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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 7

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September 1952, Number 1
Ruby Apple, a Cross of Gallia Beauty and StarkingF.S. Howlett and C.W. Ellenwood3
The Redhaven Peach in British ColumbiaA.J. Mann and F.W.L. Keane6
Maine Introduces Three Strawberry Varieties For TrialAPS7
New Apples in WiscounsinH.J. Rahmlow10
Evaluating Peach VarietiesS. Johnston11
Secor Apple Popular with Wisconsin GrowersAPS12
Two New Early Peaches For the SouthAPS14
Dual Purpose PeachesW.E. Lammerts 15
December 1952, Number 2
Albritton Strawberry and Angola and Ivanhoe BlueberriesG.M. Darrrow 19
Two New Varieties of Nectarines for VirginiaG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore20
Anis and Antonovka Seedlings as Rootstocks for the AppleW.H. Upshall22
The Akee or Vegetable BrainL.H. Wait23
The Carob in CaliforniaC.A. Schroeder24
Polyploidy in the Apple Found Seven Years After Colchicine Treatment H. Dermen28
Delcon, A New Semi-dwarf AppleP.H. Shepard31
The Metzger Apple in WashingtonW.A. Luce30
Three New Blueberries Introduced for New Jersey GrowersAPS31
March 1953, Number 3
New Varieties of Apples and Crabapples for the Northern Great Plains RegionAPS34
Horticulture in LebanonH.A. Rollins35
Four New Blueberry VarietiesG.M. Darrow, D.H. Scott and G.J. Galletta37
Five Promising New GrapesR. Wellington 41
Meadow Mice Show Feeding Preference for Mahaleb CherryAPS44
The Merrill PeachesAPS45
Puritan – A New Early Red AppleA.P. French46
Plentiful, A New Strawberry VarietyA.S. Colby and H.L. Boll47