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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 19

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January 1965, Number 1
Queenston, a New Early Ripening European PlumG.W. Eaton2
Grape Variety Performance Under Drought ConditionsJ.N. Moore, W.A. Sistrunk and J.E. Vaile3
Sundar and Nuevo PeachesR.M. Brooks6
Citation, a New Strawberry from KentuckyAPS8
Genotype of Functionally Hermaphroditic Grape ClonesH.C. Barrett9
Oriental PersimmonsAPS11
Strawberry References from EuropeAPS11
New Cherry Cultivars in CaliforniaR.M. Brooks and W.H. Griggs12
The Goldmine NectarineA. Farmer16
Grape Winter Injury in Western KentuckyW.D. Armstrong19
Newest New York Apple VarietiesAPS19
April 1965, Number 2
Two New Apricor VarietiesA.A. Bradt22
The Lambert Compact CherryK. Lapins23
Performance of Newer Apples in MassachusettsAPS24
A Case of Rootstock-Scion Incompatibility in PeachesG.D. Oberle25
More on the Spartan AppleAPS28
Stewart Bartlett PearAPS28
Britemac, a McIntosh Season, Desert Apple Variety for New JerseyL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey29
Dwarf Apples in North DakotaW.R. Page33
Washington Apple Grower Appraises Delicious SportsAPS34
Cold Injury to Muscadine Grapes in Georgia and MississippiN.H. Loomis and B.O. Fry35
Measuring Size of Gooseberry FruitsC.C. Zych38
Peach Varieties in New ZealandAPS39
Beach Plum as Rootstock for Japanese PlumAPS39
National Peach Council Award to Stanley JohnstonAPS39
Fall Bearing Blackberry, a PossibiltyAPS39
July 1965, Number 3
The Occurrence of Spur Type TRees in Seedling Apple PopulationsG.D. Oberle43
Apples in IsraelAPS46
New Fruit Varieties from New YorkR.D. Way and R.C. Lamb47
Apples for Dessert - a Second Look (Part I)R.A. Nitschke49
Strawberry Trials in MassachusettsAPS52
Sunrise, a New Red Stele Resistant Strawberry VarietyI.C. Haut, R.C. Blake and R.H. Converse53
Malling Merton 111 Apple Rootstock Exhibits Tolerance to Heat and DroughtR.C. Rom56
Holiday AppleF.S. Howlett57
Burmosa Plum in MassachusettsAPS58
Factors Affecting Resistance of Peach Varieties to Late Spring Frosts in Southern New MexicoJ.N. Corgan and D.T. Sullivan59
Hood, New Strawberry for the NorthwestAPS60
October 1965, Number 4
A Method of Making Plastic Models of Fruits and VegetablesN. Brearley62
Apples for Dessert - a Second Look (Part II)R.A. Nitschke63
Peach Growing in MexicoJ. Bregger67
Earlibelle, a New Fresh Market Strawberry Variety for the Southern United StatesG.J. Galletta and D.H. Scott68
Winter Hardiness of Rootstocks on Growth of Grape Varieties in New MexicoK. Lapins71
The Effect of Rootstocks on Growth of Grape Varieties in New MexicoD.T. Sullivan72
Strawberry Variety Performance in Coastal British ColumbiaH.A. Daubeny and J.A. Freeman75
Possible Improved Method for Listing Season for Apple ClonesAPS77