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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 72

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January 2018, Number 1
Evaluations of Parthenocarpy in Vaccinium virgatum Aiton (Rabbiteye) Blueberry CultivarsMark K. Ehlenfeldt, and Stephen J. Stringer2
Nutrient Status and Fruiting Response of Young Chinese Chestnut Trees Following Application of NitrogenMichele R. Warmund12
'Farga' OliveAntònia Ninot, Juan Francisco Hermoso, Agusti Romero and Ignasi Batlle21
Paul Howe Shepard: A Man Dedicated to Fruit, Fun, and ServiceMichele R. Warmund29
Antioxidant Capacity and Bioactive Compounds Accumulation in Peach Breeding GermplasmAsma Abdelghafar, Ralph Burrell, Gregory Reighard, and Ksenija Gasic40
April 2018, Number 2
A New Sweet Persimmon: 'Romang'K.B. Ma, K.S. Cho, S.S. Kang, J.H. Han, Y.K. Kim, H.S. Hwana, and I.S. Shin74
Evaluation of Cold-climate interspecific Hybrid Wine Grape Cultivars for the Upper MidwestAmaya Atucha, Janet Hedtcke, and Beth Ann Workmaster80
Breeding for Brown Rot (Monilinia spp.) Tolerance in Clemson University Peach Breeding ProgramWanfang Fu, Ralph Burrell, Cassia Da Silva Linge, Guido Schnabel and Ksenija Gasic94
Root Distribution of 'Brightwell' and 'Premier' Rabbiteye Blueberries as Influenced by Pecan Shell MulchAshley A. Hoppers, James D. Spiers, J. Raymond Kessler, Jr., Amy N. Wright, and Arlie A. Powell101
A Review of Neofabraea malicorticis Biology and Management of Anthracnose Canker in Apple Orchards in the Maritime Pacific NorthwestWhitney J.Garton, Lisa W. Devetter, Mark Mazzola, and Carol A. Miles113
Primocane-Fruiting Red Raspberry Cultivar Evaluation in High TunnelsEric Hanson, Brent Crain, and Diane Brown-Rytlewski122
Matted-Row Strawberry Cultivar Productivity in Missouri, 2013-14Martin L. Kaps128
GA4+7 Soak Before Cold Stratification Enhances Juglans nigra Seedling ProductionMichelle R. Warmund, and J.W. Van Sambeek135
July 2018, Number 3
Seed Germination as a Metric of Invasive Potential in Winter-Hardy PrunusSarah A. Kostick, Emily E. Hoover, Neil O. Anderson, John Tillman, and Emily Tepe146
Diurnal Patterns of Photosynthesis and Water Relations for Four Orchard-Grown Pomegranate (Prunica granatum L.) CultivarsJohn M. Chater, Louis S. Santiago, Donald J. Merhaut, John E. Preece, and Zhenyu157
Characterization of Southern Highbush Blueberry Floral Bud Cold Hardiness through Dormancy in a Sub-Tropical ClimateLauren E. Redpath, Dario J. Chavez, Anish Malladi, and Erick D. Smith166
Walnut Cultivars Through Cross-Breeding: 'Diriliş' and '15 Temmuz'Mehmet Sütyemez, Akide Özkan, and S. Burak Bükücü173
Seasonal Variation in Mineral Nutrient Concentration of Primocane and Floricane Leaves in Trailing Blackberry Cultivars Produced in an Organic SystemBernadine C. Strik, and Amanda J. Vance181
High Tunnel Performance of Seven Primocane Red Raspberry Cultivars in Western NYCourtney A. Weber195
Organic Blackberry Cultivar Trials at High Elevation and in High pH Soil in the Southwestern United StatesShengrui Yao, Steven Guldan, and Robert Heyduck202
October 2018, Number 4
Pollen Source Effects on Seed Number, Fruit Quality and Return Bloom of AppleKhalil R. Jahed, Peter M. Hirst212
Effects of Early Cropping on Growth and Yield of Southern Highbush Blueberry Cultivars (Vaccinium corymbosum L. Interspecific HybridsMarcela P. Borda, Maria A. Pescie, Norberto F. Gariglio222
The NC-140 Multi-Location Peach Physiology Trial: Relationships Between Peach Fruit Weight, Crop Density and Early Season TemperatureRichard P. Marini, Esmaeil Fallahi, Polina Francescatto, Jaume Lordan, Michael J. Newell, David Ouellette, Gregory Reighard, Terrence L. Robinson, Dwight Wolfe231
Guava SSR Analysis: Diversity Assessment in U.S. and Similarity to Accessions Associated with Reducing Citrus Huanglongbing in VietnamE. Stover, M. Aradhya, S. Gozlekci, J. Crane, T. Matsumoto Brower, C. Mayo Riley, F. Zee, T. Gottwald, D. Hall242
High Tunnel Performance of Seven Floricane Red Raspberry Cultivars in Western NYCourtney A. Weber251
Assessment of Ancient Carob Germplasm of Lebanon by Morphological TraitsM. Chami, A. Hajj, J. Kahwaji, H. Youssef, S.Ghaith, L. Fakih, M. Smaha, R. Nabbout, M. El Raichy, F. As-Sadi, M. Al Zein, F. J. Ruiz Gomez, G. Palacios-Rodriguez, R. Navarro-Cerillo, J. Tous, L. Chalak260