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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 63

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January 2009, Number 1
Selection of Crabapple Pollinizers for 'Fuji' and 'Tsugaru' AppleH. Bessho, M. Wada, K. Kudo, Y. Inomata, H. Iwanami, K. Abe, J. Soejima, S. Komori, A. Suzuki2
Isoenzyme Polymorphism in Apricot CultivarsD. Milatovic, D. Nikolic, D. Đurovic, J. Milivojevic14
2008 Wilder Silver Medal to Dr. James J. LubyC. Finn, D. Archbold24
Book Review: The Peach: Botany, Production and UsesD. R. Layne, D. Bassi27
April 2009, Number 2
The Performance of Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) Cultivars Under Mediterranean Coastal Conditions in Hatay, TurkeyC. Toplu, M. Kaplankiran, T. Hakan Demirkeser, A. Erhan Özdemir, E. Ertük Çandir and E. Yildiz33
Cultivars of Eastern Black Walnut Trees (Juglans nigra L.) Have Greater Nut Yields Than Native Trees at Similar Trunk Cross-Sectional AreasD. Brauer, A. Ares and A. Thomas42
'Sweet Skin' PearI.S. Shin, H.S. Hwang, W.C. Kim, S.S. Hong, S.S. Kang, K.S. Cho and Y.U. Shin51
Importance of Scion Cultivar in Peach Tree Short LifeW.R. Okie, G.L. Reighard and A.P. Nyczepir58
Rest Completion of Eastern Black WalnutM.R. Warmund, M.V. Coggeshall and W. Terrell Stamps64
Performance of Forner-Alcaide 5 and Forner-Alcaide 13, hybrids of Cleopatra mandarin x Poncirus trifoliate, as Salinity-Tolerant Citrus RootstocksM. Angeles Forner-Giner, E. Primo-Millo and J.B. Forner72
July 2009, Number 3
Effects of Preharvest Applications of Ethephon and 1-MCP to 'Bing' Sweet Cherry on Fruit Removal Force and Fruit QualityD.C. Elfving, T.D. Auvil, F. Castillo, S.R. Drake, H. Künzel, E.M. Kupferman, B. Lorenz, J.R. McFerson, A. Nathan Reed, C. Sater, T.R. Schmidt and D.B. Visser84
Performance of Muscadine Grape Cultivars in Southern GeorgiaP.J. Conner101
The Effect of Cultivars, Rootstocks, Fruit Maturity and Gibberellic Acid on Pedicel Retention of Sweet Cherries (Prunus avium L.)J. Wirch, F. Kappel and P. Scheewe108
Performance of 'Golden Delicious' Apple on 23 Rootstocks at 12 Locations: A Five-Year Summary of the 2003 NC-140 Dwarf Rootstock TrialR.P. Marini, B. Black, R.M. Crassweller, P.A. Domoto, C. Hampson, S. Johnson, K. Kosola, S. McArtney, J. Masabni, R. Moran, R.P. Quezada, T. Robinson and C.R. Rom115
Peach Industry in SpainG. LlÁcer, J.M. Alonso, M.J. Rubio-Cabetas, I. Batlle, I. Iglesias, F.J. Vargas, J. GarcÍa-Brunton, and M.L. Badenes128
October 2009, Number 4
Comparing Strawberry Salt Tolerance Using A Low Volume Near-Continuous Gradient Dosing SystemA. Hawks, G. Cardon and B. Black136
Inheritance of the Cr Gene in Ribes nigrumD.T. Dalton and K.E. Hummer142
Enhancing Pawpaw Chip Budding SuccessK.W. Pomper, S.B. Crabtree and J.D. Lowe145
Growing Degree Days, Bloom and Harvest Dates, Fruit Quality and Yield of New Yellow and White NectarinesE. Fallahi, B. Fallahi, B. Shafii, M.E. Amiri and M. Mirjalili150
The Citrus Rootstocks Cleopatra Mandarin, Poncirus trifoliata, Forner-Alcaide 5 and Forner-Alcaide 13 Vary in Susceptibility toM. José Llosá, A. Bermejo, A. Cano, A. Quińones and M. Angeles Forner-Giner160
Does Strain Affect Fruit Color Development, Anthocyanin Content and Fruit Quality in 'Gala' Apples? A Comparative Study over Three SeasonsI. Iglesias and G. Echeverría168
Georgian Native Grapevine Cultivars 'Alexandrouli', 'Dzveli Alexandrouli' and 'Mujuretuli': Description, Genetic Relationship and Hypotheses About Their OriginD. Maghradze, O. Failla, S. Imazio, M. Rossoni and A. Scienza181
'UFRoyal' NectarineJ.X. Chaparro and W.B. Sherman192