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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 4

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March 1949, Number 1
The Fairhaven PeachS. Johnston3
New Development In RaspberriesA.F. Yeager4
Pome Clubs Serve Young Fruit GrowersW.A. Luce6
White Sapote in CaliforniaC.A. Schroeder7
Breeding Autumn-Fruiting RaspberriesG.L. Slate10
The Van CherryA.J. Mann and F.W.L. Kane12
The Redhaven PeachW.W. Teichman14
Grape Varieties in OregonQ.B. Zielinski15
A General Purpose Fruit SprayL. Burkholder23
Growing Dwarf Trees on WiresW.H. Upshall25
Heap Big SenseAPS9
Native Persimmons in New YorkG.L. Slate13
July 1949, Number 2
Chestnut VarietiesC.A. Reed35
Cherry Rootstocks in PennsylvaniaW.S. Clarke, Jr.40
The Behavior of Several Apple Varieties on Malling RootstocksK.D. Brase42
The Stoner PeachW.P. Judkins46
Composition of Juice of French Hybrid Grapes Grown in New YorkG.D. Oberle47
September 1949, Number 3
Peach Varieties in the SoutheastE.F. Savage63
The Redcrop StrawberryF. Gilbert67
Apple Varieties in a Cold ClimateA.R. Burrell68
The Star CherryA.J. Mann and F.W.L. Keane71
The "Big Three" Early PeachesJ.T. Bregger73
The Hinchliffe AppleE.M. Hildebrand74
Berry Varieties in MichiganJ.H. Mandigo75
Filberts for Food and Landscape UseN.R. Elliott77
The Nature of Giant Apple SportsG.M. Darrow, R.A. Gibson, W.E. Toenjes, and H. Dermen79
Orchard and Small Fruit Culture in MississippiC.H. Ragland and J.P. Overcash80
November 1949, Number 4
New Jersey Peach VarietiesL.F. Hough and C. Bailey87
Two New Peaches for CaliforniaG. Merrill90
Blueberry Varieties for MassachusettsJ.S. Bailey91
Berkeley and Coville Blueberries IntroducedG.M. Darrow and F.A. Gilbert94
New Apples in the MidwestH.L. Lantz95
Frost Injury to BlueberriesJ.S. Bailey98
The Feijoa in CaliforniaC.A. Schroeder99
The Jefferis AppleI. Glackens103