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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 45

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January 1991, Number 1
The 'Gala' AppleA.G. White 2
Frost Tolerance of Some Peach and Japanese Plum CultivarsM. Rieger, S. Lu and M. Duemmel3
The Minn. #78 Grape -Lady of MysteryE. Swenson6
Peach Breeding in YugoslaviaP.D. Misic, R.R. Todorvic, V.Z. Pavlovic and M.A. Mirkovici8
Evaluation of Strawberry Cultivars with Different Degrees of Resistance to Red SteleS. Khanizadeh, D. Buszard, M.J. Lareau and R. Pelletier12
Comparison of 'Cabernet Sauvignon' and 'Cabernet franc' Grapevine Dormant Bud Cold HardinessT.K. Wolf and M.K. Cook17
Field Performance and Survivability Apricot Cultivars in Southern New JerseyJ.L. Frecon22
Cold Hardiness in Grape Cultivar DevelopmentT.F. Bourne and J.N. Moore26
Response of Vidal 256 Grapevines to the Geneva Double Curtain and Six Cane Kniffin Training Systems as Grown in South Central PennsylvaniaC. W. Haeseler and G.M. Green29
Relationship between Visual Rating and Chromaticity Values in 'Delicious' Apple StrainsS. Singha, E.C. Townsend, and T.A. Baugher33
Taste Ratings of New Apple CultivarsR. Stebbins, A.A. Duncan, O.C. Compton, and D. Duncan37
"Enie, Menie, Miney, Moe"J.D. Postman44
A Description of Lychee CultivarsC.M. Menzel And D. R. Simpson45
Leaf Area and Fruitin-g Efficiency of Large and Small Fruited Cranberry CultivarsT.R. Roper 56
April 1991, Number 2
'Jonagold' AppleR.D. Way and S.K. Brown62
'Norton' and 'Cynthiana' - Premium Native Wine GrapesJ.M. Tarara and E.W. Hellman66
Comparison of Rating Methods for Bacterial Spot Resistance in Japanese-Type PlumB.L. Topp, W.B. Sherman and R.E. Stall70
Apple Cultivars-Current Situation and Trends Around the World An IntroductionS.S. Miller75
Apple Cultivars - Current Situation and Future Trends Around the World - Australia and New ZealandC.S. Walsh76
Current Situation and Future Trends in Apple Cuitivars in the Pacific NorthwestR.L. Stebbins and R.A. Norton79
Apple Cultivars - Current Situation and Future Trends in JapanR.A. Norton84
Current Situation and Future Trends in Apple Cultivars in Western EuropeR.A. Norton and H. De Coster87
Apple Variety Trends in MichiganJ. Hull Jr.90
Contemporary Evolution off the New England Apple Industry: Cultivar and Rootstock TrendsW.R. Autio98
Apple Cultivars-Current Situation and Trends in New York StateW.C. Stiles101
Isozyme Identification of Japanese Persimmons (Diospyros kaki L): Comparisons of Cultivars in California and JapanD.E. Parfitt, K. Yonemori, K. Ryugo and A. Sugiura107
Color Evaluations off Delicious StrainsR.M. Crassweller, H.L. Braun, T.A. Baugher, G.M. Greene II and R.A. Hollendar114
'Algonquin' Red RaspberryH. Daubeny, A. Dale, E.E. Moore, A.R. Jamieson, O. Callesen and H. Hall122
July 1991, Number 3
The 'Earliglow' StrawberryG.J. Galletta and J.L. Maas126
Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivar PerformanceW.A. Dozier, Jr., A.W. Caylor, D.G. Himelrick, A.A. Powell and J.R. Akridge128
The Successful Introduction and Assessment of Low-chill Stonefruit in AustraliaD.J. Firth, M.R. Loebel, and R. Sweedman135
History of Pear Breeding in TennesseeD.E. Deyton and J.C. Cummins143
Effect of Plant Spacing on Strawberry Yield in Two Cultural SystemsJ.B. Masiunas, S.C. Weller, R.A. Hayden, and J. Janick146
Stone Fruit Cultivars and Breeding in Hungary Z. Szabo, F. Nyujto, J. Apostol, and E. Apostol151
Stimulation of Lateral Branch Development on Tissue Culture-derived Apple TreesK.H. Al-Juboory, D.J. Williams and R.M. Skirvin157
Variability of Fruit Quality and Plant Height in Populations of Saskatoon Berries (Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt).C.G. Davidson and G. Mazza162
Field Susceptibility of Twenty Strawberry Cultivars to Tarnished Plant Bug InjuryD.T. Handley, J.F. Dill, and J.E. Pollard166
Tree Trunk Measuring DeviceC. Vlgneault, V. Orsat, G. Bourgeois, R.L. Granger, and Y. Groleau170
Heritability of Flowering and Harvest Dates in Vaccinium corymbosum L.J.F. Hancock, M. Sakin and P.A. Callow173
Fall Freeze Damage to 30 Genotypes of Young Pecan TreesW.D. Goff and T.W. Tyson176
The 'Surprize' PecanW.D. Goff, L.E. Tunnell, and R. McDaniel180
Promising Winter Hardy Apple Rootstocks from a Breeding Program at Morden, ManitobaR.L. Granger, G.L. Rousselle, M. Meheriuk and H.A. Quamme185
Turpan: China's Prime Grape ProducerW. Qinghua187
October 1991, Number 4
'Springcrest' PeachNC-140190
Performance of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' Apple on 9 Rootstocks Over 10 Years in the NC-140 Cooperative PlantingNC-140192
Performance off 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on 9 Rootstocks at 27 Sites Over 10 YearsNC-140200
Long-Term Performance Potential and Stability Across 10 Environments for Nine Apple Rootstocks Tested in the 1980-81 NC-140 TrialW.C. Olien, D.C. Ferree, and B.L. Bishop208
Abnormalities in 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on Nine Rootstocks in the 1980-81 NC-140 Cooperative PlantingNC-140213
Blackheart Injury in 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on Nine Rootstocks in the 1980-1981 NC-140 Cooperative PlantingM.R. Warmund, D.C. Ferree, P. Domoto, J.A. Barden, C.A. Mullines and R.L. Granger 219
Low Temperature Tolerance of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on Nine Rootstocks in the Iowa 1980-1981 NC-140 Cooperative PlantingP.A. Domoto224
Canopy Development, Photosynthesis, and Vegetative Growth as Affected by Apple RootstocksI. Schechter, D.C. Elfving, and J.T.A. Proctor229
Dry Matter Partitioning in 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on Nine RootstocksD. Strong and A. Miller-Azarenko239
Effects of Rootstock on Productivity and Pruning Requirements of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' Apple Trees in the NC-140 Cooperative PlantingD.C. Elfving and E.D. McKibbon242
Rootstock Affects Ripening, Size, Mineral Composition, and Storabiiity of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' in the 1980-81 NC-140 Cooperative PlantingW.R. Autio, J.A. Barden, and G.R. Brown247
Foliar Nutrient Content of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on Nine Clonal Apple RootstocksC.R. Rom, R.C. Rom, W.R. Autio, D.C. Elfving, and R.A. Cline252
Rooting Characteristics of Apple Rootstocks at Two NC-140 Trial LocationsR. Thomas Fernandez, R.L. Perry and D.C. Ferree264