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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 68

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January 2014, Number 1
Growth and Yield of 'Honeycrisp' Apple Trees with Preplant Inoculation with Mycorrhizae and Soil-Incorporated CompostRenae E. Moran2
Morphological Characterization of Endangered Wild Grapevine Vitis vinifera ssp. silvestris in Eastern TurkeyDilek Değirmenci Karataş, Hüseyin Karataş and Sonia Garcia-Muñoz14
Mechanical Blossom Thinning of 'GoldRush'/M.9 Apple Trees with Two String Types and Two TimingsJames R. Schupp and Thomas M. Kon24
'Shiaying' Mulberry: A Promising Cultivar for Fresh Consumption and ProcessingJer-Chia Chang, Ming-Wen Chang and Lan-Yen Chang33
Phenotyping Protocol for Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) to Enable a Better Understanding of Trait InheritanceTravis Stegmeir, Audrey Sebolt and Amy Iezzoni40
April 2014, Number 2
Performance of 'Golden Delicious' Apple on 23 Rootstocks at Eight Locations: A Ten-Year Summary of the 2003 NC-140 Dwarf Rootstock TrialR.P. Marini, B. Black, R.M. Crassweller, P.A. Domoto, C. Hampson, R. Moran, T. Robinson, M. Stasiak, and D. Wolfe54
Yield, Biennial Bearing, and Fruit Quality of Ten Commonly Available Strain/Rootstock Combinations of 'Fuji' Apples at a Single Harvest Date over Seven YearsEsmaeil Fallahi, Bahar Fallahi, and Bahman Shafii69
A Model to Estimate Tree Size when Trunk Girth Cannot be UsedR. Fernandez-Escobar80
Optimizing Fruit Yield, Size, and Quality Attributes in 'Malase Torshe Saveh' Pomegranate through Hand ThinningAzam Jafari, Kazem Arzani, Esmaeil Fallahi, and Mohsen Barzegar89
Ecosystem Approaches to Managing Insect and Mite Populations Effectively in Inland Desert Vineyards Utilizing Sustainable Production Practices - a ReviewMercy Olmstead and David James97
Pulp Recovery from North American Pawpaw Fruit [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]Sheri B. Crabtree, Kirk W. Pomper, Jeremiah D. Lowe, and Brandon K. May111
July 2014, Number 3
Performance of Nine Pecan Cultivars in Southern GeorgiaPatrick J. Conner118
Phenotyping Protocol for Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) to Facilitate an Understanding of Trait InheritanceMojtaba Chavoshi, Carolyn Watkins, Blessing Oraguzie, Yunyang Zhao, Amy Iezzoni, and Nnadozie Oraguzie125
Effect of Strand Thinning on Yield and Fruit Quality of Egyptian Dry Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. SultaniAlaa E.K. Omar, and Shamel M. Alam-Eldein135
An Overview of Sensory Quality of Apple FruitMaria Laura Corollaro, Flavia Gasperi, and Luca Corelli Grappadelli141
A New Self-Compatible Asian Pear: 'Sweet Cost'I.S. Shin, H.S. Hwang, S.S. Kang, K.H. Cho, Y.K. Kim, S.H. Kim, H.R. Kim and H. C. Lee158
'Black Magic' TM (APF-77) Primocane-Fruiting BlackberryJohn R. Clark, Kathy Demchak, Chad E. Finn, Jeremiah D. Lowe, Kirk W. Pomper, and Sheri B. Crabtree163
'Cheonghyang': a Green Seedless Table GrapeYoung Sik Park, Nam Yong Um, Soon Bai Bang, and Sung Min Park171
October 2014, Number 4
'Honeycrisp' Apple Leaf and Fruit Nutrient Concentration is Affected by Rootstock during EstablishmentGerry Neilsen and Cheryl Hampson178
Growth and Cropping of 'AU-Super' or 'Eaton' Chestnut Trees with 'Little Giant' Interstem on AU-Cropper Seedling RootstockMichele R. Warmund190
'US Furr' and 'US Furr-ST' MandarinsJoseph Furr, Phillip Reece, Tracy Kahn, Toni Siebert, Graham Barry, Greg McCollum1, William Castle, and Ed Stover198
Evaluation of Seed and Fruit Characteristics of Muscadine GrapeDerek W. Barchenger, John R. Clark, Renee T. Threlfall, and Sandra M. Sleezer204
Screening Southern Highbush Blueberry Genotypes for Botryosphaeria Stem BlightAmanda F. Wright, Philip F. Harmon, and James W. Olmstead209
Germplasm Evaluation for the Incidence of Fungal Spot and Cracking Prevalence in the Fruit of Pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal]Kirk W. Pomper, Sheri B. Crabtree, Jeremiah D. Lowe, and Ron Powell215
Primocane Yield of 'Prime-Ark® 45' and 'Prime-Jan®' Blackberries Grown Using USDA National Organic Program Practices in KentuckyJeremiah D. Lowe, Kirk W. Pomper, Sheri B. Crabtree, John R. Clark and John G. Strang221