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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 11

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March 1956, Number 1
New Jersey Growers Rate Blueberry VarietiesE.G. Christ2
Fenton, a Promising Summer AppleC.L. Burkholder3
Northwest StrawberryC.D. Schwartze4
American Apple Varieties in DenmarkAPS5
Sources of Propagating Wood for Pear Varieties and Species in the United States and CanadaO.C. Roberts, J. Janick and A.B. Zielinski6
Hardy Understocks for Golden DeJicious AppleL.H. Block15
May 1956, Number 2
Plant PatentsAPS18
Strawberry Varieties Recommended for LouisianaAPS19
Blueberry Breeding in MichiganS. Johnston20
Artificial Pollination of the Eumelan GrapeR. Wellington21
Spartan AppleAPS22
Performance of Newer Apple Varieties in New YorkL.G. Klein and J. Einset23
The Jonathan Apple, A Valuable ParentG.H. Dickson25
Dwarf Apples in NorthwestL.L. Van Roechoudt26
New Strawberry For Western WashingtonAPS26
The Strawberry, Past and PresentW.E. Roever27
More on Howard 17 and(or) Premier StrawberriesJ.C. McDaniel30
The Starkrimson (Bisbee Strain) Delicious AppleP. Stark, Jr.31
March 1957, Number 3
American Fruit Varieties AbroadF.E. Motz35
Apple Sports in Washington StateE.S. Degman37
The Weatherspoon Plum in British ColumbiaA.J. Mann and F.W. Keane38
Improving Fruits Through RadiationAPS38
A Survey of New Early-Coloring Red Sports of Delicious ApplesQ.B. Zielinski39
Grower Discusses Apple StocksM. Beyers42
Yellows in StrawberriesAPS42
Malling Apple Stocks in OhioF.S. Howlett43
Fenton AppleC.L. Burkholder44
Peach Varieties for OntarioG. Fox45
Renaming of Strawberry VarietiesD.H. Scott and G.M. Darrow45
The Agassiz StrawberryJ.A. Freeman47
Season of Red Raspberry VarietiesAPS46
May 1957, Number 4
Performance of Strawberry Varieties and Selections in IndianaJ. Janick and E.B. Williams51
Apple SportsAPS52
Redskin PeachC.L. Burkholder52
Introducing the "Barry" AppleL.G. Klein53
Compatibility in Apple RootstocksR.B. Tukey55
Crimson Beauty AppleG.H. Dickson55
Van and Sam Cherries in Central WashingtonH.W. Fogle56
Higgins-A New Muscadine GrapeAPS57
Chromosome Numbers of RubusD.M. Britton and J.W. Hull58
Apple Color VariationAPS60
A Disorder in Stanley PruneAPS60
New Fruit Varieties in IowaH.L. Lantz61