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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 30

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January 1976, Number 1
Protection and Distribution of New Selections in Domestic and Foreign MarketsF.H. Emerson4
Early and Late Flowering in PearT. van der Zwet and M. Faust7
Fire Blight Resistance and Fruit Quality in PearJ. Janick and R.L. Bell7
Greenhouse Screening of Pear Seedling for Fire Blight ResistanceT. van der Zwet and W.R. Zook8
Inheritance of Fire Blight Susceptibility in Pear (Pyrus communis L.)J.M. Thompson9
Screening Apple Seedlings for Disease ResistanceE.B. Williams10
Sources of Insect and Mite Resistance in ApplesH.F. Goonewardene and E.B. Williams10
Greenhouse Forced Flowering as a Tool for Disease ResistancerH.S. Aldwinckle and R.C. Lamb11
Late Blooming in AppleJ.M. Thompson12
Assessment of and Screening for winterhardiness in PeachR.E.C. Layne12
Early Testing for Cold Resistance of Peach and Apricot SeedlingR.C. Lamb13
Breeding Low Chilling Peaches for TexasH.H. Bowen14
Breeding Low-Chilling Deciduous Fruit TreesW.B. Sherman and R.H. Sharpe14
Bacterial Spot Resistance in Stone FruitsC.N. Clayton15
Inoculation Technique for Evaluating Valsa Canker Resistance in Stone FruitsH.L. Keil16
Diploid Plum x Apricot Interspecific HybridsD. Ramming17
Evaluation of Prunus spp. Resistance to Xanthomonas pruni by Artificial InoculationE.L. Civerolo and H.L. Keil17
Research in Plum Breeding in RomaniaV. Cociu18
Use of Ionizing Radiation in Fruit BreedingM.M. Thompson20
Fruit Rot Resistance in Red RaspberryH.A. Daubeny and H.S. Pepin21
Breeding for Aphid Resistance and Virus Tolerance in RubusD.K. Ourecky21
Sterility in RubusF.J. Lawrence22
Cytological Diploidization of the Cultivated Octoploid Strawberry - Fragaria xananassa Duch.D. Byrne and G. Jelenkovic23
Haploidy and Inbreeding as Tools in Fruit BreedingR.S. Bringhurst23
Day-Neutral vs. Short-Day Strawberry Breeding Advantages and Exploitation PotentialR.S. Bringhurst24
Relationship Between Quality and Pest and Disease Resistance in StrawberriesR.S. Bringhurst25
Mass Screening of Young Strawberry Seedlings for Resistance to Pytophtora fragariaeD.H. Scott and A.D. Draper25
Essential Characters for Machine Harvest of StrawberriesE.L. Denisen26
Blueberry Species Characterization for Parent PotentialG.J. Galletta27
Interspecific Hybridization in VacciniumA.D. Draper, G.J. Galletta, W.T. Brightwell, J.M. Spiers, W.B. Sherman and G. Jelenkovic27
Development of Cold Hardy Blueberry HybridsC. Stushnoff28
The Breeding Behaviour of Four Diploid Vaccinium SpeciesJ.R. Ballington29
Development and Possibilities of Vaccinium Species in EuropeG. Liebster30
The Development of Male Gametophyte in situ Under Selfing and Cross-Pollination in Sex Genotypes of Tetraploid E.H. Bowerman and G. Jelenkovic31
Screening Grape Seedlings for Black Rot ResistanceJ.R. McGrew31
Establishment, Preservation and Utilization of Fruit Germplasm in RomaniaV. Cociu32
Interspecific Hybridization in Citrus ScionsC.J. Hearn33
Interspecific Hybridization in Citrus RootstocksD.J. Hutchison34
April 1976, Number 2
Fire Blight in the Geneva Apple CollectionH.S. Aldwinckle, R.D. Way, K.G. Livermore, J.L. Preczewski and S.V. Beer42
A Comparison of the Growth Habit of 'Bergman' and 'McFarlin' Cranberry Cultivars on Commercial Bogs in British ColumbiaK.S. Tallman and G.W. Eaton55
Ovipositional Activity of Periodical Cicada on Apple VarietiesF.R. Hall60
Inheritance of Pear Decline ResistanceM.N. Westwood63
Characteristics of the Wine Grape Cultivar 'DeChaunac' as grown in Erie County, PennsylvaniaC.W. Haeseler and R.B. Beelman65
Scion Selection for Green Wood Grafting in AppleD.F. Dayton69
A New Plum 'Sweetheart'L.L. McGraw71
July 1976, Number 3
Effects of Boron and Succinic Acid 2,2-Dimethyl Hydrazide (SADH) on Fruitfulness and Storage Behavior of 'Magness' PearsB.L. rogers, A.H. Thompson, L.E. Scott and G.J. Stadelbacher74
Potentialities for the Exploitation of Citrus Wealth in UttarR.D. Singh, R.K. Srivastava and R.P. Srivastava77
Considerations in Backcrossing Programs for Clonally Propagated Perennial CropsR.L. Anderson79
An efficient method of Screening PeachesD.W. Cain and R.L. Andersen80
Relation of Seed Number to Fruit Set in Apple - an Alternate HypothesisS.A. Weinbaum adn R.K. Simmons82
Strawberry Cultivar Testing in Canada's Maritime ProvincesD.L. Craig, W.B. Collins and J.A. Cutcliffe84
The Origin and Development of Muscadine Grape VarietiesK. Schwartz90
Malling 27 Released for PropagationR.F. Carlson93
'Pathfinder' and 'Trailblazer' Everbearing Raspberries ReleasedG.S. Howard94
October 1976, Number 4
Production of Guava (Psidium quajava L.) in HawaiiGT. Shigeura and R.M. Bullock98
Pineapple ProductionH.Y. Nakasone100
Papaya Production in HawaiiP.J. Ito105
U.S. Mango Imports and Production in HawaiiW.Y. Yee107
The BreadfruitE.A. Matsumoto108
Macadamia Nut Production in HawaiiH. Ooka110
The Challenge of Mango BreedingR. Scorza116
Redkist PeachAPS119