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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 43

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January 1989, Number 1
The 'York Imperial' AppleH.A. Rollins, Jr.2
'Jonagold': An Apple for the 21st CenturyI. Schechter and J.T. A. Proctor4
The Search for Peach Rootstocks Tolerant to AlkalinityJ.N. Egilla and D.H. Byrne7
The Changing Strawberry Cultivar Situation in North AmericaH.A. Daubeny11
California Strawberry CultivarsR.S. Bringhurst and V. Voth12
Pacific Northwest Strawberry CultivarsF.J. Lawrence19
Midwest and Plains States Strawberry CultivarsJ.J. Luby22
Northeastern United States Strawberry CultivarsG.J. Galletta31
Southern United States Strawberry CultivarsJ.D. Caldwell33
Eastern Canada Strawberry CultivarsA. Dale38
Kateru: A Late Ripening Himalayan Wild PeachC. Parmar41
April 1989, Number 2
'Willamette' Red RaspberryH.A. Daubeny, F.J. L.awrence, and G.R. McGregor46
Scab-Resistant Apple CultivarsS.S. Korban and J.M. Morrisey48
The Tomentosa Cherry, Prunus tomentosa Thunb.K. Kask50
Peaches and Nectarines for Texas' Subtropical Lower Rio Grande ValleyR.E. Rouse52
'Clark Hill Redleaf' PlumW.R. Okie and J.M. Thompson58
Peach Cultivar and Advanced Selection Evaluation in the Medium-Chill Region off TexasD.H. Byrne and T.A. Bacon59
Comparison of Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars Grown on Two Different Mountain Slope Orientations in North GeorgiaM.E. Austin, K. Bondari, and J.W. Dobson, Jr.67
Biotechnology and Fruit GrowingS. Sansavini75
July 1989, Number 3
'Barcelona' HazelnutS.A. Mehlenbacher and A.N. Miller90
Clones of Malus, Pyrus, and Prunus Subject to Removal from the Virus-free, Clonal Collection Maintained by Interregional Project-2 (IR-2)G.I. Mink and W.E. Howell96
Early Performance of MAC Apple Rootstocks in OhioD.C. Ferree102
Why is 'Elliot' so Productive? A Comparison of Yield Components in 6 Highbush Blueberry Cultivars!J.F. Hancock106
Freezing Tolerance off Tissue Cultured Rubus PlantsM.R. Warmund, C.J. Starbuck and M.F. George109
Scion/Rootstock Influence on Bloom Date and Early Fruit Production of Asian Pears in Washington StateF.E. Larsen and S.S. Higgins114
Five New Low-chill Peach CultivarsW.B. Sherman and R.E. Rouse120
Relationship of Chilling Requirement in Prunus persica (L.) Batsch to Peach Tree Short LifeG.L. Reighard, D.W. Cain, and W.C. Newall, Jr.121
Effects of Hydrogen Cyanamide on Bloom Advancement in Female Pistachio (P. vera L.)C.A. PONTIKIS125
October 1989, Number 4
The 'Elberta' PeachS.C. Myers, W.R. Okie and G. Lightner130
Consumer Evaluations of 'Delicious' Apple StrainsR.M. Crassweller and R.A. Hollender139
Weed Control in Newly Planted Strawberries in MoroccoA. Lansari, A.M. Lasheen, and L.B. Hertz143
Paradoxes Surrounding Our Understanding of Plum Leaf ScaldW.B. Sherman, C.E. Yonce, W.R. Okie, and T.G. Beckman147
Performance of Strawberry Cultivars in the North Central Region of the United StatesE.J. Hanson151
The Relationship Between Temperature and Bloom-to-ripening Period in Low-chill PeachB.L. Topp and W.B. Sherman155
Field Performance of 'Summerland Red Mclntosh,' 'MacSpur Mclntosh,' 'Empire' and 'Idared' On Six RootstocksC.G. Embree and W.E. Craig159