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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 45 Number 1 Article 13 Pages: 45-56
Year 1991 Month 1
Title: A Description of Lychee Cultivars
Author: C.M. Menzel And D. R. Simpson
The lychee was introduced to the tropical and subtropical world from southern China, and now is found situated within 15-350la titude in most countries. The important cultivars in the major producing countries are described. These include Sum Yee Hong, Souey Tung, Bah Lup, Tai So, Fay lee Siu, Haak Yip, Brewster, Chong Yun Hong, Kwai May Red, No Mai Chee, Heong Li, Tim Naan and Kwa Lok, Wai Chee, Seong Sue Wai and Soot Wai lee from China. Other cultivars described are from Taiwan (Sah Keng), Australia (Bengal, Kwai May Pink, Hong Kong, Salathiel and Gee Kee), India (Shahi, Rose-Scented and China), Hawaii and Florida (Peerless, Groff and Kaimana), and Thailand (Kom, Luk Lai, Baidum and Chacapat).

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