of Propagation Methods on Red Maple
Bob Schilpzand
pp: 270-271 — See abstract

Understocks for Rare Acer Species
J.D. Vertrees
pp: 272-275 — See abstract

Harvesting of Bareroot Nursery Plants
Don Richards
pp: 276-277 — See abstract

Effect of Slow-Release Fertilizer Rate on Root and Shoot Growth of Container-Grown Kalmia latifolia ‘Elf’, ‘Freckles’, and ‘Goodrich’
Rita L. Hummel and Diane W. Privett
pp: 278-282 — See abstract

Germination of Madrona Seed
Ray Maleike and Rita L. Hummel
pp: 283-285 — See abstract

Germination of Cornus canadensis Seed
Ray Maleike and Rita L. Hummel
pp: 286-289 — See abstract

Correlation of Phenolics with Etiolated and Light-Grown Shoots Of Carpinus betulus Stock Plants4
John M. Englert, Brian K. Maynard and Nina L. Bassuk
pp: 290-297 — See abstract

Fertigation and Nitrogen Movement in Field Nurseries
Richard E. Bir and G.D. Hoyt
pp: 298-301 — See abstract

Recycling Runoff Water for Irrigation
Tim Brubaker
pp: 302-303 — See abstract

Environment-Friendly Plant Production System: The Closed, Insulated Pallet1
Bruce A. Briggs and James L. Green
pp: 304-307 — See abstract

Polyethylene Recycling
Don Bailey
pp: 308-312 — See abstract

Innovations In Container Production
Ken Tilt, Bill Goff and John Olive
pp: 313-315 — See abstract

Breaking The Language Barrier
R. Denny Blew
pp: 316-318 — See abstract

The Center for Urban Ecology's Dogwood Anthracnose Research Program
James L. Sherald and Tammy M. Hunter
pp: 319-321 — See abstract

Propagation Under the Pines
Tom Saunders
pp: 322-324 — See abstract

The Effects of Selected Herbicides on Propagation of Chestnut Oaks in Containers.
J.A. Reeder, C.H. Gilliam, G.R. Wehtje and D.B. South
pp: 325-329 — See abstract

Gibberellic Acid, Scarification, and Stratification Treatments for Quicker Germination of Fringetree Seed
Phillip C. Flanagan and Willard T. Witte
pp: 330-334 — See abstract

Outdoor Mist Propagation
Victor M. Priapi
pp: 335-337 — See abstract

Back to the Basics in Propagation
Fred T. Davies Jr
pp: 338-342 — See abstract

Container Tree and Shrub Propagation and Production in Oklahoma
Nick Hand
pp: 343-344 — See abstract

Cleft Grafting of Magnolia grandiflora
Jim Berry
pp: 345-346 — See abstract

Germplasm Program at the USNA
Edward Garvey
pp: 347-349 — See abstract

Straight Line Sticking
Charles H. Parkerson
pp: 350-351 — See abstract

The Acclimation of Tissue Cultured Plants
Mike Bracken
pp: 352-353 — See abstract

Propagating vs. Selling Liners: Can You Sell What You Propagate?
Wayne Sawyer
pp: 354-355 — See abstract

A Look at Propagation at a Diversified Nursery
David Threatt
pp: 356-358 — See abstract

Germination of Doubly Dormant Woody Ornamental Seeds
Steven E. Newman
pp: 359-364 — See abstract

Fire Ants: Research Activities and New Regulations
Timothy C. Lockley
pp: 365-372 — See abstract

Hardy Geranium and Perennial Propagation
Tom Kimmel
pp: 373-375 — See abstract

Seed Priming for Improved Germination in Herbaceous Perennial Plants
Robert L. Geneve, Nining Wartidiningsih and Sharon T. Kester
pp: 376-379 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Alstroemeria Hybrids
Mark P. Bridgen, Joseph J. King, Charlotte Pedersen, Mark A. Smith and Paul J. Winski
pp: 380-384 — See abstract

Propagating Herbaceous Perennials: More Than Meets the Eye
David J. Beattie
pp: 385-391 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Three Members of the Ericaceae Family—Epigaea repens, Gaultheria procumbens and Vaccinium vitis-idaea var. minus
Christopher S. Rogers
pp: 392-394 — See abstract

The Effect of Organic Soil Amendments on the Growth and Development of Kalmia latifolia
Richard E. Bir and Thomas G. Ranney
pp: 395-398 — See abstract

Organic Wastes as Growing Media
Calvin Chong, R.A. Cline and D.L. Rinker
pp: 399-403 — See abstract

Comparison of IBA to KIBA
Edward L. Carpenter
pp: 404-405 — See abstract

Topophysis in Gymnosperms: An Architectural Approach to an Old Problem
Peter Del Tredici
pp: 406-409 — See abstract

Understanding Foliar Variegation as it Relates to Propagation
Michael Marcotrigiano
pp: 410-415 — See abstract

Development and Dispersal of Some Woody Plant Seeds
Alfred J. Fordham
pp: 416-418 — See abstract

New Markets for Native Plants
C. Dale Hendricks
pp: 419-421 — See abstract

IPM: How it is Done at Studebaker Nurseries, Inc.
Dan W. Studebaker
pp: 422-427 — See abstract

Nutrient Runoff from Nurseries — Is it a Problem?
James R. Johnson
pp: 428-431 — See abstract

NPURG - A Computer Program to Assess Risk of Pesticides to Ground and Surface Water
Ronald F. Kujawski
pp: 432-435 — See abstract

Environment-Friendly Plant Production System: The Closed, Insulated Pallet
Bruce A. Briggs, James A. Robbins and James L. Green
pp: 436 — See abstract

Use of Spunbonded Fabric Grow Covers in Deciduous Seedling Production
Richard E. Watson
pp: 437-438 — See abstract

Liner Shipping
Dale G. Deppe
pp: 439-440 — See abstract

Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Milky Way’and Name Recognition in the Nursery Industry
Elwin R. Orton Jr.
pp: 441-442 — See abstract

Use of Paints and Preservatives in the Greenhouse
Daniel Gilrein
pp: 443-444 — See abstract

Effect of Mixes on Seed Germination
Ralph Freeman
pp: 445 — See abstract

Controlling Melon Aphid in Greenhouses
Murdick McLeod and Scott Clark
pp: 446-447 — See abstract

Effect of Quaternary Ammonium Compound Dips on Rooting of Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Boursault’
M.L. Daughtrey, W.S. Clark and M.T. Macksel
pp: 448-449 — See abstract

Specimen Conifer Production
W. David Thompson
pp: 450-452 — See abstract

Seedling Production at Bailey Nurseries
Robert R. Arntzen
pp: 453-455 — See abstract

Does IBA Inhibit Shoot Growth in Rooted Cuttings?
Wen Quan Sun and Nina Bassuk
pp: 456-461 — See abstract

Development of Double Flowering (Petaloid) Lepidote Rhododendrons
R. Wayne Mezitt
pp: 462-464 — See abstract

Rooting Double White French Hybrid Lilacs—Power vs. Liquid IBA
David Schmidt and Richard Haworth
pp: 465-467 — See abstract

Propagation of New Japanese Maples Cultivars
Richard P. Wolff
pp: 468-471 — See abstract

Deborah McCown
pp: 472 — See abstract

Paul L. Smeal
pp: 472 — See abstract

Paul L. Smeal
pp: 472-473 — See abstract

Taxol Update
Ralph Shugert
pp: 474-476 — See abstract

An Update on Trademarks and Cultivar Names
Richard H. Munson
pp: 477-479 — See abstract

New Breeders' Rights Legislation in Canada
Peggy Walsh Craig
pp: 480-482 — See abstract

Jack Alexander
pp: 483-487 — See abstract

Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 488-491 — See abstract

Effects of Water Quality and Water Management on the Growth of Container Nursery Stock1
Carl E. Whitcomb
pp: 492 — See abstract

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