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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 18

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November 1963, Number 1
The Fukuba Strawberry in JapanH.B. Tukey2
The National Fruit TrialsJ.M.S. Potter3
Historical Notes on Early Burlat and Moreau CherriesLLOYD E. Joley6
Color Pattern and Distribution in Delicious Sports in RElation to Tree TypeG.M. Kessler8
A Promising Apple for Warm ClimatesG.M. Kessler8
Some Variations in Russet Sports of Golden Delicious ApplesR.K. Simons9
Cherry Variations in WashingtonAPS10
A Comparison in Fruit Sizing Among Early and Late Peach VarietiesL.D. Tukey11
A Proposed History of North American Pomology 1860-1965D.V. Fisher15
The Madison PeachG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore16
Variety Panel, Yakima Meeting of American Pomological Society, 1962G.M. Kessler18
A Desirable Mango from Central HondurasA. Krochmal19
Forelle PearAPS19
March 1964, Number 2
Early Golden PlumG.W. Eaton22
Sources of Propagating Wood for Apricot Cultivars in the United States and CanadaH.W. Fogle, R.M. Peterson, J. Watson and H.W. Young22
A Leaf Mutation of the Stayman Winesap AppleL.D. Tukey28
Tydeman Early Apple Requires Special Pruning in Early YearsD.V. Fisher29
Glohaven and CresthavenAPS30
Fruit Tasting and Exhibiting in EnglandR.A. Nitschke31
The Nomenclature and Registration of Fruit VarietiesW.G. Smith34
Goldspur DeliciousB. Luce36
Date of Full Bloom for Pear Varieties in Lafayette, Indiana, 1963W.B. Sherman and J. Janick37
Ottawa 292 AppleD.V. Fisher39
July 1964, Number 3
Fruits in AlaskaR.H. Washburn43
Yellow Kroosje Plum as a Rootstock for Peach and PlumAPS44
Tioga, a New Califorrnia Strawberry VarietyAPS44
Peach Variety Blossom Bud HardinessR.C. Lamb and J.P. Watson45
Pears for MassachusettsAPS47
The True-to-Name Nursery Stock Program - 1921 to 1963A.P. French48
Regent AppleAPS52
Some New Hardy Seedling ApplesF.L. Ashworth53
Clyde Purple RaspberryG. Slate55
Peach AdaptationAPS55
Apple Varieties in OntarioAPS57
October 1964, Number 4
The Summerred AppleK. Lapins62
Peach Yellows as Related to a Peach Breeding ProgramG.D. Oberle and S.A. Wingard63
Two New Peach Queens for New JerseyC.H. Bailey and L.F. Rough67
Reliance, a New, Hardy, Freestone PeachE.M. Meader68
Blueberry Variety Performance in Southern IllinoisJ.B. Mowry69
Performance of Apple Varieties on Various Roots and InterstocksS.R. Walker and J.L. Anderson74