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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 48

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January 1994, Number 1
Lingonberry Cultivars-Building Blocks For An Industry?E.J. Stang3
Micropropagation of Several Lingonberry CultivarsR.A. Serres, S. Pan, B.H. McCown and E.J. Stang7
Comparison of Sensory, Chemical and Color Attributes of Disease-Resistant Apple CultivarsT.M. Work, R.J. Bushway, L.B. Perkins, J.R. Schupp and A.A. Bushway14
Effect of Cultivar on Endogenous Ethylene Evolution and Its Relationship to Increases of Soluble Protein in Peach Mesocarp TissueK.A. Klozenbucher, S.A. Altman, M.S. McIntosh and C.S. Walsh20
Productivity and Quality Characteristics of Strawberry Cultivars Under Michigan ConditionsE.J. Hanson, R.M. Beaudry and J.L. Beggs27
Introduction to the Workshop┐Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars: An Update on Horticulture, Pests and MarketsT.M. Schettini and L.P. Berkett33
An Explanation for Reports of Apple Scab Infection on Fruit of NY 74828-12S.K. Brown and L. Berkett34
Disease Management of Scab-Resistant CultivarsL.P. Berkett, J.F. Costante, K.N. Bower, J. Clements and D. Schmitt35
Super-Marketing and Tasting 'Liberty' Apples in VermontJ.M. Clements, J.F. Costante and L.P. Berkett35
The West Virginia University Ecosystem Project for Processing Apples: Comparisons Among 'Liberty,' 'Golden Delicious,' 'York' and 'Fuji' in the First Year of GrowthAR. Biggs, J.B. Kotcon, T.A. Baugher, A.R. Collins, D.M. Glenn, H.W. Hogmire, R.E. Byers, A.J. Sexstone and G.W. Lightner37
Breeding of Multiple Disease Resistant Apples: Present Status and Future ProspectsS.K. Brown, H.S. Aldwinckle, D. Terry and S. Valerio38
Extension Educational Outreach Programs Promoting the Development of a Sustainable Apple Production SystemW.P. Cowgill, Jr., W.A. Tietjen and D.F. Polk38
New Resistant Rootstocks from GenevaJ.N. Cummins and H.S. Aldwinckle39
Seven Disease Resistant Apple Selections Released for Grower TestingJ.A. Crosby, J. Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, S.M. Ries, J. Goffreda and A. Voordeckers40
Promising Scab Resistant Apple Selections for Quebec, CanadaR.L. Granger, S. Khaneadeh and O. Carisse41
'Enterprise' and 'GoldRush,' Two New Disease-Resistant CultivarsJ.A. Crosby, J. Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, S.M. Rles, J. Goffreda and A. Voordeckers43
Arthropod Pest Pressure Among Several Disease-Resistant Apple CultivarsD.F. Polk, E.F. Durner and E.F. Reio44
Developing Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars with Increased Quality and Ability to StoreJ.C. Goffreda, D.F. Polk, G.F. Reio, C.D. Gussman, T.J. Gianfagna, J.A. Crosby, J. Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban and S.M. Ries45
The Northeast SARE (LISA) Apple Production ProjectAPS46
Using Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars to Reduce Fungicide Applications for Disease ControlW. Hal Shaffer46
Non-Target Effect of a Fungicide Spray Program on Phytophagous and Predacious Mite Populations in a Scab Resistant Apple OrchardK.M. Bower, L.P. Berkett and J.F. Costante47
The Susceptibility of Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars to Fruit Rot Infection Incited by Three Summer DiseasesJ.W. Travis and J.L. Rytter48
Disease Resistant Apple Cultivars: Twelve Years of ObservationsR.F. Heflebower and C.S. Walsh49
Evaluation of Certain Scab-Immune Apple CultivarsDrs.R.L. Stebbins, A.A. Duncan and O.C. Compton50
Impact of Disease Resistant Apple Cultivars on Fungicide Use in OhioM.A. Ellis, D.C. Ferree and R.C. Funt51
A Maturity and Storage Study of Scab-Resistant CultivarsJ.R. DeEll and R.K. Prange51
Early-Season Diseases Occurring on Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars and Advanced Selections Grown in Southeastern New York StateD.A. Rosenberger, F.W. Meyer and C.A. Engle52
Evaluation of Four New Scab-Resistant Apple VarietiesI.A. Merwin, D.A. Rosenberger and C. Engle54
Summer Fungicides Applied to 'Liberty' Apple Trees Affect Timing of Autumn Leaf Drop and Effectiveness of Fruit Thinning with NAA the Next YearD.A. Rosenberger, F.W. Meyer and C.A. Engle56
'Golden Delicious' Progeny: 21st Century ApplesD.C. Percival and J.T.A. Proctor58
April 1994, Number 2
The 'Granny Smith' AppleI.J. Warrington70
Conservation System of Fruit Tree Genetic Resources and Recently Released Cultivars from Fruit Tree Research Station in JapanT. Moriguchi, S. Teramoto and T. Sanada73
Characterization of Prunus avium L. Varieties with Phenolic CompoundsG. Martelock, H. Bauer and D. Treutter81
Performance of Japanese Plum Cultivars in Northern MississippiF.B. Matta, R.C. Sloan Jr. and O.P. Vadhwa89
Influence of Rootstock on Fruit and Tree Characteristics of 'Macspur Mclntosh'M. Meheriuk, H.A. Quamme and R.T. Brownlee93
Susceptibility of 15 Apple Cultivars to Apple Scab, Powdery Mildew, Canker and MitesH.L. Pedersen, J.V. Christensen and P. Hansen97
A Method for Blind Node EvaluationU. Boonprakob, D.H. Byrne and R.E. Rouse101
In Situ Differences in Fruit Color Development of Six 'Delicious' Apple StrainsS. Slngha, T.A. Baugher and E.C. Townsend103
Fruit Quality from Micropropagated Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) Trees vs. Fruit from Trees on Seedling and M 7a RootstocksS.R. Drake, F.E. Larsen and S.S. Higgins109
New System for Fruit and Nut Variety Naming and RegistrationJ.N. Cummins114
Summary of American Pomological Society Membership Survey 1993R.A. Norton116
Thirty-Seven Apple Varieties of Australian OriginS.J. Tancred, A.G. Zeppa and J.N. Cummins118
Influence of Rootstock on 'Delicious' Apple Fruit ShapeB.H. Barritt, M.A. Dilley and A.S. Konishi126
Early Production of Apple Cultivars on M.9 and Mark RootstockD.C. Ferree and J.C. Schmid130
July 1994, Number 3
'Reyna' (syn. 'Alfajayucan') is the Leading Cactus Pear Cultivar in Central MexicoC.M. Jacobo and S.P. Gonzalez134
"Tropical Small Fruits": A Workshop Overview with a Summary of Information on Naranjilla and CarambolaJ.C. Scheerens136
Papaya Germplasm and Breeding in HawaiiR.M. Manshardt and F.T.P. Zee146
Amazonian Small Fruits with Commercial PotentialC.R. Clement and D.F. de Silva Filho152
Problems and Opportunities in Passion Fruit Culture and DevelopmentR.J. Knight Jr.159
Photosynthetic Acclimation of Leaves of Three Apple Cultivars as Affected by Growth Under Different Light RegimesE. Fallahi, J.W. Moon Jr. and K. Jordan163
Improved Rooting of Ottawa 3 Apple Rootstock by Soft Wood Cuttings Using Micropropagated Plants as a Cutting SourceH.A. Quamme and E.J. Hogue170
Culture Date and Germination Procedure Affects Success of Nectarine Ovule and Embryo CultureJ.X. Chaparro and W.B. Sherman173
Fruit and Seed Set of Half-High Blueberry Cultivars Following Repeated Pollinations at Varying Time IntervalsR.C. Harrison, J.J. Luby and P.D. Ascher176
'Splendor' and 'Regal' Lingonberry-New Cultivars for a Developing IndustryE.J. Stang, J. Klueh and G. Wees182
Early Redhaven Peach, A Host of Cherry Short Stem VirusT.S.C. Li184
Performance of AL.800 as an Apple Rootstock and Interstem in OhioD.C. Ferree, D.D. Miller and M. Lynd186
October 1994, Number 4
'Schley' PecanD. Sparks194
Incidence of Blind Nodes in Low-chill Peach and Nectarine GermplasmG.D. Richards, G.W. Porter, J. Rodriguez-A and W.B. Sherman199
'Double Delight' Red RaspberryC.G. Davidson202
'Souris' Red RaspberryC.G. Davidson204
Determinations of Organic Acids in Raspberry Cultivars Grown in MaineM.N. Rlaz and A.A. Bushway206
Book Review: The Book of ApplesJ. Morgan and A. Richards211
A Method for Blind Node EvaluationU. Boonprakob, D.H. Byrne and R.E. Rouse213
Chilling Requirements of Apple and Pear CultivarsK. Ghariani and R.L. Stebbins215
Red Color Changes Following Irradiation of 'Royal Gala' Apple ScionsA.G. White, P.A. Alspach, R.A. Norton and H.I. Selby222
Variation in Local Apricots Growing in District Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh (India)S.D. Sharma225
A New Tropical Grape Cultivar: 'Valplatinta'F. Watlington228
'Cipo' Sweet Orange and its Unique Growth HabitK.D. Bowman230
Book ReviewG.A. Cahoon and G.R. Nonnecke234
Performance of Nectarine Cultivars in Northern MississippiF.B. Matta, R.C. Sloan Jr. and O.P. Vadhwa235
Performance of Eight Strains of 'Rome Beauty' over Nine YearsD.C. Ferree240
Survival and Growth of 'Empire' Apple Trees Chip Budded onto Mark or M.9 RootstockM.R. Warmund and B.H. Barritt245
Growth, Productivity, Spur Quality, Light Transmission and Net Photosynthesis of 'Golden Delicious' Apple Trees on Four Rootstocks in Three Training SystemsT.A. Baugher, Suman Singha, D.W. Leach and S.P. Walter251