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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 69

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January 2015, Number 1
An Overview of the Blueberry Industry in FloridaGary K. England2
Floral Bud Chill Requirement of Low-Chill Southern Highbush Blueberry GermplasmJames W. Olmstead, Rachel A. Itle, Silvia R. Marino, David E. Norden, and Werner R. Collante4
Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Southern Highbush Blueberry Production under Low-chill ConditionsJeffrey G. Williamson and Gerard Krewer11
Winter Shading of Blueberry Plants in the Southeastern United StatesFumiomi Takeda, Gerard Krewer, Richard Barnes, Jerry Branstrator, Bielinski Santos, and D. Michael Glenn16
Blueberry chilling model dilemmasM.R. Warmund26
History, Origin and Classification of Persimmon CultivarsRobert Nissen and Robin E. Roberts31
Black knot [Apiosporina morbosa (Schw.)] resistance in imported and domestic Prunus domestica L. germplasm and cultivarsRalph Scorza and Mark Demuth45
Survey of Moldy Core Incidence in Germplasm from the Three U.S. Apple Breeding ProgramsJulia M. Harshman and Kate Evans51
April 2015, Number 2
Nutraceutical Changes in Muscadine Grape and Grape Segments During StorageDerek W. Barchenger, John R. Clark, Renee T. Threlfall, Luke R. Howard, and Cindi R. Brownmiller66
Adaptability of Floricane-fruiting Raspberry Cultivars to a High-elevation Arid ClimateBrent L. Black, Thor Lindstrom, Britney Hunter, Shawn Olsen, Rick Heflebower, Diane G. Alston, and Tiffany Maughan74
Phenotypic Variability in a Panel of Strawberry Cultivars from North America and the European UnionJames F. Hancock, Peter W. Callow, Megan M. Mathey, Ted Mackey, Kazim Gündüz, Sonali Mookerjee, Lichun Cai, Natalia Salinas, Nahla V. Bassil, Kim E. Hummer and Chad E. Finn85
Classification of Apple Genetic Resources Using Early Fruit Abscission PatternSeong Heo, Jung Hwan Hwang, Daeil Kim, Duk Jun Yu, and Hee Jae Lee102
Field Performance of Black Raspberry Cultivars in Western New YorkCourtney A. Weber and Cheryl D. Galvani109
July 2015, Number 3
Management Strategies for Phytophthora rubi and Pratylenchus penetrans in Floricane Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.)Rachel E. Rudolph and Lisa W. DeVetter118
Leaf and Fruit Mineral Nutrient Partitioning Influenced by Various Irrigation Systems in ¿Fuji¿ Apple over Four YearsEsmaeil Fallahi, Curt R. Rom, Bahar Fallahi, and Shahla Mahdavi137
Quantification of Quality Attributes, Functional Compounds and Antioxidant Capacity of Blackberry and Blackberry WineYouri Joh, Eric T. Stafne, and William G. McGlynn148
Pollen Tube Growth in Apple: A ReviewThomas M. Kon and James R. Schupp158
Investigations on Phenological Responses to Determine Banana Fruit Production Potential in the Coastal Region of Alabama, USAEdgar L. Vinson, III, Elina D. Coneva, Joseph M. Kemble, Floyd M. Woods, Esendugue G. Fonsah, Penelope M. Perkins-Veazie, and Jeff L. Sibley164
Breeding of a New Triploid Seedless Table Grape Cultivar 'Paradise'Jae Yun Heo and Sung Min Park170
October 2015, Number 4
History, Status and Prospects of the Apple Industry in ChinaHuike Li, Yizhen Wan, Man Wang, Mingyu Han, and Xuexi Huo174
Apple Genetic Resources in IsraelDoron Holland, Irit Bar-Ya'akov, and Kamel Hatib186
Yield Regularity, Fruit Weight and Consumer Qualities of Triploid Apple Cultivars Developed at the All Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding (VNIISPK)Sedov Evgeny Nikolaevich, Sedysheva Galina Alekseyevna, and Serova Zoya Mikhailovna201
Pecan Flavor Changes during StorageShelby Magnuson, Kadri Koppel, William Reid, and Edgar Chambers IV206
A New Small Asian Pear: 'Solmi'I.S. Shin, H.S. Hwang, S.S. Kang, Y.K. Kim, K.H. Cho, S.H. Kim, D.H. Kim, and H.C. Lee215
Development of a New Wine Grape Cultivar 'Cheongpung'Young Sik Park, Jae Yun Heo, Nam Yong Um, Dae Ki Hong, and Sung Min Park222