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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 76

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January 2022, Number 1
Rutgers Cranberry Breeding ProgramNicholi Vorsa2
Enabling DNA Informed Breeding for Chilling Requirement in Peach 1Gizem Demirel, Alejand ro Calle, Omer Atagul, John M. Lawton, and Ksenija Gasic11
Reintroducing a Multiuse Bunch Grape for the Deep South: 'MidSouth'Haley N. Williams and Eric T. Stafne20
A Note on the Analysis and Interpretation of Designed Experiments with Factorial Treatment StructureRichard P. Marini27
July 2022, Number 2
Multi-Year Impact of Dicamba and Glyphosate Herbicides on 'Granny Smith' Apple TreesMichele R. Warmund, Mark Ellersieck, Brian R. Dintelmann, and Kevin W. Bradley42
Long Term Preservation of Genetic Resources: The USDA National Plant Germplasm System Apple Collection within the Context of Global Crop Conservation StrategiesGayle M. Volk, Hannes Dempewolf, Paula Bramel, Victoria Meakem, and Benjamin Gutierrez50
Twospotted Spider Mite Preference and Performance on Day-Neutral Strawberry in New York and Role of Structural Characteristics in Plant SusceptibilitySamantha A. Willden, Marvin P. Pritts, and Gregory M. Loeb.66
J. Russell Smith: A Crusader for Pomological CropsMichele R. Warmund81
October 2022, Number 3
'Honeycrisp' Apple Maturity, Quality and Storage Disorders According to Interior and Exterior Tree Canopy PositionRenae E. Moran, Jennifer R. DeEll, and Cindy B.S. Tong94
Postharvest Characteristics of 'MN80' (Triumph™) Apple Fruit Compared to 'Cortland' and 'Honeycrisp'Cindy B.S. Tong, Renae E. Moran, Rebecca Wiepz, and Zata M. Vickers103
Five-year Evaluation of Selected Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) Cultivars for Improved Sustainability of the Strawberry Industries in Alabama and the South Atlantic Region of the United StatesEdgar L. Vinson III, Penelope A. Perkins-Veazie, Eugene K. Blythe, Elina D. Coneva, and Matthew D. Price114
The Role of Xylem in Bitter Pit Incidence of Apple: A ReviewChayce Griffith and Todd C. Einhorn (U.P. Hedrick Award – First Place).125
Reevaluating Summer Hedging and Root Pruning for Intensive Apple Orchard Systems: A ReviewThiago Campbell, James R. Schupp, and Richard P. Marini (U.P. Hedrick Award – Second Place)136
Giuseppe Arcimboldo: An Enduring Muse for The Arts, Sciences, and Pop CultureMichele R. Warmund146