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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 37

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January 1983, Number 1
The Peach Rootstock Situation: An International PerspectiveR.C. Rom3
Rootstocks for Cherry, Plum, and Apricot — Present and FutureW.R. Okie15
Pear Rootstocks: Present and FutureM.N. Westwood and P.B. Lombard24
Low Temperature Injury to Peach Flower Buds in Southwest Virginia in 1982S.C. Myers30
April 1983, Number 2
Two Spine-Free RaspberriesD.L. Jennings34
A Comparison of Five Pacific Northwest Strawberry Cultivars for Hand and Machine HarvestingL.W. Martin and P.J. Pelofske37
Effects of Fluctuating Winter Temperature Stress on Growth and Productivity of Grape (Vitis) SpeciesC.A. Mullins, K. Petrey, D.E. Deyton and D.L. Coffey42
Winter Bud Injury of Grapevines 1981-1982M. Brusky-Odneal45
Effects of Apple Cultivar, Rootstock, and Orchard Spacing on Yields, Tree Survival, and Tree GrowthC.A. Mullins and D.E. Deyton52
July 1983, Number 3
The Penn State Low Trellis Hedgerow System of Apple ProductionL.D. Tukey62
Long-Term Storage of Raspberry PollenA.G. Otterbacher, E.W. Hellman and R.M. Skirvin80
October 1983, Number 4
New American Pomological Society Award Honors U. P. HedrickR.C. Lamb86
Cranberry Cultivar ListM.N. Dana88
Variations in Growth and Productivity Among Macspur Apple Trees, and Growth Comparisons between Spur and Nonspur Mclntosh and Delicious CultivarsW.J. Lord, R.A. Damon, Jr. and D.W. Greene95
The Marshall MclntoshW.J. Lord99
Performance of the Apple Cultivar Prima in IrelandM.J. Hennerty100
Bot Canker — A Threat to the Apple Industry in the SouthE.A. Brown II, F.F. Hendrix, and N.E. McGlohon102
Strawberry Cultivar Testing in NorwayJ. Øydvin, M. Meland, A. Hjeltnes, M. Flønes105
Response of Peach Trees to Various Planting DistancesF.O. Hartman and R.G. Hill, Jr.108
Autogamy Among Selected Peach and Nectarine CultivarsS.A. Weinbaum and A. Erez113