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Fruit Varieties Journal
(Fruit Var J)

American Pomological Society

Volume 29

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January 1975, Number 1
A Description of Vaccinium Vitis-IdaeaJ.E. Biermann5
'Vista Bella' - A Red, Summer Dessert Apple from New JerseyL.F. Hough and C.H. Bailey7
'Adria', An Early Ripening Peach from New Jersey Introduced in YugoslaviaC.H. Bailey, L.F. Hough and M. Leksan8
The 'Darrow' StrawberryD.H. Scott and A.D. Draper11
The 'Elliott' BlueberryA.D. Draper, D.H. Scott and J.W. Nelson14
'Obeservations of Apple Rootstocks, Interstocks, Bodystocks, and Cultivars in Southwest IowaC.C. Doll15
Pear Rootstock Research in OregonP.B. Lombard and M.N. Westwood17
'Compact Stella' CherryK.O. Lapins20
'Skaha' ApricotK.O. Lapins21
'Summit' Sweet CherryK.O. Lapins22
April 1975, Number 2
An Evaluation of Selected Cultivars, Rootstocks and Hardy InterstocksD.C. Ferree and C.A. Morrison26
Fire Blight Susceptibility of Dwarfing Apple RootstocksH.L. Keil and T. van der Zwet30
Variation of Wood Tissues from Two Cultivars of ApplesR.K. Simons34
Rootstock Performance in Nova ScotiaA.D. Crowe36
Historical Sketch of Pome Fruit Rootstock Work in CanadaA. Hutchinson38
The Performance of 'Suncling' Peach on Four Peach Seedling RootstocksR.F. Carlson41
The 'Bluebelle' and 'Climax' Rabbiteye BlueberriesW.T. Brightwell and A.D. Draper44
Observations on Presence of "Viable" Seed in 'Magness' PearL.E. Scott and A.H. Thompson45
The 'Ventura' GrapeO.A. Bradt46
A History of the 'Green Newtown Apple' in OregonL.L. McGraw47
July 1975, Number 3
A Comparison of American and European Strawberry Cultivars and Selections in the Po Valley, ItalyP. Rosati and D.H. Scott50
Evaluation of Date Cultivars for Dessert QualityH.C. Barrett55
The Technique of Budwood GraftingJ.M. Thompson58
The Apple Cultivar 'Goro'E. Schaer and B. Krapf61
Peaches in MexicoJ.T. Bregger63
Outlines of the Apple Breeding Work at Jork, W. GermanyM. Saure64
A New Program at the Harrow Research Station to Develop Dwarfing Pear RootstocksH. Quamme66
'Earliglow', a New Early Ripening StrawberryD.H. Scott and A.D. Draper67
'Angela', an X-Disease Resistant Sweet CherryB.N. Wadley70
Thank You Johnny AppleseedF.P. Corey71
Genetic and Climatic Influences on Apple AttractivenessJ.B. Mowry72
'Nova Easygro' AppleA.D. Crowe76
October 1975, Number 4
A Classification of Hardy North American Apple Cultivars Based on Hardiness ZonesJ.G. Strang and C. Stushnoff78