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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 67

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January 2013, Number 1
Micrometeorological Principles of Protected CultivationJ.M. Tarara2
Strawberries Grown Under Protected Cultivation on the Texas High PlainsR.W. Wallace and C.J. Webb7
Advances on Protected Culture of Berry Crops in FloridaB.M. Santos11
Protected Cultivation of Peach and Nectarine in China - Industry Observations and AssessmentsD.R. Layne, Zhiqiang Wang, and Liang Niu18
Germination and Seedling Growth of Side and Wafer 'Willamette' ChestnutsM.R. Warmund29
Influence of Orchard Design on 'Owari' Satsuma Mandarin Citrus unshiu (Marcovitch) Fruit Quality, Physiology, and ProductivityM.R. Harrison, J.D. Spiers, E.D. Coneva, F.M. Woods, J. Raymond Kessler, Jr., and W.A. Dozier, Jr.34
Adaptability of Primocane-fruiting Raspberry Cultivars to a High-elevation Arid ClimateB.L. Black, T. Lindstrom, R. Heflebower, B. Hunter, S. Olsen and D.G. Alston47
April 2013, Number 2
'Gala' Apple Trees on Supporter 4, P.14, and Different Strains of B.9, M.9 and M.26 Rootstocks: Final 10-Year Report on the 2002 NC-140 Apple RootstockWesley Autio, Terence Robinson, Douglas Archbold, Winfred Cowgill, Cheryl Hampson, Rafael Parra Quezada, and Dwight Wolfe62
Return Bloom on 'Golden Delicious' Apple Trees as affected by Previous Season's Crop Density on Three Rootstocks at 11 LocationsR.P. Marini, W.R. Autio, B. Black, J. Cline, W.R. Cowgill, Jr., R.M. Crassweller, P.A. Domoto, C. Hampson, R. Moran, R.A. Quezada, T. Robinson, D.L. Ward, and D. Wolfe72
Summary of the 2002 Pacific Northwest of USA Pear Rootstock Trials: Performance of 'd'Anjou' and 'Golden Russet Bosc' Pear on Eight Pyrus RootstocksTodd C. Einhorn, Steve Castagnoli, Timothy J. Smith, Janet Turner, and Eugene Meilke80
Effects of Size-Controlling Rootstocks on Growth and Yield of Peach Trees with Upright and Spreading Growth HabitsThomas Tworkoski, Stephen Miller, and Ralph Scorza89
Seasonal Patterns of Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Accumulation and Depletion in Strawberry are Affected by Fruiting but not Day NeutralityLaura Acua-Maldonado and Marvin Pritts95
Induction of Defense-related Responses and Suppression of Grey Mold in Grapevines Treated with Defense Response Signaling MuleculesSoon Young Ahn, Seon Ae Sim, Jae Hyun Han, Seong-Jin Choi, and Hae Keun Yun104
'Hongaram': A Red Fruited, High Aroma Table GrapeJung Ho Noh, Kyo Sun Park, Hae Keun Yun, Youn Young Hur, Seo Jun Park, Sung Min Jung and Hae Sung Hawang117
A New Mid-Season Peach Cultivar 'Misshong'J.H. Jun, E.Y. Nam, K.H. Chung, I.K. Yoon, J.H. Kwon, S.J. Kim, Y.B. Kwach, S.K. Yun and H.S. Hwang120
July 2013, Number 3
Yield, pollination aspects and kernel qualities of almond (Prunus dulcis) selections trialed in the southern San Joaquin ValleyEric Mercure, Jlia Halsz, Attila Hegeds and Craig Ledbetter126
Comparisons of induced pathogenesis-related proteins in resistant and susceptible apple cultivars in response to inoculation of the pathogen Marssonia coronariaMan Wang, Huiling Zhou, Yunzhong Guo, Yizen Wan, Zhengyang Zhao, and Yanping Guo137
Understanding Yield-Contributing Factors of Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.)Lisa Wasko DeVetter, Rebecca Harbut, and Jed Colquhoun147
OH F Paternity Perplexes Pear ProducersJoseph Postman, Daeil Kim, and Nahla Bassil157
Effects of the Phenotype and Seed Parent on the Size, Productivity and Fruit Quality in Second-Generation Seedling Apple TreesJulia M. Harshman, and Christopher S. Walsh168
Two new sweet chestnut cultivars from the Anatolian region: 'Unal' and 'Erfelek'Umit Serdar, Husnu Demirsoy, and Leyla Demirsoy175
October 2013, Number 4
Performance of Sweet Cherry Rootstocks in the 1998 NC-140 Regional Trial in Western North AmericaFrank Kappel, Greg Lang, Anita Azarenko, Tim Facteau, Al Gaus, Ron Godin, Thor Lindstrom, Roberto Nuez-Elisea, Ramesh Pokharel, Matthew Whiting and Cheryl Hampson186
Suitability of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) Cultivars for Organic Production - Results of a Long Term Trial in Eastern AustriaA. Spornberger, S. Ostojic, J. Telfser, D. Buvac, and H. Keppel196
Large-Scale Standardized Phenotyping of Strawberry in RosBREEDMegan M. Mathey, Sonali Mookerjee, Kazim Gndz, James F. Hancock, Amy F. Iezzoni, Lise L. Mahoney, Thomas M. Davis, Nahla V. Bassil, Kim E. Hummer, Philip J. Stewart, Vance M. Whitaker, Daniel J. Sargent, Beatrice Denoyes, Iraida Amaya, Eric van de Weg, and Chad E. Finn205
Promising Pear Genotypes from North Anatolia, Turkey: Preliminary ObservationsAhmet Ozturk and Leyla Demirsoy217
The effect of Rhizoctonia fragariae, soil type, compost, and mechanical root injury on strawberry growthEmily K. Lavely, Beth K. Gugino, Kathy Demchak, and Richard P. Marini228
Pyrene Attributes and Seediness Evaluation of Blackberry GenotypesBethany Sebesta, John R. Clark, Renee T. Threlfall, and Luke R. Howard237
'September Sentinel' AppleCheryl R. Hampson and Richard A. MacDonald241
Dr. Chad E. Finn, 2013 Wilder Medal RecipientPrepared by Robert R. Martin and John R. Clark246