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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 52

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January 1998, Number 1
´San Saba` PecanT.E. Thompson and L.J. Grauke2
´Edda` PlumS.H. Hjeltnes4
Field Resistance of Black Currant Cultivars (Ribes nigrum L.) to Diseases and PestsH.L. Pedersen6
An Overview of the Peach Industry of SpainM.L. Badenes, D.J. Werner, J. Martinez-Calvo, M. Lorente and G. Llacer11
National Prunus Breeders Conference - 1997 MeetingJ.R. Clark18
´Gulfbeauty` and ´Gulfblaze` Japanese-Type PlumsW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene19
Studies on the Variability and Nuts of Seedling Walnut (Juglans regia L.) in Relation to the Tree AgeS.D. Sharma and O.C. Sharma20
Performance of Nine European Plum Cultivars on Two Rootstocks in East-Central OntarioJ. Warnerand G. Tehrani23
Shank Tissue Proliferations in Apple Rootstocks: Effects on Tree Growth and Correlation with Site FactorsE.W. Stover and C.S. Walsh29
Hand and Mechanical Pruning of Thorny, Erect-Type Blackberries in AlabamaA.L. Busby and D.G. Himelrick32
´Old Home` and ´Farmingdale` the Romeo and Juliet of Pear Rootstocks: An Historical PerspectiveK.E. Hummer38
Impact of Production Risk on the Selection of Peach RootstocksJ.K. Harper and G.M. Greene II41
Evaluation of Dormant Primary Bud Hardiness of Muscadine Grape CultivarsJ.R. Clark and P. Watson47
´Rojal` CarobI. Batlle and J. Tous51
Characterization of Cherimoya Germplasm with Isozyme MarkersF. Perfectti and L. Pascual53
April 1998, Number 2
The ´Northern Spy` AppleF.G. Dennis Jr.66
Growth, Yield, Survival and Leaf Nutrient Concentrations of Plums on Various RootstocksG.E. Boyhan, J.D. Norton, J.A. Pitts and D.G. Himelrich71
A Description of Peach Native Populations from SpainM.L. Badenes, D.J. Werner, J. Martinez-Calvo and G. Llacer80
Strawberry Varieties for Fresh Market in DenmarkO.M. Martins86
´Leonense` a Dual Purpose Peach Cultivar, Adapted to Southern BrazilM. Do C.B. Raseira, B.H. Nakasu, J. Fortes and O.M. Martins89
Blueberry Cultivar Evaluation on a High pH Site in MissouriM.L. Kaps and M.B. Odneal91
Pollen Fertility of Hybrids Between Rabbiteye Blueberry and Vaccinium constablaeiR. Ritzinger and P.M. Lyrene96
Outcrossing in a Diverse Peach Rootstock Seed BlockT.G. Beckman100
Variation in Drupelet Number and Weight in Pacific Northwest Red RaspberriesP.P. Moore103
A Protocol for Rooting and Growing Apple Rootstock MicroshootsD.K. Isutsa, M.P. Pritts and K.W. Mudge107
July 1998, Number 3
´Chester Thornless` BlackberryG.J. Galletta, A.D. Draper, J.L. Maas, R.M. Skirvin, A.G. Otterbacher, H.J. Swartz and C.K. Chandler118
´Earlysweet` Black RaspberryG.J. Galletta, J.L. Maas, and J.M. Enns123
´Triple Crown` Thronless BlackberryG.J. Galletta, J.L. Maas, J.R. Clark and C.E. Finn124
Incidence of Diseases on Fruit of Nine Apple Genotypes as Influenced by Six Fungicide TreatmentsJ.A. Barden and R.P. Marini128
Incidence of Diseases on Foliage of Nine Apple Genotypes as Influenced by Six Fungicide TreatmentsR.P. Marini and J.A. Barden136
Improvements of Satsuma Mandarin (Wase Group) Using the Appearance of Clones with Desireable CharacteristicsD. Kotsias and S. Vemmos144
Growth and Productivity of Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars on M.27 EMLA, M.26 EMLA and Mark RootstocksJ.R. Schupp and S.I. Koller150
Winter Hardiness and Plant Vigor of 24 Strawberry Cultivars Grown in DenmarkH. Daugaard154
The Fruit Crops of Vietnam: Introduced Species and Their Native RelativesH.T. Le, J.F. Hancock, and T.-T. Trinh158
´Flordastar` and ´Hermosillo` Peaches and ´Lara` Nectarine: Early Varieties for ArgentinaG. Valentini and W.B. Sherman168
Germination and Growth of Sparkleberry Seedlings (Vaccinium arboreum Marsh)P.M. Lyrene171
October 1998, Number 4
´Van` Sweet CherryF. Kappel182
Stone Fruit Production and Breeding in KoreaK.H. Chung, S.J. Kang, J.H. Jun and W.R. Okie184
Promising High Quality Apples Evaluated in New EnglandD.W. Greene190
Performance of Three Apple Cultivars on 19 Standard and Semi-Standard Rootstocks Over 10 YearsD.C. Ferree, J.C. Schmid and P.E. Dotson200
Sensory Characteristics of Four Strains of ´Fuji` ApplesM.A. cliff, M.C. King and R.A. MacDonald205
Preserving a Healthy Fruit Crop Industry in the United StatesK.E. Hummer and C.R. Rom210
Introduction to the Workshop: Preserving a Healthy Fruit Crop Industry in the United StatesK.E. Hummer and C.R. Rom211
The Needs of the Fruit Industry in the U. S. for the Important Testing and Release of New Cultivars An Industry PerspectiveD. Weil212
Plant Quarantine: A Personal ExperienceM.M. Thompson215
Concentrations of Amino Nitrogen and Soluble Carbohydrates in Bleeding Sap Collected at Bud Break of ´Cabernet Franc` and ´White Riesling` Grapevines Growing on Four Clonal RootstocksS.J. McArtney, D.C. Ferree, D.M. Scurlock and G.R. Johns220
Bloom Time in Low-Chill PeachesW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene226
Using Simulation Modeling to Estimate the Relationship Between Date of Fruit Maturity and Yield Potential in PeachM.E. Berman, A. Rosati, L. Pace, Y.L. Grossman and T.M. DeJong229
Minimal Nutrient Flux in Leaves of ´Fuji` apple Trees on Two RootstocksD.H. Diamond, E. Fallahi, B. Shafii and R.R. Tripepi236