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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 70

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January 2016, Number 1
Effect of Shoot and Cluster Thinning on Vine Performance, Fruit and Wine Quality of 'Blanc Du Bois'Zilfina Rubio Ames, Mercy Olmstead, Charlie Sims, and Rebecca Darnell2
Effect of Dehydration during Storage on Viability of Dormant Grafted GrapeJuan Raśl Carmona, Ganino Reginato, and Cecilia Peppi16
Characterizing the Effect of Harvest Maturity on Ripening Capacity, Postharvest Fruit Quality, and Storage Life of 'Gem' PearTodd Einhorn, and Yan Wang26
Pruning Style and Long Term Irrigation Regime Effects on 'Sunpremeʼ Raisin Quality and FruitfulnessCraig A. Ledbetter, and Richard Marini36
April 2016, Number 2
Promising Early Results With Four New Apple Rootstocks from QuebecCheryl R. Hampson54
Effects of Pear Orchards on Carbon ReductionHyun-Kil Jo, Jin-Young Kim, and Hye-Mi Park63
The Effect of Foliar Calcium Treatments on Fruit Weight and Firmness of Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium virgatum Aiton)Erick D. Smith74
Time Required for Classifying Rootstock Vigor in Multi-location Rootstock TrialsR.P. Marini, W.R. Autio, B. Black, J. Cline, W.P. Cowgill, Jr., R.M. Crassweller, C. Hampson, M.M. Kushad, R. Moran, M. Parker, R.L. Perry, G.L.Reighard, T. Robinson, D. Wolfe82
Hazelnut Accessions from Russia and Crimea Transmit Resistance to Eastern Filbert BlightClayton W. Leadbetter, John M. Capik, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, and Thomas J. Molnar92
July 2016, Number 3
Cutting Type and Time-of-Year Affect Rooting Ability of Hardy Minnesota Prunus SpeciesNeil O. Anderson, Emily Hoover, Sarah A. Kostick, Emily Tepe, and John Tillman114
Fruit Set Improvement of Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) West of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest: A ReviewMatthew Arrington and Wasko Devetter124
Variation in Fruit Constituent Sugar Concentrations and their Stability during Processing of Selected Genotypes in Prunus domesticaS.B. Castro, C.H. Crisosto and T.M. DeJong138
SEM Observations, Pollen Viability and Germination in Some Selected Plum Genotypes Cultivated in RomaniaIoana Mitre Jr., Viorel Mitre, Erzsebet Buta, Rodica Pop, and Radu E. Sestraş149
A History of Bunch Grapes Research in MississippiEric T. Stafne158
DNA Markers Based on PSY Genes Can Differentiate Yellow- and White-Fleshed LoquatsWeilin Wei, Muhammad Qasim Shahid, Zhike Zhang, Hongyan Song, Xianghui Yang, and Lin Shunquan165
October 2016, Number 4
Effects of Ethephon as a Blossom and Fruitlet Thinner on Yield and Fruit Quality of 'Jubileum' European Plum in a Nordic ClimateMekjell Meland and Clive Kaiser172
Trends in Public and Private Peach Breeding in the Republic of KoreaJi Hae Jun, Jung Hyun Kwon, Eun Young Nam, Kyeong Ho Chung, Ik Koo Yoon, Seok Kyu Yun, and Sung Jong Kim180
Pomegranate: The Grainy AppleJohn E. Preece and Jeff Moersfelder187
Changes in Morphological, Biochemical and Physiological Traits in Strawberry in the Northeastern United States during One Hundred Years of BreedingRebecca M. Harbut, Marvin P. Pritts1 and Lailiang Cheng194
Bagging Technology Reduces Pesticide Residues in Table GrapesYizhen Wan, Qi-Rui Hou, Yan Wen, Lei Wang and Quanyou Lu207
Drought and Biostimulant Impacts on important Attributes of Perennial Ryegrass for Orchard and Vineyard Floor in the Intermountain West Region of the United StatesShahla Mahdavi and Esmaeil Fallahi216
Exploring the Growth and Cropping Potential of Pierce's Disease Resistant Vitis vinifera L. Selections for Enhanced Viticultural Sustainability in Alabama and the SoutheastAndrej W. Svyantek, Elina D. Coneva, J. Raymond Kessler, James D. Spiers, Edgar L. Vinson III, and James A. Pitts224