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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 42

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January 1988, Number 1
KiwifruitI.J. Warrington 2
'Saharanpur Prabhat' An Early Sweet Peach (Prunus persica Batsch)S.S. Solanki, S.N. Singh, P.K. Saxena, and I.C. Pandey4
Effects of Spring Frosts on Four Apple CultivarsR.L. Granger and C. Vincent5
Effects of Rootstock and Interstock on Seasonal Changes in Foliar Nutrient (N, P, K, Ca) Composition of 'Delicious' and 'Golden Delicious' AppleS. West and E. Young9
Status of Virus-tested Rubus Cultivars in the USDA Research CollectionR.H. Converse14
Hardiness of Apple and Peach Trees in the NC-140 Rootstock TrialsM.R. Warmund and J.V. Slater20
Comparison of Early Performance and Fire Blight Susceptibility of 12 Early Season Apple CultivarsD.C. Ferree, R.C. Funt and C.K. Chandler24
Relative Susceptibility of Certain Peach Cultivars to Summer Infection of Leaf CurlJ. King, R.A. Norton and G.A. Moulton28
New Clonal Apple Rootstocks of the E. Series K. Kask31
April 1988, Number 2
The 'Jonathan' Apple and its ProgenyR.C. Rom34
Annual Deblossoming Increases Fire Blight Susceptibility of 'Golden Delicious'/M.9 Apple TreesJ.R. Schupp and D.C. Ferree40
Trends of Production, Cultivars and Planting Systems on Apples and Pears in Western EuropeF. Winter and M. Welte44
The Importance of Growth During Flower Bud Differentiation to Maximizing Yield in Strawberry GenotypesB.C. Strik and J.T.A. Proctor45
Effect of Training System on Yield in 'Early Redhaven' PeachL.G. Denby, M. Meheriuk, and R. Brownlee49
Arthropods in a Scab, Venturis inaequalis (Cke.) Wint., (Ascomycetes:Mycosphaerellacea) and European Red Mite, Panonychus ulmi (Koch), (Acari.-Tetranychidae), Resistant Apple Orchard in IndianaH.F. Goonewardene and T.P. Bogyo52
Effect of Training System on Precocity and Yield in 'Anjou' PearL.G. Denby, M. Meheriuk, and R. Brownlee65
Yield and Fruit Quality of Apple Trees Under Three High Density Management SystemsS.H. Blizzard, S. Singha, T.A. Baugher and B.D. Cayton67
July 1988, Number 3
'Montmorency' Sour CherryA.F. Iezzoni74
Effects of Simulated Shelf-life Conditions on Consumer Acceptance and Weight Loss in 'Clapp's Favorite,' 'Bartlett,' Flemish Beauty,' 'Bosc' and 'Anjou' PearsR.K. Prance, C.G. Embree, and H.-Y. Ju76
Inbreeding and Co-ancestry of Low Chill Short Fruit Development Period Freestone Peaches and Nectarines Produced by the University off Florida Breeding ProgramR. Scorza, W.B. Sherman, and G.W. Lightner79
Performance of Selected Peach Rootstocks in OhioD.C. Ferree and J.C. Schmid85
Arthropod Resistance in Plant Introduction Accessions of Malus sp. to Some Arthropod Pests of Economic ImportanceH.F. Goonewardene and W.R. Povish88
Overlapping Double and Early Single Cropping of Low-chill Peaches in AustraliaA.P. George, R.J. Nissen and W.B. Sherman91
Performance of Scab Resistant Apple Cultivars at the Smithfield Experimental FarmJ. Warner and C. Potter96
Strawberry Cultivars and Worldwide Patterns of Strawberry ProductionJ.F. Hancock and D.H. Scott102
Virus Tested Pear Germplasm Available at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis, OregonJ. Postman, and K. Hummer109
October 1988, Number 4
The 'Stuart' PecanT.E. Thompson118
Bloom Advancement in Sweet Cherry by Hydrogen CyanamideI. Snir and A. Erez120
Pedicel Characteristics of Four Apple CultivarsJ.-P. Prive, D.C. Elfving and J.T.A. Proctor122
Fruit Set in Half-High Blueberry Genotypes Following Self and Cross PollinationA. Rabaey and J. Luby126
Verification of the Parentage of Presumed Peach x Almond Hybrids by Isozyme AnalysesD.H. Byrne and T.G. Littleton130
'Rio Oso Gem' and 'Loring' Peach Flower Bud and Wood Hardiness as Affected By Different RootstocksE.F. Durner and F.X. Rooney134
Yield and Production Stability of Strawberry Cultivars Grown at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster, 1952-1987C.K. Chandler and R.G. Hill, Jr.139
Plum Genotypes and Their Improvement in YugoslaviaA. S. Paunovich, DSc143
Graft Union Development of the 'Golden Delicious' Apple when Combined with Varied Dwarfing RootstocksS. Ussahatanonta and R.K. Simons 152