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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 25

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January 1971, Number 1
Winter Hardiness of Cambridge Favourite and Redgauntlet Strawberries in the Pacific NorthwestH.A. Daubeny2
A Description of Amelanchier Species in Regard to Cultivar DevelopmentW.S. Miller and C. Stushnoff3
A Proven Apple Rootstock - EM VIIR.F. Carlson11
Dessert Pears in Midwestern GardensH.C. Barrett12
Shuksan, a New Winter Hardy Strawberry for the Pacific NorthwestB.H. Barrett, C.D. Schwartze and R.A. Norton17
April 1971, Number 2
Evaluation of Delicious Sports in WashingtonJ. Ballard27
Promising Apple Varieties for Southern IllinoisAPS30
Susceptibility of Blackberry and Blueberry Cultivars to Winter InjuryJ.N. Moore and G.R. Brown31
Scion/Rootstock Tissue Development of the Apple as a Result of Asexual Propagation and Mechanical InjuriesR.K. Simons and R.F. Carlson33
Peaches for Warm ClimatesR.H. Sharpe and W.B. Sherman37
Nomenclature of the 'Salt Creek' GrapeN.H. Loomis and L.A. Lider41
Fireblight Susceptibility of Apple Rootstocks in ArkansasR.C. Rom and D.A. Slack43
Peach Cultivars that Set Fruit Under Wet, Cold ConditionsR.C. Crandall45
Hudson's Golden Gem AppleL.L. McGraw46
July 1971, Number 3
Accumulative Index for Volumes 1 through 24APS50
October 1971, Number 4
Tyler, a New Peach from VirginiaG.D. Oberle74
Seed Germination in the Red RaspberryS.O. Fejer and L.P.S. Spangelo75
Quince Cultivars from Western TurkeyJ.T. Sykes77
Varieties of Western Sandcherry (Prunus besseyi)R. Erskine80
Strawberry Cultivar Testing in the Atlantic ProvincesD.L. Craig, J.A. Sutcliffe and W.B. Collins82
High Quality Strawberry VarietiesG.L. Slate and D.K. Ourecky85
Pyrus Species and Pear Cultivar Germ Plasm Collection in OregonM.N. Westwood, M.N. Thompson and P.B. Lombard87
The Golden Delicious StoryP. Stark Jr.89
Old Apple Varieties That Have SurvivedB. Luce93