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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 75

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January 2021, Number 1
Evaluation of a Spray-on Product for Improving Red Color and Decreasing Sunburn Damage of "Red Chief Delicious" ApplesT. Sotiropoulos, N. Voulgarakis, D. Triantafillou, I. Manthos, P. Xafakos2
Alkaline Soil Tolerance of Rootstocks included in the NC-140 'Redhaven' Peach TrialB.L. Black, I.S. Minas, G.L. Reighard, T. Beddes9
Alignment between University Nutrient Guidelines and Grower Practices for Blackberry and Red and Black Raspberry in OregonPatrick A. Jones, Amanda J. Davis, Bernadine C. Strik17
Production of Dwarfs in Rabbiteye Blueberry (V. virgatum Aiton) CrossesMark K. Ehlenfeldt31
Seed Treatments Enhance American Elderberry GerminationMichele R. Warmund and Grace E. Maledy38
April 2021, Number 2
Development of Quality Attributes in Strawberry Fruit: A ReviewAnya Osatuke and Marvin Pritts50
Effects of Cover Crops on Yield and Quality of KiwifruitIdris Macit and Dogan Isik63
Mt. Hope: A Civil War Nursery for the WorldMarvin Pritts72
Felix Gillet (1835-1908) and his Barren Hill Nursery in Nevada City, CaliforniaJohn E. Preece, Amigo Bob Cantisano, and Jenifer Bliss80
The Lewelling Nurseries: More Than Just Apples to OregonKim E. Hummer87
The Great Original Establishment, Prince's Linnaean Botanic Garden and NurseriesGregory Michael Peck94
Prosper Berckmans & Sons Legacy to Southeastern Peaches and the Masters Golf CourseGregory L. Reighard102
Stark Brothers¿ Nurseries & Orchards: Two Centuries of New Fruit Cultivars and InnovationsMichele R. Warmund115
July 2021, Number 3
Sugar Concentration in Strawberry Is Influenced by Temperature During Fruit DevelopmentAnya Osatuke and Marvin Pritts134
Inbreeding Among Muscadine CultivarsHaley N. Williams, Eric T. Stafne, and Patrick J. Conner141
Evaluation of New Promising Norwegian Pear Cultivars in a Nordic ClimateMekjell Meland, Milica Fotirić Ak¿ić, Radosav Cerovic, Oddmund Frøynes, Clive Kaiser and Frank Maas149
The Effects of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine on Fruit Set in Emasculated, Hand-Pollinated Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.)Per H. McCord and Rainier W. Peters157
Cyanobacterial Biofertilizer as a Supplemental Fertilizer for Peaches: Yield, Trunk Growth, Leaf Nutrients and ChlorosisDavid G. Sterle, Frank Stonaker, Steve Ela, and Jessica G. Davis165
October 2021, Number 4
Evaluation of Five Primocane-fruiting Red Raspberry Cultivars in Grow Bags Under Protected Culture in Southern MissouriMarilyn B. Odneal, Jennifer Morgathaler, and Dr. William Mcclain182
Early Performance of 'Honeycrisp' Apple Trees on Several Size-Controlling Rootstocks in the 2014 NC-140 Rootstock TrialJ. A. Cline, W. Autio, J. Clements, W. Cowgill, R. Crassweller, T. Einhorn, E. Fallahi, P. Francescatto, E. Hoover, G. Lang, J. Lordan, R. Moran, M. Muehlbauer, S. Musacchi, M. Stasiak, R. Parra Quezada, T. Robinson, S. Serra, S. Sherif, R. Wiepz, and J. Zandstra189
Early Performance of 'Fuji' Apple Trees on Several size-controlling rootstocks in the 2014 NC-140 Rootstock TrialJ. A. Cline, B. Black, E. Coneva, R. Crassweller, E. Fallahi, T. Kon, M. Muehlbauer, G.L. Reighard, and D.R. Ouellette203
Auxin Herbicide Drift Injury on American Elderberry Plants Influenced by Growth StageMichele R. Warmund , Mark Ellersieck, and Reid J. Smeda214
The Influence of Rootstock and Training System on Performance of Two North American Pawpaw CultivarsKirk W. Pomper, Sheri B. Crabtree, and Jeremiah D. Lowe228
Nut Quality Characteristics and Mineral Content of Chestnut Germplasm from Diverse SourcesErol Aydin, İdris Macit, Burak Akyüz, Umit Serdar, And Muttalip Gündoğdu237