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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 6

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December 1951, Number 1
The Crandall, a New and Promising Late-keeping AppleC.J. Birkeland and D.F. Dayton3
Reine Red, a Bud Sport of Reine Claude PlumL. Verner5
A Genetic Bud Mutation in the PearF.C. Reimer6
How About the Butternut?L.H. MacDaniels9
Has the Celestia Apple Survived?I. Glackens14
A Method of Controlling the Chestnut Blight on Partially Resistant Species and Hybrids of CastaneaA. Harmount Graves15
January 1952, Number 2
The Tuna or Prickly Pear in CaliforniaC.A. Schroeder26
The Cultivated Highbush Blueberry, a Relatively New FruitF.A. Gilbert29
New Small Fruits Developed at GenevaG.L. Slate32
Peach, Pear and Plum Variety Trends in MichiganF.R. Brush34
Does Nitrogen Affect Color in Red Bud Sports?H.H. Moon, L.D. Regeimbal and C.P. Harley36
Two New Fruits from Minnesota Fruit Breeding FarmsT.S. Weir37
A South Dakota Grower's Experiences with Fruit VarietiesC.A. Nash39
February 1952, Number 3
Early Red, a New Raspberry from MichiganS. Johnston47
Idared and Idajon ApplesL. Verner49
Eden Strawberry from New YorkG.L. Slate51
The Lychee in FloridaM. Cobin52
The Macadamia Nut in HawaiiG.M. Kessler54
The Cultivated Blueberry, a Relatively New FruitF.A. Gilbert57
May 1952, Number 4
Ohio Station Tests Yield and Processing Qualities of Nine Raspberry VarietiesR.R. Barton and R.G. Hill, Jr. 63
Franklin Apple is Receiving Favorable Consumer CommentF.S. Howlett and T.E. Fowler67
Colby, a Hardy Persian Walnut for the Central StatesJ.C. McDaniel72
Idared Apple, a CorrectionAPS75
Three Recent Peach Introductions from the Ontario StationAPS76
Two New Varieties Just a Beginning in Blackberry Breeding at Geneva, N.Y. APS77
A Dutch Raspberry Proving Valuable in BreedingAPS77
Apple Varieties for the FutureAPS78
The Kendall Apple in British ColumbiaA.J. Mann and F.W.L. Keane79
A Grower Panel from Ohio Discusses Apple Varieities and RootstocksC.W. Ellenwood80
The Nursery Stock Identification ProblemA.P. French81