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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 39

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January 1985, Number 1
Mutsu: Performance and Evaluation Over Three DecadesF. Kappel and J.T.A. Proctor2
Flower Bud Initiation in Strawberry CultivarsB.C. Strik5
Potential Methods for Gene Exchange Between Rabbiteye and Highbush BlueberriesR.G. Goldy and P.M. Lyrene9
Current Status of Genetic Dwarf Fruit Trees for the NorthwestR.A. Norton12
Influence of Growth Regulators and Nitrogen Form on Micropropagation of Rabbiteye BlueberriesM.J. Young and J.S. Cameron16
Yield Stability in 10 Cultivars of StrawberryJ.F. Hancock18
Color Evaluation of Seventeen Strains of 'Delicious'R.M. Crassweller, J. Walker and R.L. Shewfelt21
Producing New Morello Cherry VarietiesS. Kovacs25
Breeding of New Disease Resistant Apple VarietiesS. Kovacs26
Wild Vitis Riparia from Northern U. S. and Canada — Breeding Source for Winter Hardiness in Cultivated Grapes — a Background of the Swenson HybridsE.P. Swenson28
'StarkR' Summer Treat™' AppleS.A. Mehlenbacher, L.F. Hough, C.H. Bailey and J.L. Frecon32
'StarkR Saturn' PeachS.A. Mehlenbacher, L.F. Hough, C.H. Bailey and J.L. Frecon33
April 1985, Number 2
U.S.-China Citrus SymposiumC. Jack Hearn2
Citrus Production and Research in ChinaHu Zhaoling2
Citriculture: Past, Present, and FutureH.J. Rettz7
Hybridization of Citrus and Related GeneraH.C. Barrett11
The Status of Fortunella Genetic Resources in ChinaYe Yin-min17
Citrus Clonal Selection, Progeny Testing and In Vitro PropagationWen-Cai Zhang20
Citrus Scion Improvement ProgramC. Jack Hearn34
Induced Mutations in Citrus Shoot Tip Culture In VitroLiu Gung-Bee and Deng Shiu Shin38
A Study on Induction of Plants from Citrus PollenChen Zhen-Guang44
Environmental Factors Affecting CitrusG. Yelenosky51
Studies on the Problem of Citrus Growing in Coastal Mud FlatWeng Maidong59
July 1985, Number 3
The Early Bearing and High Yield of Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis Osbeck) on Red Loam in Guangdong, ChinaNan-Sun Zhou2
A Report of the Citriculture on the Coastal Sandy, Windy LandChen Zhusan and Lin Jinquan10
Studies on Citrus Rootstocks for Sweet OrangeZhao Xue-Yuan14
Rootstock Development Screening and Selection for Disease Tolerance and Horticultural CharacteristicsD.J. Hutchison21
Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Affecting CitrusD.T. Kaplan26
The Present Status of Citrus Virus and Virus-Like Diseases in ChinaZhao Xueyuan and Jiang Yuanhui30
Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Citrus and Their Impact on Citrus Production and Germplasm SelectionS.M. Garnsey36
Florida Citrus Packinghouse Operations and HandlingW.F. Wabdowski46
Redchief (Mercier) New, Earlier Red DeliciousAPS51
Bellaire PeachAPS52
Antique Apples of Virginia OriginE. Fisher52
October 1985, Number 4
Pome Fruit Germplasm Resources InventoryV.A. Triolo, H.W. Foole and M. Faust2
Heterozygosity for Self-incompatibility in Lloyd George Red RaspberryE. Keep5
Quarantined and Quarantine-Released Prunus sp. Accessions: The Integration of Quarantined-Germplasm Inventories into the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)B.J. Parliman, H. Talbot, J.D. Mowder and N.F. Foran7
An Analysis of Winter Injury to Grapevines as a Result of Two Severe Winters in WashingtonM. Ahmedullah29
Weed Control in Northcountry Blueberry, with Preemergence HerbicidesL.B. Hertz and D.K. Wildung34
The Marshall McIntosh AppleW.J. Lord, W.J. Bramlage and W.R. Auno37
A Preliminary Trial of Some Exotic Stocks for ApricotsJ.N. Cummins41