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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 44

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January 1990, Number 1
The 'Bluecrop' Highbush BlueberryA. Draper and J. Hancock2
Effect of a Rapid Water Stress and a Slow Water Stress on the Growth of 'Redhaven' Peach TreesM.E. Olien and J.A. Flore4
Strawberry Plant Spacing on Raised BedsJ.L. Hesketh, G.W. Eaton and T.E. Baumann12
'Gala' and the Red 'Gala' Sports: A Preliminary Comparison of Fruit MaturityC.S. Walsh and R. Volz18
In Vitro Testing of the Reaction of Apple Rootstocks to Phytophthora CactorumB.H. Barritt, R.P. Covey and M.A. Dilley23
Strawberry Runnering and Leaf Size Depend on Plant SpacingJ.L. Hesketh, G.W. Eaton and T.E. Baumann26
Sources of Bacterial Spot Resistance in Japanese-Type Plum CultivarsB.L. Topp and W.B. Sherman32
Ripening and Storabiiity of 'Marshall Mclntosh' ApplesW.R. Autio, W.J. Bramlage, and W.J. Lord36
Caribbean Forbidden Fruit: Grapefruit's Missing Link with the Past and Bridge to the Future?K.D. Bowman and F.G. Gmitter, Jr.41
Influence off Levels of Leaf Expression of Apple Mosaic on Net Photosynthesis and Transpiration of Leaves of Four Apple CuitivarsD.C. Ferree and K. Clayton-Greene45
April 1990, Number 2
The 'Mclntosh' AppleJ.T.A. Proctor50
Changing Trends in Blueberry Production and Cultivars in North AmericaK. Patten53
Germplasm Resources Available to Meet Future Needs for Blueberry Cultivar ImprovementJ.R. Ballington54
Half-high Blueberry CultivarsC.E. Finn, J.J. Luby, and D.K. Wildung63
Rabbiteye BlueberryJ.M. Spiers68
Changes in the Lowbush Blueberry IndustryJ.M. Smagula and D.E. Yarborough72
Highbush Blueberry Cultivars and Production TrendsE.J. Hanson and J.F. Hancock77
Low-chill Highbush BlueberriesP.M. Lyrene82
Ta Tao, P.I. 101686, Affects Bloom Date and Tree Size of 'Sunprince' Peach'W.R. Okie87
Leaf Elemental Concentration of Highbush Blueberry Cultivars Grown on a Mineral SoilJ.R. Clark and R. Maples89
Relative Performance of Ten 'Bath' Grape ClonesA.G. Reynolds, L.G. Denby and M.J. Bouthiller93
Observations on the Origin of 'Delicious' AppleG.W. Eaton98
Evaluation of Vineyard Peach as a Peach RootstockP.D. Misic, V.Z. Pavlovic, R.R. Todorovic, and M.A. Mirkovic99
The Evaluation of Early Yield of Nine Untested Strawberry Genotypes1 in New Brunswick, New Jersey: 1986-1987B.L. Goulart102
July 1990, Number 3
'Bing' Sweet CherryT.R. Roper and C.R. Rom106
Mume, a Possible Source of Genes in Apricot BreedingU. Boonprakob and D.H. Byrne108
An Intergeneric Hybrid of Microcitrus papuana and Citrus medicaH.C. Barrett113
Evaluation of Ripening and Fruit Quality of 'Gala' and 'Mclntosh' Apples at Harvest and Following Air StorageD.W. Greene and W.R. Autio117
Pre-harvest Treatment with Growth Regulators Improves Quality of Thompson Seedless' Grapes (Vitis vinifera L) During Cold StorageK.H. Al-Juboory, F. Jumma'a, A. Shaban and R.M. Skirvin124
The Munson Grapes - A Rich Germplasm LegacyJ.M. Tarara and E.W. Hellman127
Quality and Mineral Content in 'Swiss Bartlett' Pears Grown on Clonal Old Home x Farmingdale, Clonal Quince and Seedling RootstocksM. Meheriuk and D. L. McKenzie130
Characterization of Apple Nectar Sugars in Selected Commercial and Crab Apple CultivarsR.J. Campbell, R.D. Fell, and R.P. Marini136
Multiplication of Rubus Germplasm In Vitro: A Screen of 256 AccessionsB.M. Reed141
Varietal Resistance of Grape to the Powdery Mildew Fungus, Uncinula necatorR.R. Roy and D.W. Ramming149
Performance off Cranberry Cultivars at Aylesford, Nova ScotiaA.R. Jamieson, R.A. Murray, I.V. Hall and A.C. Brydon155
Strawberry Cultivar Evaluation in MissouriM.L. Kaps, M.B. Odneal, J.F. Moore, Jr., and R.E. Carter158
Stool Layering Ability of Thirty-one Apple Rootstock CultivarsH.A. Quamme and R.T. Brownlee165
The Interaction Between Fruit Size and Yield in Sweet CherryE.L. Proebsting169
Influence of Rootstock on Response of 'Delicious' and 'Golden Delicious' Trees Treated with PaclobutrazolE. A. Curry and M. W. Williams172
October 1990, Number 4
The Australian Pistachio 'Sirora'D. H. Maggs178
Walnut Cultivars: Evidence for Differential Susceptibility to Insect PestsM.D. Shelton and J. LaMar Anderson179
Response of 'Raritan' and 'Surecrop' Strawberry Plants to Drought StressC. K. Chandler and D. C. Ferree183
Early Field Performance of Several Self-rooted, Micropropagated Apple Cultivars vs. Trees on Seedling or M. 7a RootstocksF.E. Larsen and S.S. Higgins185
1990 Prunus Breeders MeetingD.H. Byrne and T.A. Bacon192
Interstate Restrictions on Movement of Ribes GermplasmK.E. Hummer194
Performance and Improvement of Lychee Cultivars: A ReviewC.M. Menzel and D.R. Simpson197
Field Susceptibility off Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars and Selections to Cedar Apple Rust, Quince Rust and Hawthorn RustJ. Warner216
Early Performance of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on 16 Rootstocks in the NC-140 Cooperative PlantingNC-140225
Effects of Crop Load and Harvest on Apple RipeningW.R. Autio and D.W. Green235
Cultivar and Canopy Position Effects on Seasonal Development off Vegetative Spurs of AppleB.H. Barritt and B.J. Schonberg236