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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 49

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January 1995, Number 1
´Glen Moy` Red RaspberryD. Jennings2
Field Reactions of Strawberry Cultivars and Selections to Anthracnose Fruit Rot, Leather Rot, and Gray Mold in ArkansasB. Olcott-Reid and J.N. Moore4
Fruit Firmness, Calyx and Neck Ratings Correlated with Field Fruit Rot Reactions of Nine Strawberry CultivarsB. Olcott-Reid and J.N. Moore14
Stone Fruit Breeding in LithuaniaA. Lukosevicius19
Cross Protection Against Virus Diseases in Fruit TreesR.H. Alrefai and S.S. Korban21
Performance of ´Gewurztraminer` (Vitis vinifera L.) on Three RootsystemsA.G. Reynolds and D.A. Wardle31
Effect of Rootstock and Cultivar on the Growth and Precosity of Young Apple TreesP.M. Hirst and D.C. Ferree34
Relationship Between Chromaticity Measurements and Visual Ratings of Peach CultivarsT.A. Baugher, E.C. Townsend, S. Singha, D.W. Leach and S.P. Walter42
Southern Highbush Blueberry Clones Differ in Postharvest Fruit QualityP. Perkins-Veazie, J.R. Clark, J.K. Collins, and J. Magee46
Cold Hardiness in RubusK. Hummer, L.H. Fuchigami, V. Peters and N. Bell52
A Photographic Description of the Fruit of Certain Apple RootstocksC.B. Embree59
April 1995, Number 2
´Western Schley` PecanD. Sparks70
Relationship Between Chromaticity Measurements and Visual Ratings of Peach CultivarsT.A. Baugher, E.C. Townsend, S. Singha, D.W. Leach and S.P. Walter75
Influence Over a Ten-Year Period of Training System on Yield and Fruitfulness of Table Grape CultivarsD. Wolfe and G.R. Brownn79
Actual Browning and Peroxidase Level Are Not Correlated in Red and White Berries from Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) CultivarsJ.M. Zapata, A.A. Calderon and A.R. Barcelo82
Adaptive Zones and Ancestry of the Most Important North American Strawberry CultivarsJ. Hancock and J. Luby85
Effects of Simazine on the Mycorrhizal Population in Soil Beneath an Apple CanopyR.L. Granger, S. Khanizadeh, M. Meheriuk, L.S. Berard and Y. Dalpe90
Field Resistance of 20 Strawberry Cultivars to Black Root RotK.B. Wing, M.P. Pritts and W.K. Wilcoz94
´Toro` Highbush BlueberryA. Draper, N. Vorsa, G. Galletta, G. Jelenkovic and M. Ehlenfeldt99
NC 194 Primocane-Fruiting Thorny Erect Tetraploid Blackberry GermplasmJ.R. Ballington and J.N. Moore101
Annual Grafting of Nashi Pear in Low Chill Areas of TaiwanD.H. Byrne, S.-K. Ou and J.B. Storey103
Plantain: Production, Uses, and Nutritional ValueA.M. Hamner107
Evaluation of Fruit Characteristics of 20 Sweet Cherry CultivarsJ.V. Christensen113
Leaf Elemental Concentrations as Influenced by Growth Habit and Strains of ´Delicious` ApplesE. Fallahi, B.R. Simons and D.O. Wilson Jr.118
July 1995, Number 3
´Senga Sengana` StrawberryE. Zurawicz and H. Daubeny130
´Gala,` ´Braeburn,` and ´Fuji` Apples: Maturity Indices and Quality After StorageA. Plotto, A.N. Azarenko, J.P. Mattheis and M.R. McDaniel133
Phenotype of Petal Size in PeachC.A. Weber and W.B. Sherman143
RAPD Polymorphisms Among Pistacio (Pistacia vera L.) CultivarsL. Dollo, J.I. Hormaza and V.S. Polito147
Advancement of the Australian Disease Resistant Apple Breeding Program by Cooperation with USA ProgramsS.J. Tancred, J.N. Cummins, S.R. Dullahide, A.G. Zeppa and J.B. Heaton152
Performance of Three Apple Cultivars with 23 Dwarfing Rootstocks During 8 Seasons in WashingtonB.H. Barritt, B.S. Konishi and M.A. Dilley158
Performance of Three Apple Cultivars with 22 Dwarfing Rootstocks During 8 Seasons in OhioD.C. Ferree, P.M. Hirst, J.C. Shcmid and P.E. Dotson171
Prediction of Site Index and Apple Rootstock Performance from Environmental VariablesW.C. Olien, D.C. Ferree, B.L. Bishop and W.C. Bridges, Jr.179
October 1995, Number 4
´Fuji` AppleY. Yoshida, X. Fan and M. Patterson194
Growth and Performance of Four Apple Cultivars on M.26 and Mark Rootstocks With or Without Preplant Mineral NutrientsJ.R. Schupp198
Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization and Orchard Floor management on Yield, Leaf Nutrition, and Fruit Quality of ´Fairhaven` PeachM. Meheriuk, G.H. Neilsen and E.J. Hogue204
The ´Wijcik Spur McIntosh`D.V. Fisher212
Fruit Maturation of ´Okanagan Riesling` Grapes: Effect of Site, Year, and Basal Leaf RemovalA.G. Reynolds, D.A. Wardle, J.W. Hall and M. Dever213
Digital Imaging; A Useful Technique for Analyzing Fruit Shape in PearsA.G. White and D.G. Bailey224
The Fruit Grower`s HandbookW.G. Waring227
Scion/Rootstock Effects on Tree Size, Cumulative Yield and Yield Efficience of ´Granny Smith` Apple and Its Sports, ´Grandspur` and ´Greenspur`F.E. Larsen, S.S. Higgins and R.B. Bendel228
Blackberry Cultivars Differ in Susceptibility to Rosette DiseaseB. Buckley III, J.N. Moore and J.R. Clark235
Occurrence of Viable Eggs in Haploid PeachM.R. Pooler and R. Scorza239
Determination of Cold Hardiness and Estimation of Potential Breeding Value of Apricot GermplasmR.E.C. Layne and M.F. Gadsby242
Lateral Shoot Development in Size Diverse Seedling Populations of AppleD.R. Ouellette and E. Young248