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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 35

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January 1981, Number 1
Field Susceptibility of Apple Cultivars to Scab, Venturis inaequalis and Powdery Mildew, Podosphaera lencotricha in a Cool, Humid, ClimateR.A. Norton2
Jonathan, Jonnee, Jonadel and Jonalicious Apples: A Quality ComparisonR.C. Rom and G.R. Motichek6
Performance of Selected New Strawberry Cultivars in TennesseeC.A. Mullins, T.D. Cordrey and D.W. Lockwood9
Rootstock Studies with Peach and Prunus subcordata Benth.A.N. Roberts and M.N. Westwood12
Performance of Several Peach Cultivars on Prunus tomentosa and Prunus besseyi in MarylandR.C. Funt and B.L. Goulart20
Interstock/Rootstock Effect on Bing Cherry Fruit QualityF.E. Labsen and M.E. Patterson23
Nectarine and Peach Varietal Response to NAA Sprout InhibitionJ.H. Aldrich, C.E. Arnold and C.P. Andrews26
April 1981, Number 2
A Hundred Years of LoganberriesD.L. Jennings34
Current Citrus Cultivar Situation in California and ArizonaR.K. Soost38
Citrus Scion Cultivars in Florida and TexasC.J. Hearn44
Plum and Prune Cultivar Situation in the West Coast of North AmericaD.W. Ramming48
The Plum Industry in the Southeastern United StatesJ.M. Thompson53
Pecan Cultivar Review—SoutheastC.E. Arnold and C.P. Andrews55
Red Raspberry Clones Resistant to Root RotB.H. Babbitt, P.C. Crandall and P.R. Bbistow60
An Unusual Mottle Produced in Some Prunus besseyi × Prunus salicina HybridsP.R. Fridlund63
Freeze Damage in Six Rabbiteye Blueberry CultivarsJ.M. Spiers68
Scionwood of Pear Cultivars and Species Available from the U.S. Plant Introduction StationH.E. Waterworth71
Bacterial Spot Susceptibility in Low Chilling PeachesW.B. Sherman and P.M. Lyrene74
Stark® Encore PeachJ. Frecon76
Chaubattia Anupam, an Early Sweet AppleJ.N. Seth, S.D. Lal, S.S. Solanki and R.P. Kuksal77
The Mark Apple RootstockR.F. Carlson78
July 1981, Number 3
Cherry Cultivar SituationR.L. Anderson83
Performance of Selected Grape Cultivars Under Marginal Climatic Conditions in Tennessee. I. French Hybrid TypeC.A. Mtjllins, D.L. Coffey, D.W. Lockwood and J.L. Collins92
Performance of Selected Grape Cultivars Under Marginal Climatic Conditions in Tennessee. II. American TypeC.A. Mullins, D.L. Coffey and D.W. Lockwood96
Determination of Optimum Maturity for Several Apple Cultivars Grown in MinnesotaC. Brun, C. Stushnoff and S. Munson100
Explorer — A New Full-Season Japanese-Type Plum for the Southeastern United StatesJ.M. Thompson and V.E. Prince104
New Plum Variety: BlackamberD.W. Ramming and O.L. Tanner106
Ennis — A Large FilbertH.B. Lagerstedt107
Butler — A Filbert PollinizerH.B. Lagerstedt109
New Spur Type Mclntosh Introduced by Stark Bro'sJerry Frecon111
October 1981, Number 4
Temperate Fruit Breeding in BrazilB.H. Nakasu, M. do Carmo Bassols and A.J. Feliciano114
Introduction and Evaluation of Low Chilling Peach and Nectarine Cultivars in the Bolivian HighlandsR. Scorza and H. Miramendy122
Performance of Four Apple Cultivars on Mailing 26 Rootstocks Grown in Intensive Culture with Summer ShearingA.H. Thompson and B.L. Rogers126
A Comparison of the Growth and Fruiting of Mclntosh and MacSpur Apple TreesC.S. Walsh131
Lenticel Origin on Golden Delicious Apple FruitsM.A. Shaheen, N.W. Miles and G.L. Kreitner134
Criteria For Determining Peach Variety Susceptibility to Cytospora CankerN. S. Luepschen137
Virus-tested Rubus Cultivars in the USDA Research CollectionR.H. Converse141
First Genetic Dwarf Red Delicious IntroducedJ. Frecon146