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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 41

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January 1987, Number 1
The 'Searles' CranberryE.J. Stang2
Rediscovering the Realm of Fruiting Mulberry VarietiesY. Ottman4
The Effect of Scion and Graft Union on Root Growth Potential (RGP) of Two Seedling Cherry Rootstocks, Prunus mahaleb L. and P. avium L. "Mazzard"T.G. Beckman and R.L. Perry8
Variation in Leaf Calcium in a Range of Apple RootstocksA.J. Kennedy, R. Watkins and J.M. Werts13
Reactions of Crab Apples Considered As Potential Apple Pollinizers to Latent Virus InfectionP.R. Fridlund and M.D. Aichele17
Fire Blight Susceptibility of Apple Introductions and SelectionsS.A. Mehlenbacher and E.H. Varney19
Current Status of Several Japanese Apple CultivarsR.A. Norton, R.L. Stebbins and Y. Yoshida22
Yield Comparisons of Five Strawberry Cultivars in MontanaR.H. Lockerman and N.W. Callan29
Growth and Production off 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on 9 Rootstocks in the NC-140 Cooperative PlantingNC-14031
Facts About Lingonberries (Cowberries, Partridgeberries)APS39
Albert Etter: Fruit BreederR. Fishman40
Large-fruited Black Chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa)K. Kask47
April 1987, Number 2
The 'Redhaven' PeachA.F. Iezzoni50
'Goldcrest' PeachD.W. Ramming and O. Tanner52
Somaclonal Variation as a Tool for the Improvement of Perennial Fruit CropsS.G. DeWald and G.A. Moore54
A New Fruit Variant in PeachD.J. Werner57
Influence of Seedling Rootstock on Heterogeneity and Productivity in Fruit Trees: An Assessment and DiscussionS.A. Weinbaum, R.S. Johnson and D.E. Parfitt59
New French Stone Fruit RootstocksC. Grasselly65
West Virginia Peach and Nectarine Fruit and Vegetative Bud Injury and Crop Rating Resulting from -28°C January TemperatureR.S. Young68
Yield Components in Several Apple ClonesG.W. Eaton73
'Mayfire' NectarineD.W. Ramming and O. Tanner80
'Yellow Transparent' AppleK. Kask82
Cracking Resistance in Certain Cherry Cultivars and SelectionsJ. King and R.A. Norton83
July 1987, Number 3
The 'Napoleon' Sweet CherryS.K. Brown86
Thornless Blackberry 'Perron's Black'T. Huber87
Yield and Fruit Size in High Density Peach HedgerowsT.E. Marler and J.P. Overcash88
'Autumn Black' GrapeD.W. Ramming90
'Autumn Seedless' GrapeD.W. Ramming92
Scheduling Irrigation of Pecans in LouisianaR.J. Edling, M.L. Hummel, J.E. Boudreaux, M.G. Lartigue and V. Taylor94
Effect of Initial Heading Height on Branch Development of Four Apple CultivarsW.C. Olien99
'Perron's Red' Primocane RaspberryT. Huber104
Freeze Susceptibility to Fruit Buds of Selected Apple Cultivars in East-Central Ontario, 1986J. Warner105
Cultivar Sensitivity of Grapevines to 2,4-DE.W. Hellman111
Current Trends in Stone Fruit Growing in EuropeS. Sansavini114
October 1987, Number 4
'Golden Delicious' Apple — Famous West Virginian Known around the WorldT.A. Baugher and S. Blizzard130
Fruit Yield and Solar Injury Comparison of Two Primocane Fruiting Red RaspberriesA.R. Renquist and H.G. Hughes133
Processing Quality of Pear Selections in the Harrow Breeding ProgramF. Kappel and H.A. Quamme136
Effect of 'Siberian C' Rootstock, Interstem, and Scion on Foliar Calcium Content in PeachD.J. Werner and E. Young140
Promising Commercial Highbush Blueberry Varieties for South-Eastern AustraliaK.A. Clayton-Greene and F. Goubran142
Cold Injury to Flower Buds and Shoots of Blueberry Cultivars Following Extreme Low Fall TemperaturesC.D. Fear and V.F. Lawson148
Performance of 'Mclntosh' on 14 RootstocksD.C. Ferree and J.C. Schmid150