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Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest
(J Fruit Var & Hort Digest)

American Pomological Society

Volume 5

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April 1950, Number 1
Vermilion, A New Strawberry VarietyA.S. Colby and H.L. Boll3
The Baxter Black Winesap AppleR.L. McMunn5
Introduction to Two New Blueberry Varieties Adapted to North CarolinaAPS6
Stone Fruit Production in New MexicoA. Krochmal and L.C. Gibbs7
The Callaway and Coastal BlueberriesAPS9
The Effects of Climate on Fruit FormC.A. Schroeder13
A Missouri Apple from the Fruit Experiment Station, Mountain Grove, Missouri: WHETSTONE (Conard x Delicious)P.H. Shepard16
Varieties of Small Fruits Adapted to TennesseeT.H. Jones17
Sweet Cherries–Present and Future VarietiesR. Wellington, G.H. Howe and R.C. Lamb23
Some Variety Tests in Central MaineH.L. Palmer25
July 1950, Number 2
A New Peach Envoy from New Jersey to OntarioL.F. Hough and E.F. Palmer35
Monroe–A promising Late-Keeping AppleG.H. Howe37
Size of Blackjon AppleR.L. McMunn39
Two Canning Clingstone Peach Varieties for California, Coronado and VivianAPS42
Danish Fruit ProductionA. Stauning43
Coxe's "View"I. Glackens47
New Beach Plum for New Jersey APS50
New Varieties in Middle CanadaW.R. Leslie51
March 1950, Number 3
The Importance of Polyploidy in Modern Apple BreedingC.J. Bishop63
Peach Variet:ies Vary In Resist:ance To Frost: At BlossomingG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore67
December 1950, Number 4
What's New in Peach Variet:iesJ.T. Bregger79
Apple Color Sports, a Milestone on the Industry's ProgressB. Beverley Byrd82
French-American Hybrids as Table GrapesE.H. Schroeder85
Effects of Mild Winters on Peach Varieties in MississippiJ.P. Overcash, J.A. Campbell, B.C. Hurt and S.P. Crockett91
Blueberry Variety Trials at Blacksburgt VirginiaG.D. Oberle and R.C. Moore95
Peach Bud Survival after Subzero FreezesW.D. Armstrong98