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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 72 Number 4 Article 3 Pages: 231-241
Year 2018 Month 10
Title: The NC-140 Multi-Location Peach Physiology Trial: Relationships Between Peach Fruit Weight, Crop Density and Early Season Temperature
Authors: Richard P. Marini, Esmaeil Fallahi, Polina Francescatto, Jaume Lordan, Michael J. Newell, David Ouellette, Gregory Reighard, Terrence L. Robinson, Dwight Wolfe
A multi-location trial was conducted to evaluate the individual and combined effects of crop density (CD) and early-season temperature on peach fruit weight (FW) at harvest. ‘Redhaven’ and ‘Cresthaven’ peach trees growing at five sites were hand-thinned each of four years to provide a range of CDs. For each site, cumulative growing degree days were calculated from minimum and maximum daily temperatures for the first 30 days after full bloom using 4°C as the base temperature (CGDD30). The relationships between average FW and CD and CGDD30 were fairly variable, but FW was generally negatively related to both CD and CGDD30. There was a negative quadratic relationship between days from bloom to harvest and CGDD30. Variability in the data likely resulted from differences in orchard practices at the different sites. The interaction of CD and CGDD30 was rarely significant at an individual site, indicating that the two factors are independent and have an additive effect on FW and days from bloom to harvest.

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