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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 47                 (published in 1997)

Australian Region Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary
Leisa J. Armstrong
pp: 43 — See abstract

Fogging and Misting
Edward J. Bunker
pp: 43-45 — See abstract

How Has Plant Propagation Helped My Business?
Ian S. Tolley
pp: 46-47 — See abstract

The Multiplication and Distribution of Improved Clonal Selections of Fruiting Plants
Peter Smith
pp: 48-50 — See abstract

25 Years of Plant Propagation and How They Have Helped my
Vic Levey
pp: 51-52 — See abstract

Irrigation Setup and Reducing Water Use
Chris Rolfe
pp: 53-57 — See abstract

Experiences With Drip Irrigation
Gary Eyles
pp: 58-59 — See abstract

Pre-Treatment of Bulk Samples of Certain Eucalyptus Species to Enhance Germination
David 0. Cliffe
pp: 60-62 — See abstract

Propagation of the Tree Waratah, Alloxylon flammeum P. H. Weston and Crisp
Nerida J. Donovan, Catherine A. Offord and Joanne L. Tyler
pp: 63-65 — See abstract

Propagation of the Wollemi Pine
Glen Fensom and Catherine Offord
pp: 66-67 — See abstract

Germination of Native Grasses and Their Establishment
R.D.B Whalley
pp: 68-70 — See abstract

Propagation of Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi)
Lotte Von Richter and Catherine Offord
pp: 71-72 — See abstract

Grafting Dwarf Ixora Standards
Des Boorman
pp: 73 — See abstract

Propagation of Mondo Grass
Michael Gleeson
pp: 74-75 — See abstract

An Alternative Method of Budding Fraxinus angustifolia ‘Raywood’ (Claret Ash)
Graham C. Parr
pp: 76-77 — See abstract

Wildflowers of the Sydney Region and Their Suitability as Cut Flowers
Jeremy A. Smith
pp: 78-79 — See abstract

Propagation Experiences With New Winter Flowering Gladiolus Cultivars
Angus Stewart
pp: 80-81 — See abstract

A Method for Germinating Anthurium scherzerianum
Marcus Peterson
pp: 82-83 — See abstract

Fungicide Resistance In Botrytis Species
Seona Casonato
pp: 84-87 — See abstract

Assessment of Rooting Hormone Formulations
Paul Carmen
pp: 88-89 — See abstract

Propagation and Testing of Deciduous Fruit Trees for Viruses
Michael Barkley
pp: 90-91 — See abstract

Production of Transgenic Plants by Electrofusion of Single Plant Protoplasts
Hans G.L. Coster, Tohsak L. Mahaworasilpa and Heide Schnabl
pp: 92-95 — See abstract

Computers and Propagation
Martin Schotte
pp: 96-101 — See abstract

Industry Training, Doing it Our Way
Greg McPhee
pp: 102-104 — See abstract

Climate for Change: What Opportunities do Phenology Gardens Provide for Propagators?
Malcolm L. Reed
pp: 105 — See abstract

SPF? - So What?
Bernice Flanders
pp: 106-108 — See abstract

Getting the Message out
Ian C. Atkinson
pp: 109-112 — See abstract

Tomorrow's Nurseries
Peter Albery
pp: 113-116 — See abstract

An Update on Greenhouse Environmental Control
Carl Van Loon
pp: 117-119 — See abstract

Oak Seedling Propagation in Plug Containers
Warrick R. Nelson
pp: 120-121 — See abstract

Horticulture Training for the Nursery Industry
Rodger McCarthy
pp: 122 — See abstract

Containerized Forestry Seedling Production from a Historical Perspective
Stellan Karlsson
pp: 123-124 — See abstract

A Review of Factors Influencing Container-media Temperatures
Michael B. Thomas, Mervyn I. Spurway and Brian E. Smith
pp: 125-131 — See abstract

Conservation and Recovery of Cheesemania ‘Chalk Range’ an Endangered New Zealand Brassicaceous Plant
C.L. Hargreaves, D.R. Smith, M.N. Foggo and M.E. Gordon
pp: 132-136 — See abstract

African Trees and Plants at Gardens of the World
Geoff Etherington
pp: 137-138 — See abstract

Echinacea — The Big Chill?
L.C. Burton, G.A. Parmenter and R.P. Littlejohn
pp: 139-146 — See abstract

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis): An Introduction to this North American Medicinal Herb
J.M. Follett
pp: 147-150 — See abstract

Germination Experiments on Seeds of Some New Zealand Lowland Forest Species
Colin Burrows
pp: 151-157 — See abstract

Zantedeschia aethiopica
Jim Pringle
pp: 158-160 — See abstract

An Overview of the South African Seedling Nursery Industry
Warrick R. Nelson
pp: 161-162 — See abstract

Progress with Green Tea and Cultivated Sphagnum Moss Production
Peter E. Smale
pp: 163-168 — See abstract

The Genus Skimmia and its Production at Hadlow College
Chris Lane
pp: 169-171 — See abstract

Opportunities for Breeding Woody Ornamentals, With Particular Reference to Sambucus
Kenneth R. Tobutt and Jacqui Y. Prevette
pp: 172-174 — See abstract

Trends and New Plants in the Cut Foliage Industry
Roland Boers
pp: 175-176 — See abstract

Review of Techniques used at Angers to Increase Genetic Diversity
Alain Cadic
pp: 177-181 — See abstract

New Plants at Andre Briant Nurseries
Pascal Pinel
pp: 182-183 — See abstract

The Development of Australian Plants for Foods and Flavourings
John Rayner
pp: 184-187 — See abstract

Selecting and Breeding of New Plants at the Boskoop Research Station for Nursery Stock
Margareth E.C.M. Hop
pp: 188-191 — See abstract

Useful Characteristics for Breeding in Heuchera, Pulmonaria, and Tiarella
Dan Helms
pp: 192-194 — See abstract

Maximising Output from a Propagation Unit
Chris Holmes
pp: 195-196 — See abstract

Comparison of Japanese Maple Production in United Kingdom, France, and Italy
M. Studd
pp: 197-199 — See abstract

Notes on the Propagation and Cultivation of Romneya coulteri
Karen Hawkridge
pp: 200-201 — See abstract

Developments in Biological Control for Nursery Stock
Neil Helyer
pp: 202-205 — See abstract

New Approaches to Optimising Environments for Rooting Cuttings
Richard Harrison-Murray and Linda Knight
pp: 206-210 — See abstract

Walnut Graft-Union Callused by Heating Cable
Damiano Avanzato
pp: 211-214 — See abstract

The European Launch of Debutante® Dahlias
Paul Brooking
pp: 215-218 — See abstract

Planning For Successful Plant Promotion
Neil Robertson
pp: 219-223 — See abstract

Lessons from the Development and Launch of Cut Flower Chrysanthemums
B.J. Machin
pp: 224-226 — See abstract

Intellectual Property Rights for Plant Raisers
Peter Hillier
pp: 227-229 — See abstract

The System of Plant Variety Rights in the European Union
Sergio Semon
pp: 230-233 — See abstract

The Importance of Labels in the Retail Plant Market
Brian Pinker
pp: 234 — See abstract

Trends for Garden Centre Retail Promotion
Chris Primett
pp: 235-238 — See abstract

Finding New Plants - Their Development and Production
Peter Catt
pp: 239-240 — See abstract

Plants for Our Future: Collecting Plants Around the World
Pierre Piroche
pp: 241 — See abstract

Selection of Deciduous Tree Magnolias
Paul Reimer
pp: 242-245 — See abstract

Hardy New Plants for Northern Gardens
Wilbert G. Ronald
pp: 246-249 — See abstract

Collection, Propagation, and Use of Native Plants
Paulus Vrijmoed
pp: 251-256 — See abstract

Growing Functional Nitrogen-Fixing Native Trees and Shrubs for Land Reclamation in British Columbia
Carol E. Jones
pp: 257-259 — See abstract

Mycorrhizal Inoculation of California Native Plants in Containers
Mike Evans
pp: 260 — See abstract

Don't Let the Well Run Dry: Water Conservation Practices for Container Nurseries
Richard Regan
pp: 262-265 — See abstract

Water Recycling at Byland's Nurseries: An Extensive Water Catchment and Recycling System
John Byland
pp: 266-267 — See abstract

Constructed Wetlands for Treatment of Nursery and Greenhouse Runoff
Ward Prystay
pp: 268-272 — See abstract

Size-controlling Fruit-tree Rootstock Production: Methods Used at Traas Nursery
John Traas
pp: 274-276 — See abstract

Sanitation for Clean Liner Production
Bill Smith
pp: 277-278 — See abstract

The ABCs of Propagating Herbaceous Perennials by Stem Cuttings, Root Cuttings, and Division
David J. Beattie
pp: 279-281 — See abstract

Propagation of Magnolias: Rooting Techniques, Post-Rooting Care, and Overwintering of Rooted Cuttings
Alexander Howkins
pp: 282-284 — See abstract

Seedling Propagation of Four New Zealand Podocarpus Species
Robert Appleton
pp: 285-289 — See abstract

Quality Assurance to the Customer of Pot-Grown Liners
David Hutchinson
pp: 290-294 — See abstract

Propagation of Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica L.) from in Vitro Plants Derived from Shoot Tips
T. Yamamoto, T. Tomiyama, R. Watanabe and Y. Shibusawa
pp: 295 — See abstract

"Propagation in Other Parts of the World" Question-Answer Period

pp: 296 — See abstract

Pre-chilling and Gibberellic Acid Improve Seed Germination in Lewisia Species and Meconopsis betonicifolia
Christia M. Roberts, Sonya Baptista, Kirsten Brandt and Gerald B. Straley
pp: 297-301 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Arbutus menziesii
Dave Adamson
pp: 302-303 — See abstract

The Role of Copper-based Root Control Treatments in Closed Subirrigation Systems
Ross G. Hall, J.K. Mayotte and D. Thornby
pp: 304-309 — See abstract

New and Unusual Plants
Ken Brown
pp: 311-316 — See abstract

Large-Scale Production of Osteospermum: Ten Years of Development Effort
Bjarne N. Larsen
pp: 317-318 — See abstract

Leaf Abscission of Cuttings
Bjarke Veierskov and Merethe J. Petersen
pp: 319-321 — See abstract

Relationships between Stockplant Management and Rooting Environments for Difficult-to-Propagate Cuttings
Brian H. Howard and Richard Harrison-Murray
pp: 322-327 — See abstract

Bud-Grafting Difficult Field-Grown Trees
Brian H. Howard and Wendy Oakley
pp: 328-333 — See abstract

Increasing Number of Adventitious Roots Accelerates Axillary Bud Growth in Cuttings
Jürgen Hansen and Niels Bredmose
pp: 334-337 — See abstract

Timing Methods Used in Propagation Practices
Jerol W. Jones
pp: 338-340 — See abstract

Applied Grafting in the Production of Ornamental Trees
Joel Klerk
pp: 341 — See abstract

Growing Pot Plants with Reduced Phosphorus can Improve Root Structure and Avoid Drought Stress
Kristian Borch
pp: 342-344 — See abstract

Supplementary Lighting to Stock Plants and Cuttings of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana v. Poelln.
Kåre Willumsen
pp: 345-352 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis in Monocotyledonous Plants, State of the Art and Perspectives
Karen Koefoed Petersen
pp: 353-356 — See abstract

Improved Grafting Techniques for Nursery Stock
Lars Westergaard
pp: 357-359 — See abstract

Physiological Basis of Topophysis in Rosa Hybrids
Niels Bredmose and Jürgen Hansen
pp: 360-367 — See abstract

Improved Rooting in Woody Species by Reducing Stock Plant Irradiance
Ole Billing Hansen
pp: 368-373 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Eustoma
Søren Ringgaard
pp: 374-376 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis of Cyclamen persicum Mill. in Bioreactors
Anne Kathrine Hvoslef-Eide and Cristel Munster
pp: 377-385 — See abstract

Dollars, Sense, New Plants, and Propagation
Michael A. Dirr
pp: 386-387 — See abstract

Daylily (Hemerocallis) Production Propagation and Breeding
Robert G. Austin
pp: 388-389 — See abstract

Propagation of Weeping Yaupon Holly
Tim Gwaltney
pp: 390-392 — See abstract

New Marketing Ideas to Meet the Needs of Our Changing Nursery Industry
Ken Tilt
pp: 393-398 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of Selected Gingers in the Subtropics
Russell Adams
pp: 399-402 — See abstract

High Light with Moderated Temperatures Aids the Rooting of Softwood Cuttings
Carl E. Whitcomb
pp: 403-406 — See abstract

Computer Propagation and Production Planning with the Help of a Database
James Gilbert
pp: 407-413 — See abstract

Controlling Liverworts and Moss in Nursery Production
Sven E. Svenson, Bill Smith and Bruce Briggs
pp: 414-422 — See abstract

Disinfection of Nursery Irrigation Water with Chlorination, Bromination, and Ozonation
Bruno A. Ferraro and Marta L. Brenner
pp: 423-426 — See abstract

Effect of pH on Efficacy of Pesticides
L. Douglas Houseworth
pp: 427-429 — See abstract

Innovative Pesticide Application Equipment at Wight Nurseries
Stewart Chandler
pp: 430-433 — See abstract

Automation of Bedding Plant Production
Steven E. Newman
pp: 434-436 — See abstract

Influence of Water-soluble Plant Diffusates on Root Initiation and Growth in Chionanthus virginicus and Vigna radiata Stem Cuttings
Mark J. Arena, Willard T. Witte and Otto J. Schwarz
pp: 437-441 — See abstract

Nonchemical Alternatives for Weed Control in Containers
D.R. Smith, C.H. Gilliam, J.H. Edwards and J.M. Olive
pp: 442-447 — See abstract

Propagating and Growing Camellias
Ray Watson
pp: 448-450 — See abstract

Fertilizer Rate and Pot-In-Pot Production Influence Growth of River Birch
John M. Ruter
pp: 451-453 — See abstract

Winter Protection at Martin's Nursery
William M. Turk
pp: 454-459 — See abstract

New Releases From The U.S. National Arboretum
Ruth L. Dix
pp: 460-463 — See abstract

New Clematis
Tom Kimmel
pp: 464-467 — See abstract

Landscape Performance of Shade Trees Initially Grown in Above-ground Wire Basket Containers
Calvin Chong and Bob Hamersma
pp: 468-472 — See abstract

Future Marketing Potential for Daylilies
Darrel Apps
pp: 473-475 — See abstract

New Plants for the 21st Century: The Sun Still Rises in the East
Barry R. Yinger
pp: 476-480 — See abstract

Propagation of Historically Significant Specimen Plants: The Historic Plant Nursery Program of the National Park Service and the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Kirsten Thornton
pp: 481-484 — See abstract

Introducing New Plants
Peggy Walsh Craig
pp: 485 — See abstract

Finding New Plants for the Market
Tim Wood
pp: 492-494 — See abstract

Medicinal Plants with a Potential Niche Market for Propagators
Jeanine M. Davis and Richard E. Bir
pp: 495-496 — See abstract

Medicinal Plants with a Potential Niche Market for Propagators
Ralph Shugert
pp: 497-498 — See abstract

Seed Propagation of Trillium grandiflorum
John F. Gyer
pp: 499-506 — See abstract

Propagation and Early Production of Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis L.)
Janine G. Haynes, Paul Cappiello and John Smagula
pp: 507-512 — See abstract

Superior Selections of llex
Elwin R. Orton
pp: 513-516 — See abstract

Breeding Maize as an Ornamental Annual Grass
Michael Marcotrigiano and Polly Ryan-Lane
pp: 517-520 — See abstract

Production of Epimediums by Division
Phill King
pp: 521 — See abstract

Native Herbaceous Wetland Plants Used for Wetland Mitigation
Dale Pierson
pp: 522-523 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Native Plants or Multiplying Some of Mother Nature's Really Good Stuff
Sherry Kitto
pp: 524-526 — See abstract

Horticultural Applications of Agrobacterium rhizogenes ("Hairy-Root"): Enhanced Rooting of Difficult-to-Root Woody Plants
Kim E. Tripp and Anne M. Stomp
pp: 527-535 — See abstract

Plant Growth Regulators on Kalmia latifolia
Thomas J. Banko
pp: 536-541 — See abstract

Subirrigation of Rhododendron as an Alternative to Mist
Thomas A. Holt and Brian K. Maynard
pp: 542-544 — See abstract

Ericaceous Plants from Seeds
H. William Barnes
pp: 545-547 — See abstract

Rhododendron maximum for the Next Millennium
Richard E. Bir
pp: 548-550 — See abstract

Ledum groenlandicum and Chamaedaphne calyculata
Michael D. Johnson
pp: 551-552 — See abstract

Calluna Propagation
Charlotte Smith
pp: 553-555 — See abstract

In Vitro Propagation and Selection of Superior Wetland Plants for Habitat Restoration1
Michael E. Kane and Nancy L. Philman
pp: 556-560 — See abstract

Cranberries as a Ground Cover
Michael V. DeGrandchamp
pp: 561-562 — See abstract

Growing Pieris to Landscape Size
Frank Brouse
pp: 563-564 — See abstract

Native Azaleas—Beautiful, Versatile, Dependable1
Bob Carlson
pp: 565-573 — See abstract

The Little Laurels
Richard A. Jaynes
pp: 574-575 — See abstract

Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 576-579 — See abstract

Jack Alexander
pp: 580-583 — See abstract

Involvement of Cytokinins in Tissue Proliferation of Rhododendron ‘Montego’
Eric W. Mercure, Carol A. Auer and Mark H. Brand
pp: 584 — See abstract

Long-Term Inhibition of Stem Elongation of Rhododendron and Kalmia by Triazole Growth Retardants
Martin P. N. Gent
pp: 585-590 — See abstract

The Greening of Poland&39;s Nursery Industry
Ken Cochran and Wojtek Grabczewski
pp: 591 — See abstract

Use of Ethephon Treatments to Reduce Seed Set and Stimulate Shoot Production in Kalmia latifolia
Richard K. Kiyomoto
pp: 592-594 — See abstract

Elements of a Winning Proposal for an I.P.P.S. — Eastern Region Research Grant
Cameron Smith
pp: 595-596 — See abstract

Taxus Response to Differential Concentration and Timing of Pendimethalin Application
Robert E. McNiel, Kimberly Collins and Mark Czarnota
pp: 597-600 — See abstract

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) Toxicity with Increasing Rates of Sulfentrazone
Kimberly B. Collins, Robert McNiel and Leslie A. Weston
pp: 601-604 — See abstract

Yankee Nursery Online: Your Future on the Web
Mark H. Brand
pp: 605 — See abstract

Effect of Division Size on Direct-potted Ornamental Grasses
Mark H. Brand
pp: 606-608 — See abstract

Propagation of Weigela florida ‘Alexandra’, WINE & ROSES™ Weigela
Gail Billingsley
pp: 609 — See abstract

Chionanthus virginicus: Embryo Culture vs. Traditional Germination
Charlotte R. Chan and Robert D. Marquard
pp: 610-612 — See abstract

American Wild Celery (Vallisneria americana Michx.): Propagation of Revegetation Transplants from Seed
Jennifer L. Kujawski
pp: 613-614 — See abstract

Seed Propagation And Production of Trillium grandiflorum
Jeanne Frett
pp: 615-618 — See abstract

Growing a New Propagator: Illinois Responds to an Industry Need
Kathy Freeland
pp: 619 — See abstract

No Excuses Accepted: Plants You Should Already Grow!!
Phill King
pp: 620-621 — See abstract

Seed Germination of Stewartia pseudocamellia
Brian A. Oleksak and Daniel Struve
pp: 622 — See abstract

Light Levels and Hormone Effects During the Rooting of Selected Tree Taxa
James J. Zaczek, Charles W. Heuser Jr and Kim C. Steiner
pp: 623-629 — See abstract

The Recycling of Propagation Materials
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 630-632 — See abstract

Economic Propagation Benches
Tom Demaline
pp: 633-634 — See abstract

Field Establishment and Growth of Asarum naniflorum ‘Eco Decor’
Sherry Kitto and Jeanne Frett
pp: 635-636 — See abstract

Pot-in-Pot Production of Nursery Stock
Robert E. McNiel
pp: 637 — See abstract

Adventitious Bud and Shoot Formation in Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] Using Juvenile Seedling Tissue
C.L.H. Finneseth, R.L. Geneve and D.R. Layne
pp: 638-640 — See abstract

Seed Storage Media Effects on Persimmon Germination
Winston C. Dunwell and Dwight E. Wolfe
pp: 641-644 — See abstract

Specific Differences in Shoot Tip Culture of Roses
Zhou Lin, Kuninori Suzuki, Takehiro Naruse, Hirokazu Fukui and Matsumoto Shogo
pp: 645-647 — See abstract

A Preliminary Report on the Symbiotic Germination of Nine Japanese Terrestrial Orchids
Masanori Tomita and Sachiko Konno
pp: 648-655 — See abstract

Inducing Callus and Regeneration of Haworthia
S. Yasugi, T. Takei and K. Nogata
pp: 656 — See abstract

Induction of Axillary Buds by Nodal Segment Culture and Rooting of Axillary Shoots of Epipremnum aureum
T. Yamamoto, Y. Ito, F. Uchida and I. Mitsuishi
pp: 657 — See abstract

Hygro-Greening Trial Using a Floating Garden for Water Filtration
Satoshi Yamaguchi
pp: 658 — See abstract

The Practical Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture High School Education
A. Matsuyama, S. Ueno, S. Sakai and K. Ojiri
pp: 659-661 — See abstract

The Multiplication of Dracaena by Tissue Culture
Tatsuo Koizumi and Takeo Kitaura
pp: 662-664 — See abstract

Horticulture in New Zealand
Peter F. Waugh
pp: 665-666 — See abstract

Cyclamen Seedling Production by Tissue Culture
Teruhiko Terakawa and Toshio Murayama
pp: 667 — See abstract

The Control of Root Systems by the Use of Slit Containers
M. Minamide and S. Watanabe
pp: 668 — See abstract

New Plant Varieties Bred by the Sakata Seed Corporation
Shoji Shiotsuki
pp: 669 — See abstract

Recommended Varieties from the Dai-Ichi Seed Co. Ltd.
Sohei Ikeda
pp: 670 — See abstract

Our Promising New Varieties for Cut and Potted Flower Production
T. Oridate
pp: 671 — See abstract

A Japanese Pioneer in the Tissue Culture of Ornamental Plants
Kimiaki Murasaki
pp: 672 — See abstract

The Effect of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Treatment on the Seed Germination of Lathyrus latifolius
Y. Koike, T. Inoue and H. Higuchi
pp: 673-675 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Ligustrum lucidum ‘Tricolor’
Tei-ichi Horikoshi
pp: 676-677 — See abstract

The Effects of the Basal Medium, and the Addition of Sugar and Banana on the Growth of Oncidium Plantlets Cultured In Vitro
Mamoru Kusumoto and Yasuaki Takeda
pp: 678-680 — See abstract

The Effects of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Growing Media on the Growth of Herbaceous Flowering Plants in Cell-Tray Culture
Y. Miura, S. Kuboi and H. Uematu
pp: 681-684 — See abstract

Raising Seedlings of the Sasa lily (Lilium japonicum) in Vitro
Katsuhiko Oishi and Yoshiko Inoue
pp: 685-686 — See abstract

Production of Interspecific Hybrids of Dianthus species by Ovule Culture
H. Yazawa and T. Oridate
pp: 687-690 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of Cycads
Hannes Robbertse and Steve Trollip
pp: 691-693 — See abstract

Propagation of Mauritian Plants For a Landscaping Project
Dave Kirkby and Gerhard De Jager
pp: 694-695 — See abstract

Popularization of Indigenous Plants
Roy Trendler
pp: 696-698 — See abstract

Commercial Production of in Vitro Bulblets of Lachenalia
M. M. Slabbert and J. G. Niederwieser
pp: 699-702 — See abstract

The Trials and Tribulations of Growing Indigenous Plants
Linda de Luca
pp: 703-705 — See abstract

Production of Quality Export Chrysanthemum Cuttings
Gerrit Moolman
pp: 706-708 — See abstract

Trends in the Nursery Industry in South Africa
Keith Kirsten
pp: 709-710 — See abstract

The Use of Taguchi Methods to Analyze Variables
Dudley Wilson
pp: 711-713 — See abstract

Propagation and Cultivation of South African Restios
N.A.C. Brown, H. Jamieson and P.A. Botha
pp: 714 — See abstract

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