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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 40

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January 1986, Number 1
The 'Delicious' AppleC.D. Fear and P.A. Domoto2
Stability of Yield in Highbush Blueberry CultivarsJ.H. Siefker and J.F. Hancock5
Relationship Between Parental Flower Bud Set and Seedling Precociousness in Peach and Nectarine, Prunus persica (L.) BatschJ. Rodriquez and W.B. Sherman8
In Vitro Propagation of Peach: I. Propagation of 'Lovell' and 'Nemaguard' Peach RootstocksA.A. Almehdi and D.E. Parfitt12
Grape Cultivar Performance on the Tennessee Cumberland PlateauC.A. Mullins18
Relationship Between Autumn Growth Cessation and Chilling Requirement in PeachB.D. Mowrey and W.B. Sherman24
The Response of 'Scott' and 'Redchief' Strawberries to a Raised Bed System of CultureB.L. Goulart and R.C. Funt29
Chick-A-Dee Mclntosh: A New Spur-Type StrainW.C. Olien34
April 1986, Number 2
'Bartlett' PearC.K. Chandler38
Red Raspberry Yield Trials In Southwestern and Western MontanaR.H. Lockerman, N.W. Callan, D.R. Graham and R.D. Joy39
Effects of Postharvest and Postbloom Sprays of Daminozide on ApplesD.W. Greene, W.J. Lord, F.W. Southwick and J.E. Sincuk41
In Vitro Propagation of Peach: II. A Medium for In Vitro Multiplication of 56 Peach CultivarsD.E. Parfitt and A.A. Almehdi46
Cytoplasms of Highbush Blueberry CultivarsJ. Hancock and S. Krebs49
Apple Cultivars Bred in Canada: Selections from Controlled Crosses for Commercial ProductionB.C. Strik and J.T.A. Proctor51
Search for Resistance to Blueberry Shoestring Virus in Highbush Blueberry CultivarsJ.F. Hancock, K.M. Morimoto, N.L. Schulte, J.M. Martin and D.C. Ramsdell56
Fire Blight Resistance of Several Wild Pear Seedlings Collected in Southwestern OntarioH.A. Quamme59
July 1986, Number 3
History of the Valencia Orange in the U.S.R.K. Soost66
A Simple Method for Field Identification of Mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb L.) Cherry RootstockR.L. Perry68
The Correlation of Light Interception with Yield and Fruit Color off Mclntosh Apple StrainsD.M. Hunter and J.T.A. Proctor79
Crabapple Cultivar Preferences of the Plum Curculio, Conotrachelus nenuphar (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)S.R. Alm and F.R. Hall83
Mailing 13 Survives WaterloggingJ.N. Cummins87
Scion/Rootstock Influence on Tree Survival of Asian Pears in the First Growing SeasonF.E. Larsen and S.S. Higgins88
Strawberry Improvement Program in PolandE. Zurowicz, M.R. Warmund and D.F. Millidan91
Developing a Dual Purpose Peach in LouisianaP.W. Wilson and J.E. Boudreaux93
Apple Cultivar Performance on M.26 in Southern OhioD.C. Ferree, D.R. Chandler and J.C. Schmid97
Breeding Temperate Zone Fruit Crops for Resistance to Insects and Mites: A Much Needed GoalC.K. Chandler103
Apple Performance on M.8 and M.9 InterstemsD.C. Ferree104
October 1986, Number 4
The Concord GrapesC.A. Cahoon106
NC-140 1976 Cooperative Apple Interstem PlantingR. Simons, R. Hayden, P. Domoto, F. Morrison, G. Brown, W. Lord, R. Perry, M. Warmund, D. Ferree and E. Stang108
The Origin and Development of the KSC Apple RootstocksG.C. Embree and A.D. Crowe116
Apple and Peach Production in Warm Climates of Northwest MexicoD.H. Diaz, J.J. Martinez and W.B. Sherman121
The Effects of Rootstock and Root-lnterstem Combination on the Growth, Productivity, and Anchorage of a Spur and Standard Strain of Delicious Apple TreeW.R. Autioand F.W. Southwick128
Germplasm Release of 'Lincoln Logan,' a Tissue Culture-derived Genetic Thornless 'Loganberry'H.K. Hall, R.M. Skirvin and W. Fred Braam134
Low Midwinter Temperature Injury to Peach Flower Buds in GeorgiaS.C. Myers and W.R. Okie136
Field Performance of Malus Sargentiias a Rootstock for Four Commercial Apple VarietiesW.C. Olien, W.C. Stiles and R.C. McCrum140
Bud Mortality and Phloem Injury of Six Blackberry Cultivars Subjected to Low TemperaturesM.R. Warmund, M.F. George, and J.R. Clark144
Arkansas' Original ApplesR.C. Rom147