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First International Conference on Date Palms (Al-Ain, UAE, March 8-10, 1998)

1Date Palm Germplasm: Overview and Utilization in the USA.
2Studies on Pollination of Date Palms.
3Evaluation of the Pollination method and Pollen Concentration on Chemical characteristics of Date Fruit from Fard Cultivar.
4Accelerating and Intensifying color formation of Zaghloul Date Palm fruits using Modified Ethephon Formulations.
5Effect of Naphthaleneacetic acid on fruit ripening and quality of (Khenazi, cv.) Date Palm.
6Interaction effects of the sequential applications of some growth regulators on the growth of date palm trees (Phoenix dactylifera L.).
7Preparation and Evaluation of Egyptian Date Syrup.
8Suitability of Nine Saudi Date Cultivars for Candy Making.
9Water sorption isotherms of date pastes as influenced by date cultivar and storage temperature.
10Irradiation of dates: insect disinfestation, microbial and chemical assessments, and use of thermoluminescence technique.
11In vitro propagation of Egyptian Date Palm: II- Direct and indirect shoot proliferation from shoot-tip explants of Phoenix dactylifera L. CV. Zaghlool.
12Somatic embryogenesis and mass micropropagation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.), characterization and genetic stability of regenerated plantlets by RAPD markers.
13Comparison between date palm fruits produced from tissue culture and offshoot plants (Hilali cultivar).
14Molecular characterization of Egyptian date palm: II. RAPD fingerprints.
15Molecular characterization of tunisian date palm varieties.
16Towards the construction of a Genetic Map of date palms using the amplified fragment length polymorphism technique (AFLP).
17Identification and genetic diversity analysis of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties from morocco using RAPD markers.
18The reproducibility of RAPD profiles: effect of PCR components on RAPD analysis of date palm DNA.
19Growth of date palm callus as affected by amino acids as organic nitrogen source.
20Impact of the entomophagous fauna on the Parlatoria blanchardii targ population in the biskra region.
21Insect pests of date palm trees in northern sinai, Egypt.
22Preliminary Biological Studies on some Date-palm insects in Syria.
23Integrates pest management for the control of red palm weevil Rhynchphorus ferrugineus oliv in the United Arab Emirates, eastern region, Al Ain.
24Susceptibility of some date-palm cultivars to the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita.
25Histological response of susceptible and resistant date palm cultivars to the root- knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infection.
26Bayoud toxin isolation and use for screening of date palm plants for disease resistance.
27A report on post harvest fungi on date fruits in Libya.
28Fertilization of date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Iraq.
29Performance of different date palm cultivars under hyper arid­supplementary irrigated western plains of rajas than (India).
30Irrigation scheduling of palm trees in the United Arab Emirates.
31Studies on fruit thinning of date palms.
32Effect of bunch/leaf ratio on the yield and quality of Zaghloul date palm.
33Effect of bunch thinning on fruit quality of some date palm cultivars.
34Effect of Vapor Gard and some preservatives on the quality of date fruits (Zahdi cv.) at rutab stage during cold storage.
35Effect of temperature on the storage of rutab dates harvested at different maturity stages.
36Development to the rutab stage without accompanied fruit softening of Zaghloul dates by some postharvest treatments.
37Determination of maturity standards of dates.
38Effect of the glucose syrup coating on the quality of the Tunisian dates during storage.
39Phoenix Dactylifera in the United Arab Emirates.
40Production and protection of date palms in Sudan.
41Present status and future prospects of dates and dates palm industries in Saudi Arabia.
42Date production support programme in Namibia objectives, achievements and future activities.
43Date production and marketing in the United Arab Emirates.
44Adaptation of the researches to the peculiarities of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) culture at elche (Spain).
45The Phyllotaxis of the date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera L.).
46Branching abnormality and axillary buds outgrowth after apical dome decapitation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera, L.).
47Evaluation of some date palm cultivars grown in Siwa Oasis.
48Survey on production, handling, storage and marketing of dates in the northern region.
49Effect of acid-Treated and untreated date pits on the growth performance of broiler chicks.
50Sulfuric acid treated date palm pits as dietary ingredients in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) diets.
51Effect of Nitrate concentration on recovery of date palm vitrified embryos.

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