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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 66

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January 2012, Number 1
Yield Characteristics of Thorny Primocane-Fruiting Blackberries from the University of Arkansas Breeding Program Grown Under Organic Growing Conditions in KentuckyJ.D. Lowe1, K.W. Pomper, S.B. Crabtree, J.R. Clark, and J.G. Strang2
Dendrochronology Reveals Planting Dates of Historic Apple Trees in the Southwestern United StatesK.J. Routson, C.C. Routson and P.R. Sheppard9
Reviewing Potential Local Fruit Markets: A Utah Case StudyT. Ernst, S.D. Rowley, B.L. Black, and T.R. Roper16
The Performance of Four Vineland Apple Rootstocks in British Columbia, CanadaC.R. Hampson23
Comparative Response of Red Raspberry Cultivars to Phytophthora Root RotP.P. Moore and W. Hoashi-Erhardt28
The Effect of Training System and Yield on Fruit Quality of 'Marquette' and 'La Crescent' Wine Grapes (Vitis spp.) in a Vermont VineyardC. Luby34
April 2012, Number 2
Cold Hardiness and Foliar Disease Resistance of Northern American and Asian FragariaShengrui Yao, J.J. Luby and K.E. Hummer46
Phenological Diversity of Georgian Grapevine Cultivars in Northern ItalyD. Maghradze, L. Rustioni, A. Scienza and O. Failla56
Comparison of Soil Nutrition, Tree Performance, and Insect and Disease Occurrence between Organic and Conventional Asian Pear OrchardsHyun-Sug Choi, Kyeong-Ho Lim, Mengmeng Gu, Wol-Soo Kim, Do-Ik Kim, Kyeong-Ju Choi and Han-Chan Lee78
Summary of the NC-140 Apple Physiology Trial: The Relationship Between 'Golden Delicious' Fruit Weight and Crop Density at 12 locations as Influenced by Three Dwarfing RootstocksR.P. Marini, W.R. Autio, B. Black, J.A. Cline, W. Cowgill, Jr., R. Crassweller, P. Domoto, C. Hampson, R. Moran, R.A. Parra-Quezada, T. Robinson, M. Stasiak, D.L. Ward and D. Wolfe78
Using Analysis of Covariance with Unequal Slopes to Increase Efficiency and Information Obtained from Designed ExperimentsR.P. Marini and D. Ward91
Genetic Diversity of Persian Walnut from Iran as Revealed by Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) MarkersR. Mahmoodi, F. Rahmani and R. Paktarmani101
July 2012, Number 3
Date Cultivation in Arizona and the Bard ValleyG.C. Wright110
Development and Commercialization of Apricot of Central Asian OriginJ. Driver118
Evaluation of Central Asian Melon Varieties in the San Joaquin ValleyR.H. Molinar122
Frontiers of Fruit in California: New and Rediscovered Fruit Types with Potential for Commercial CultivationD. Karp125
Performance of 17 Peach and Nectarine Cultivars in a Southern-Ontario, Non-traditional Growing RegionJ.A. Cline and D. Norton133
Northern Highbush and Half-high Blueberries on the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula: Preliminary ObservationsD.L. Barney and K.E. Hummer145
Needs Assessment for Future US Pear Rootstock Research Directions Based on the Current State of Pear Production and Rootstock ResearchR. Elkins, R. Bell and T. Einhorn153
New Grape Cultivar 'Narsha': a High Aroma Wine GrapeJ.H. Noh, K.S. Park, H.K. Yun, Y.Y. Hur, S.J. Park, S.M. Jung and H.S. Hwang164
2011 Wilder Silver Medal RecipientPrepared by: Randolph M. Beaudry, MSU167
October 2012, Number 4
Cold Hardiness of New Apple Cultivars of Commercial Importance in CanadaJ. A. Cline, D. Neilsen, G. Neilsen, R. Brownlee, D. Norton and H. Quamme174
The Influence of Crop Density on Annual Trunk Growth of 'Golden Delicious' Apple Trees on Three Rootstocks at 11 LocationsR.P. Marini, W.R. Autio, B. Black, J. Cline, R.M. Crassweller, P.A. Domoto, C. Hampsen, R. Moran, R.A. Quezada, T. Robinson, M. Stasiak, D. Wolfe183
Genetic Diversity among Iranian Grape Cultivars Using Molecular and Morphological MarkersM. Ghoreishi, F. Rahmani, and H. Doulati Baneh196
Growth and Osmotic Adjustment in Two Almond Rootstocks under Water Stress ConditionsM. Gholami, M. Rahemi, and A.A. Kamgar Haghighi205
Standardized Phenotyping for Fruit Quality in Peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch]T.J. Frett1, K. Gasic1, J.R. Clark, D. Byrne, T. Gradziel, and C. Crisosto214
Assessment of the Feasibility of Growing Pierce's Disease Tolerant American and French-American Hybrid Bunch Grape Cultivars in AlabamaY. Hu, E. Coneva, E. Vinson, J.R. Kessler, Jr., J. Spiers, and J. Ducar220
'Summer Dream', an Early Season Apple Cultivar with Excellent TasteS.-I. Kwon, M.-J. Kim, J.-I. Kim, I.-K. Kang, and C. Choi223
Dr. Shawn Mehlenbacher 2012 Wilder Silver Medal RecipientPrepared by Chad Finn227