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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 8

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April 1953, Number 1
Fruit Varieties for MinnesotaAPS2
Apricots in New YorkAPS2
New Apples Promising For ProcessingL.G. Kleni3
French.American Hybrid Grapes in VirginiaR.C. Moore and G.D. Oberle5
Apple Varieties in Door County, WisconsinAPS8
The Strawberry Picture in Southwestern MichiganD. Foster9
Strawberry Variety Trails in PennsylvaniaAPS10
The Meteor CherryAPS11
The Ranger PeachAPS12
The Beaver Strawberry in WisconsinAPS13
July 1953, Number 2
The Illinois Horticultural Experiment StationJ.B. Mowry18
Clonal Selection in Relation to Disease of Lemon TreesL.D. Batchelor and E.C. Calavan19
Meteor Cherry—A CorrectionAPS21
Ranger PeachAPS21
Purple Autumn, A New Purple Raspberry VarietyA.S. Colby and H.L. Boll22
Western Sand Cherry—A Dwarfing Stock for Prunes, Plums, PeachesK.D. Brase23
Coronet – A New I Early, Yellow-fleshed Peach for the SouthAPS24
The Nursery Performance of Apomictic Crabapple SeedlingsW.S. Clarke, Jr. 25
Canby, A New Red Raspberry Adapted to Western Oregon and WashingtonAPS27
The Genetics and Breeding of Fruit TreesAPS28
Small-fruit Varieties of Importance in New JerseyE.G. Christ29
October 1953, Number 3
Comments on the Beacon AppleAPS34
Two New Peaches For New JerseyL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey35
New Blackberry Named JerseyblackE.G. Christ36
Peach Varieties in MississippiC. Hines36
The Porter and the Dyer ApplesI. Glackens37
An Unstable Mutation of the Shippers Late Red PeachA.F. Vierheller and C.O. Dunbar39
Purple Autumn RaspberryAPS40
Red Stele Resistant Strawberries For OhioR.G. Hill, Jr. 41
More About the Melrose AppleAPS42
The Sam CherryA.J. Mann and F.W. Keane43
When to Test Peach Varieties for FlavorG. Merrill44
The Marigold Peach for the Deep SouthAPS45
Fruit Varieties in UtahG.H. Oberly45
Pocahontas, a Midseason Strawberry For Southern StatesAPS46
December 1953, Number 4
Some Observations on Apple Varieties in VermontW.H. Darrow50
Introducing Four New Pears From TennesseeB.D. Drain51
The Ambato Strawberry of EcuadorG.M. Darrow53
Apple Rootstock Studies in KansasG.A. Filinger55
The MangosteenH.F. Winters57
Dixieland, an Early Strawberry for Southern StatesAPS60
Melrose Apple-A CorrectionAPS60
The Starking and Richared Delicious Apples in British ColumbiaA.J. Mann and F.W. Keane61
Ripening Sequence of Standard and New Peach VarietiesJ.T. Bregger59