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Journal of the American Pomological Society
(J Am Pom Soc)

American Pomological Society

Volume 58

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January 2004, Number 1
'Harrow Diamond' PeachR.E.C. Layne2
Yield, Fruit Size, Red Color, and a Partial Economic Analysis for 'Delicious' and 'Empire' in the NC-140 1994 Systems Trial in VirginiaR.P. Marini and J.A. Barden4
Modifying Bloom and Harvest Date of Peach with Interstems and RootstocksT.G. Beckman12
Production of Twelve New Allotetraploid Somatic Hybrid Citrus Breeding Parents with Emphasis on Late Maturity and Cold-HardinessJ.W. Grosser and J.L. Chandler21
Effects of SevinXLR Plus and Accel on Pre- and Post-harvest Quality and Yield of 'McIntosh' ApplesS. Khanizadeh, Y. Groleau, J. DeEll, I. Ali, F. Saad and D. Rekika29
Breeding Potential of Lower Ploidy Fragaria Species (Hedrick Student Award Review Paper 2003)R.M. Harbut and J.A. Sullivan37
A Kaolin-based Particle Film Suppresses Certain Insect and Fungal Pests while Reducing Heat Stress in ApplesA.L. Thomas, M.E. Muller, B.R. Dodson, M.R. Ellersieck and M. Kaps42
April 2004, Number 2
'Bosc': A Pear in Transition with an Uncertain PastE.A. Mielke59
Multidisciplinary Evaluation of New Apple Cultivars: The NE-183 Regional ProjectD. Greene, A. Azarenko, B. Barritt, B. Belding, L. Berkett, J. Cline, W. Cowgill, D. Ferree, E. Garcia, G. Greene, C. Hampson, R. McNew, I. Merwin, D. Miller, S. Miller, R. Moran, M. Parker, D. Rosenberger, C. Rom, T. Roper, J. Schupp and E. Stover61
Performance of Apple Cultivars in the 1995 NE-183 Regional Planting: II. Fruit Quality CharacteristicsS. Miller, R. McNew, R. Belding, L. Berkett, S. Brown, J. Clements, J. Cline, W. Cowgill, R. Crassweller, E. Garcia, D. Greene, G. Greene, C. Hampson, I. Merwin, R. Moran, T. Roper, J. Schupp and E. Stover65
Peformance of 'Braeburn', 'Golden Delicious' and 'Yataka Fuji' Apple on Mark and M.9 Rootstocks at Multiple Locations Across North AmericaC.R. Hampson, R. McNew, A. Azarenko, L. Berkett, B. Barritt, R. Belding, S. Brown, J. Clements, J. Cline, W. Cowgill, R. Crassweller, E. Garcia, D. Greene, G. Greene, I. Merwin, D. Miller, S. Miller, R. Moran, J.D. Obermiller, C. Rom, T. Roper, J. Schupp and E. Stover78
Spur Leaf and Flower Characteristics of Apple Cultivars in the 1995 NE-183 TrialD.C. Ferree and J.C. Schmid90
Winter Hardiness Measurements on 15 New Apple CultivarsH.A. Quamme and C.R. Hampson98
'UFSun' PeachR.E. Rouse, W.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene108
The Influence of Prohexadione-Calcium Sprays on Apple Tree Growth, Chemical Fruit Thinning and Return BloomR.E. Byers, D.H. Carbaugh and L.D. Combs111
Comparison of Bag and Raised Bed Treatments for Strawberry Production under Unheated Greenhouse ConditionsE. Ozdemir and K. Gunduz118
July 2004, Number 3
The 'Early Black' CranberryC.J. DeMoranville126
'd' Anjou' Pear Fruit Quality as Influenced by Paper Wraps Infused with Inorganic and Organic MaterialsS.R. Drake, D.C. Elfving and L. Braden129
Chambourcin' Grapevine Response to Crop Level and Canopy Shade at BloomD.C. Ferree, D.M. Scurlock, T. Steiner and J. Gallander135
Cherry in Rearing Diet Affects Development of Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)J.D. Hansen, S.R. Drake and M.L. Heidt142
An Evergreen Huckleberry Industry Near the Oregon Coast in the Early 20th CenturyJ.D. Postman147
Vegetative Growth and Fruiting of 'Red Fuji' Apple on M.9 Clones and Other Dwarfing RootstocksM.R. Warmund152
Yield, Quality Attributes, and Degree Day Requirements of Various Wine Grapes under Climatic Conditions of Intermountain West RegionE. Fallahi, B. Shafii, B. Fallahi, J.C. Stark and A.L. Engel156
Red Bayberry (Myrica rubra), a Promising Fruit and Forest Tree in ChinaX.H. He, L.G. Chen, S. Asghar and Y. Chen163
October 2004, Number 4
The 'Smokehouse' AppleT.E. Elkner170
Eight-Year Performance of 19 Peach Rootstocks at 20 Locations in North AmericaG. Reighard, R. Andersen, J. Anderson, W. Autio, T. Beckman, T. Baker, R. Belding, G. Brown, P. Byers, W. Cowgill, D. Deyton, E. Durner, A. Erb, D. Ferree, A. Gaus, R. Godin, R. Hayden, P. Hirst, S. Kadir, M. Kaps, H. Larsen, T. Lindstrom, N. Miles, F. Morrison, S. Myers, D. Ouellette, C. Rom, W. Shane, B. Taylor, K. Taylor, C. Walsh and M. Warmund174
Genetic Diversity and Clonal Variation among Olive Cultivars Offer Hope for Selecting Cultivars for TexasN.S.A. Malik and J.M. Bradford203
Cable-Tie Girdling of Peach Trees Approximates Standard Girdling ResultsK.C. Taylor210
Genetic Resistance to Currant Borer in Ribes CultivarsK. Hummer and A. Sabitov215
Influence of Application Time and Gibberellic Acid Concentration on 'Seyval Blanc' GrapesD.C. Ferree, D.M. Scurlock and J.C. Schmid220
Field Performance of Twenty-one Strawberry Cultivars in a Black Root Rot-Infested SiteJ.A. LaMondia226