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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 46

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January 1992, Number 1
'Heritage' Red RaspberryH. Daubeny, K. Maloney and G.R. McGregor2
Tohoku 2' AppleG. Redalen3
Field Susceptibility of 68 Apple Cultivars to Cedar Apple Rust, Quince Rust and Hawthorn RustJ. Warner6
Sour Cherry Breeding and Production in HungaryJ. Apostol and A. Iezzoni11
Chinese Hickory: An Emerging Nut-Tree CropR. Yong-ling, B.W. Wood and J.A. Payne16
The Tse Li, Tsu Li DilemmaK. Hummer22
History of Shepard AwardD.W. Ramming24
Plum Breeding in Several Zones of the USSRL.A. Burmistrov26
Compatibility Among Plum Cultivars Adapted to Southern BrazilT.C.P. de Carvalho and M. de C.B. Raseira28
'Chulli'—A Wild Apricot From Himalayan Cold Desert RegionC. Parmar and A.K. Sharma35
Sensory Evaluation of 'Gala' and 'Jonagold' StrainsF. Kappel, M. Dever and M. Bouthillier37
Tree Canopy Volume and Leaf Mineral Nutrient Concentrations of 'Redblush' Grapefruit on Twelve RootstocksE. Fallahi44
Performance of Four Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars Grown With or Without Drip IrrigationD.E. Deyton and R. Thompson49
Evaluation of Advanced Strawberry Selections in QuebecS. Khanizadeh, M. Lareau and D. Buszard53
'Kent' and 'Honeoye' Were Highest Yielding Best-Adapted Strawberry Cultivars in Colorado TrialA.R. Renquist and H.G. Hughes58
April 1992, Number 2
'Flordaprince' PeachW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene66
Early Performance of Four Apple Cultivars on Mark and Other Rootstocks in MaineJ.R. Schupp67
The Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization, Season of Application, and Orchard Floor Management on Fruit Quality and Leaf Mineral Content of 'Golden Delicious' Apple TreesM. Meheriuk, G. H. Neilsen and E. J. Hogue71
Sensory Evaluation of Several Scab-Resistant Apple GenotypesR. L. Granger, S. Khanizadeh, J. Fortin, K. Lapsley and M. Meheriuk75
Evaluation of Selected Almond [Prunus dulcis (Miller) D.A. Webb] Germplasm for Several Shell and Kernel CharacteristicsC. A. Ledbetter and C. B. Shonnard79
'Mclntosh Wijcik': A Columnar Mutation of 'Mclntosh' Apple Proving Useful in Physiology and Breeding ResearchD.F. Kelsey and S.K. Brown83
Postharvest Quality of 'Virginia Gold' Apple FruitO.C. Kamath, M.M. Kushad and J.A. Barden87
Performance of 'Golden Delicious' on Two Rootstocks and Four Dwarfing Interstems Over 10 YearsD.C. Ferree93
Cold Storage of Strawberries In Vitro: a Comparison of Three Storage SystemsB.M. Reed98
'Segundo,' 'Byrongold' and 'Rubysweet' Plums and BY69-1637P Plumcot – Fruits for the Southeastern United StatesW.R. Okie, J.M. Thompson, C.C. Reilly, F.I. Meredith, J.A. Robertson and B.G. Lyon102
Variability in Resistance of Peach Plant Introductions to Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) InfestationR.L. Meager Jr. and D. Werner 108
The Precocity of Selected Northern Pecan CultivarsW. Reid111
Performance of 'Cortland' and 'Mclntosh' on Fourteen Rootstocks in QuebecR. L. Granger, G. L. Rousselle, M. Meheriuk, and S. Khanizadeh114
Assessment of Low Chill Peach and Nectarine Cultivars in the Central Coast of New South Wales, AustraliaW. Koffmann and A.R. Patten119
Peaches and Nectarines Developed But Not Released by the University of FloridaW.B. Sherman, J. Rodriguez-A. and B.L. Topp124
July 1992, Number 3
'Wealthy' AppleT.R. Roper130
Productivity and Vigor of Sixteen Raspberry Cultivars in Central PennsylvaniaB. Goulart132
Response of Fruit Development Period to Temperature During Specific Periods After Full Bloom in PeachU. Boonprakob, D.H. Byrne and R.E. Rouse137
Evaluation of Foreign Peach and Nectarine Introductions in the U.S. for Resistance of Leaf Curl [Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.]R. Scorza141
Breeding Apples for Scab Resistance: 1945-1990J.A. Crosby, J. Janick, P.C. Pecknold, S.S. Korban, P.A. O'Connor, S.M. Ries, J. Goffreda and A. Voordeckers145
An Autotetraploid of the Key Lime, Citrus aurantifoliaH.C. Barrett166
Effects of Debudding and Defruiting on Alternate Bearing in Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)T. Caruso, L. Di Marco, A. Motisi and A. Raimondo170
In Pursuit of a Better Pecan CultivarD. Sparks174
Performance of Several Plums in the Lower St. Lawrence Region of QuebecR.L. Granger, A. Freve, J.-Y. Fournier, M. Meheriuk, S. Khaneadeh and G. Tehrani183
Research on Flower Thinning of Early-Ripening Peach and Nectarine with UreaL. Di Marco, T. Caruso, F. P. Marra and A. Motisi186
The Apples of MaineAPS191
October 1992, Number 4
The 'Sharpblue' Southern Highbush BlueberryP.M. Lyrene and W.B. Sherman194
Introduction Rubus Workshop at the ASHS Meeting at Pennsylvania State University August, 1990M. Ahmedullah196
Primocane Fruiting Raspberries in the Pacific Northwest and CaliforniaH. Daubeny and C. Fear197
Floricane Fruiting Red Raspberry Cultivars in the Pacific NorthwestP.P. Moore200
Blackberry Cultivars and Production Trends in the Pacific NorthwestB.C. Strik202
Raspberry Cultivars and Production in the MidwestG.R. Nonnecke and J.J. Luby207
Raspberry Genotypes for the East CoastH.J. Swartz, S.K. Naess, J. Fiola, H. Stiles, B. Smith, M. Pritts, J.C. Sanford and K. Maloney212
Blackberry Production and Cultivars in North America East of the Rocky MountainsJ.R. Clark217
Raspberry Cultivars in Eastern CanadaA. Dale222
Longitudinal Bark Cracking on Trunks of Young Asian Pear Trees in Response to a Rapid Drop in Winter TemperatureF.E. Larsen and S.S. Higgins225
Comparison of the Physical, Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Five Raspberry Cultivars Evaluated Fresh and FrozenA.A. Bushway, R.J. Bushway, R.H. True, T.M. Work, D. Bergeron, D.T. Handley and L.B. Perkins229
Ripening and Storage of the 'Liberty' AppleW.R. Autio and J.F. Constante235
Performance of Cultivars and Selections of Muscadine Grapes in North FloridaP.C. Andersen245
Grafting Success and Early Performance of Asian Pears on Pyrus calleryana RootstockH. Aung and F.B. Matta250
Pears from the Past Preserved for PosterityJ. Postman255
Joint Meeting of the European Prunus and Apple Genome Mapping Groups, East Mailing, UK, May 1991K.R. Tobutt and R.J. Nicoll263