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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 16

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September 1961, Number 1
Sources of Propagating Wood for Cherry Varieties and Species in the United States and CanadaH.W. Fogle, K.W. Hanson, R.M. Peterson, L. Whitton and H.W. Young2
Redtop PeachAPS11
Progress in Developing Red Raspberries For the SouthJ.W. Hull13
An Apple Sport with Misschapen FruitD.T Sullivan15
Hungary's Best ApricotL.A. Weaver and R.M. Brooks15
New Bartlett Pear SPorts Shows Some Tolerance to BlightAPS16
Dual Purpose PeachesAPS16
Plums by AndersonR.M. Brooks17
A Report on Some of the Newer Apple Varieties in VermontW.H. Darrow, Sr.18
Lowden Black RaspberryAPS19
Notes on Peach VarietiesAPS19
Apple Clones in TennesseeAPS19
January 1962, Number 2
The Canby Red RaspberryP. Stark Jr.22
Suncling PeachAPS22
Fairfax Strawberry - Its Origin and Use in BreedingG.M. Darrow23
Strawberry Varieties for Long IslandAPS25
Corum, A New Sweet Cherry for OregonQ.B. Zielinski26
Fairview Red Raspberry, A Variety for the Frozen PAckAPS27
The Instability of Sport Apple VarietiesG.D. Oberle29
Aurora, an Early Blackberry for Western OregonAPS31
Horticultural Aspects of JojobaJ.E. Coit32
Strawberry Variety Performance in Southern IllinoisJ.B. Mowry and C.C. Zych35
Differences in susceptibility to the Virus Disease, Leaf Pucker, among Clones of McIntosh AppleF.W.L. Keane and M.F. Welsh38
Hardy PersimmonsAPS39
April 1962, Number 3
Fortune and Genenva StrawberriesAPS42
Five New Canning Clingstone Peach VarietiesL.F. Hough, C.H. Bailey and C.O. Ball43
Nectarines in CaliforniaAPS46
New york Musacat and Cananda Muscat GrapesAPS46
New Fruit Varieties for Southern Florida and other Warm RegionsW.F. Whitman47
Nuts for PennsylvaniaAPS48
Grapes in TexasAPS50
The Mother AppleR. Nitschke51
Raven, a New BlackberryAPS51
Julyred, a New, Red, Summer Desert AppleL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey53
Peach Breeding by the United States Department of AgricultureA.L. Havis54
Apple Production and Variety TrendsP. Stark, Jr.57
National Fruit Trials in Great BritainAPS58
Molalla, a New Processing Strawberry VarietyAPS59
Williams, a New BlackberryAPS59
July 1962, Number 4
Naming New Fruit VarietiesP. Stark, Jr.62
Prunus Species in Botanical Gardens and ArboretumsG.W. Cochran63
Further Notes on the Garnet Beauty PeachT.B. Harrison73
Spartan Planting IncreasesD.V. Fisher74
Two New Early Cherry Varieties, Early Burlat and MoreauL.E. Joley75
Fruit Breeding Symposium in August at Corvallis, OregonAPS76
Clara Frijs PearJ. Vittrup Christensen77
Midway and Ozark Beauty, Promising Strawberry VarietiesJ. Hull and J. Janick77